I’m not here. As you’re reading this I’m in Bristol swanning about like a scurvy badger. At least unless you’re reading this on Monday – then I’m swamped by work wishing that I’ll win the Lottery I never enter. Right. Lots of short, easily digestible bits this week.

Press Play

Could Sony be planning to buy Marvel Comics? While the company has some built-in protection against takeovers, it’s nothing that a wodge of cash can’t solve. I understand that Sony believes Marvel would be worth acquiring to shore themselves up for more property-related films, after the storming success of Spider-Man.

This Has A Rumour Value of 3 Out Of 10

Turning Over Stones

John Rozum, Xombi writer, posted to the WEF as part of a long discussion, about Milestone.

“There were definitely individuals within DC that were supportive of Milestone. It was DC as an entity that was not. We had a two page ad for XOMBI, which was to coincide with issue #17 (before the book was cancelled) which was filled with endorsements from people like Harlan Ellison, Neil Gaiman, Alan Moore, etc., including people completely outside of comics, which we wanted to run in places like CBG and non-comics publications, but DC said ‘no’ even if I paid for it myself.”

“I think it all started with the Superman crossover. When the reviews came in it was essentially the Milestone side was worth reading, the Superman side was not.”

Xombi was one of my favourite DC comics of all time. Some kind of collection or continuation is long overdue.

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Maiden Japan

Poor Sirius. They spend their cash producing and promoting new comic Banzai Girl (it does exactly what it says on the tin) with full page ads all over the place, as a 32 page full colour comic at $3.50 – and the Previews listing comes out at 24 pages, black and white and only $2.50.

Still, you know now. For more looks, check out http://www.banzaigirljinky.com

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Origin’s Origin

With the Origin Hardcover due out, maybe it’s time to revisit that property. Announced as Marvel’s big surprise for August 2001, it was delayed until September. But who else was lined up for the title to tell Wolverine’s Origin? I hear it was a certain fellow called Frank Miller.

As for Dark Knight Strikes Again, I’m told the third and final issue will be published within weeks.

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The Return Of Sidney Mellon

Scott Kurtz online comic strip PvP has been taking the piss out of alternative comics for the last week or so. And it was Frank Cho who Newsarama have rumoured to have signed semi-exclusively to Marvel (excepting Liberty Meadows at Image) and who Marvel have heard has been attached to a revival of Shanna, who decided to join in a lively debate at the Comicon Splash message boards.

Cho wrote:

      “Scott Kurtz rocks.


    is my favorite strip currently out. Scott Kurtz is a rare individual who has the talent, skill, and confidence to tell it like it is – the emperor has no clothes. I wholeheartedly agree with Scott’s current storyline. 99% of all alternative and independent comic artists suck donkey balls. If they had any talent or skill, they would be working for Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse, or various other comic publishers instead of spending nights photocopying their “mini” comics and bitching how about nobody understands them.

“(Let the Fantagraphics supporters whine…)

“I just wanted to add that there are exceptions to the rule. There are talented independent artists out there whose work I enjoy and respect (Jeff Smith, Mark Crilley, Evan Dorkin, Steve Conley, Terry Moore, Charles Burn, etc. basically people who know how to draw and write coherent stories).”

Read this and much much more, here.

And back to Frank Cho possibly working on Marvel’s Shanna, the She-Devil. . . . In days gone by when Dark Horse had the Tarzan license, Cho submitted work but received no response? they must kick themselves daily.

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Hell To Pay

Poor Nicolas Cage. The new reworking of the Hellblazer movie project has lost the Hollywood star who really, really wants to be in a comic book film and has plumped for Paul Bettany to take the role of John Constantine. Reportedly mixing Delano’s Newcastle storyline with Ennis’ Fear And Loathing. That sounds a lot better than the ConstantineMobile?

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Marvelous News

I understand that not only is Shazam to be relaunched from DC as part of a wave of new titles, but that it will be written by Peter David.

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Worlds Within Worlds

A source, wishing to be known only as Mister X, emails me about the current Cool Beans World situation.

    “I got a letter on 22nd May from a company called Polymedia International Ltd saying they had purchased all the assets of Cool Beans Productions Ltd. According to the letterhead, Polymedia is based at the same address as Cool Beans was, and is run by some of the former directors of Cool Beans.

“I understand that these self-same directors claim they own the assets of Cool Beans Productions, but that the likes of Sheffield City Council, Ian Edginton, D’Israeli etc. may luck out on this one.”

Calls to Cool Beans World were being answered earlier this week by reception. Some who requested to speak to Andy Needham, previous boss at CBW and current director of Polymedia, were told that he’d left the company–although at least one person got through reception and spoke to Andy Needham through false pretenses, only to have the phone hung up on them when they revelaed who they were. Currently, the phone number is out of order.

It’s going to be a really interesting Bristol. . . .

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Chaos City Com.X

For those of you who can’t make it to Bristol but have a burning desire to meet the Com.X creators, there’s a signing going down at Chaos City Comics in June 8th.

Those attending include Eddie Deighton (com.x editor/creative director), Russell Uttley (Puncture creator/writer), Neil Googe (Bazooka Jules creator/artist/writer), Joshua Middleton (Sky Between Branches creator/artist/writer), Rob Williams (Cla$$war creator/writer), Ben Oliver (Puncture artist) and Len O’Grady (colourist).

The signing starts at 2pm. Unless of course it’s late, at Chaos City Comics, 20 Heritage Close, St Albans, Herts AL3 4EB or click on www.chaoscitycomics.com

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Lying In The Gutters

Right about now, in a Bristol comic convention, I’ll be telling some people about plans to move my weekly rumour column to ComicBookResources. Currently going by the name Lying In The Gutters, suffice it to say that All The Rage will continue at SilverBulletComicBooks written by holiday stand-in and rumourmonger apprentice, Ian Ungstad. Be nice to him.

I’d like to thank Jason for his patience, tolerance and downright niceness. He does a lot of hosting services for comic professionals and amateurs alike. He has my highest recommendation and he’s cheap too. Why not talk to him?

The move will be in July, the new column will be on Mondays, and I hope you’ve enjoyed the last two years worth of my All The Rage – and you’ve got a month to go till I nick off anyway.

This is, of course, unless Kurt Busiek or Mark Waid persuade ComicBookResources to drop me before I even start. . . .

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