Hey kids! Stop playing with those Rubik Cubes, and put that Big Trak down! No spangles until you?ve tidied up that fuzzy felt. While you?re doing that, here?s an early All The Rage to cheer you up. It?s small, but perfectly formed.

Christ On A Guinness

Ed McGuinness was planning to take a break from his work on Superman to join Jim Krueger on a Christian-themed comic for WildStorm. The success of Left Behind which WildStorm produces, one of the current best selling comics in the USA – a fact not reflected in the Direct Market figures, had led WildStorm to explore this audience further with a new line. However this might be on hold for now. I hear Jim Lee tempted Ed away with something a little less spiritual…

This Has A Rumour Of 4 Out Of 10

I Could Think Of Some Witty And Brief Headline But For Fuck?s Sake, It?s Fucking Thundercats

Thundercats. Thunder thunder thunder thunder Thundercats. And you thought GI Joe, Transformers, Micronauts, and Battle Of The Planets were all you were getting. Not so! WildStorm are to initially produce a six issue series featuring those furry fighters from Saturday morning cartoons especially for us old, jaded, cynical readers in need of some juvenile masturbation material. So, yes, that?s art and covers by Ed McGuinness. J Scott Campbell will be the cover and pencilling a 12 page Thundercats story for a ‘0’ issue. Both #0 and #1 will ship in August.

I also hear that Brian Wood was offered the project but didn’t think he could do it justice.

Thundercats, ho!

Give me a whisky. Now!

This Has A Rumour Of 9 Out Of 10

An Exclusive Too Far!

The battle for exclusive news continues! It appears that Top Cow gave exclusive previews of their Battle Of The Planets comic to Wizard Magazine. So the planned Witchblade #55 flip cover preview of the first few pages of Battle of the Planets was suddenly unplanned.

Then Wizard heard that Top Cow were making a Battle Of The Planets Preview for the Wizard World East convention ? so that got postponed until the Wizard magazine in question came out.

After recent… events, Wizard are being a lot more careful about their exclusive content.

This Has A Rumour Of 8 Out Of 10

The Long Trip East

Okay, this one?s flying everywhere. The rumour goes that WildStorm?s La Jolla studio in California may be closed down. Word is that the original buyout by DC guaranteed its existence for a set period ? which runs out in less than a year.

The rumour is elaborated that DC have expressed concerns about the quality of recent WildStorm colouring work and they?re threatening to shut it down. If that happens, WildStorm may well just move to the New York offices and becomes just a DC label.

Word from inside DC is that there’s no substantiation to this rumour, indeed certain individuals would rather DC move offices to La Jolla than the other way around. But this hasn’t stopped the gossip…

This Has A Rumour Of 4 Out Of 10

Bag of Mixed Extras


  • Looks like Authority #29 has been delayed one more week (well, what’s one week between friends?). Those who’d talked about DC’s clear homophobia based on scenes that were censored in previous issues should take a look.
  • Here is some advance art for the upcoming White Queen mini-series from Marvel by Randy Green… is that pose actually possible?
  • My good brother Antony Johnston has asked me to point out that Frightening Curves by he and Aman Chaudhary, published by Cyberosia (of which I have read half) won 2002 Independent Publisher Book Award (IPPY) for Best Horror Novel recently. Well done, bruv!
  • Rex Mundi, new series from Image is to have its preview story from Image Introduces: Dog Soldiers transferred into its own #0. Apparently the perception is that the Image Introduces line has already been tainted in the minds of retailers and they wanted this comic to get a different profile.
  • Oh, and Stan Lee. He really doesn’t like you, you know that?


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