Welcome back, loyal readers.

At the moment my mouth is swollen and bruised. If you want a mental image, think of what somebody would look like after performing fellatio on Superman.

As most of you know, next week is the granddaddy of comic conventions. San Diego Comicon!

Should you happen to hear any rumors making the rounds at the convention please email me. It would be muchly appreciated.

If you see any geeks wearing bad costumes, please take photos and e-mail them in. Maybe we can display them as a special feature for the column. You can?t beat the wonderful pictorial PopImage puts together every year, though.

As for rumors this week, let?s open the mailbag and see what we have…

Boxing The Empire

Borrowing an idea that seems to be popular with the DVD market, writer/artist Bryan Talbot was at one point in discussions with Dark Horse in regards to releasing a box set that would have contained all the single issues to his maxi-series Heart Of Empire.

Unfortunately Dark Horse felt a box set would be too expensive to produce, and that the idea wasn?t really feasible? Too bad, we?d love to see it at All The Rage.

This Has A Rumor Value Of 9 Out Of 10

?Iron? Mike Grell Vs?

Well, holy 1982, Batman! Looks like current Iron Man scribe Mike Grell is set to write a big X-Men mini-series for Marvel later this year, or early next.

It looks like the project will be illustrated by former Iron Man artist Keron Grant.

This will continue Marvel?s current plan of flooding the industry with bad X-Men books and shoving pointless mini-series down your throat. Stay tuned as we try to dig up the details!

This Has A Rumor Value Of 7 Out Of 10

Tom ?the Terminator? Peyer

Joining Mike Grell in a visit to the X-Offices, it looks like Tom Peyer will be writing an issue of X-Men Unlimited. The book will focus on Sentinels, from what I understand, giant robots with a bit of a fruity color scheme.

This Has A Rumor Value Of 7 Out Of 10

Geoff Johns Throws In The Towel?

Geoff Johns, who is arguably one of the biggest writers to break out over the last year will wrap up his run on one of the current ongoing titles that he?s writing. His run will end early next year.

Will it be the Avengers? Hawkman? Flash? JSA?

At the moment, it?s all up in the air. Hopefully an official announcement regarding what title, and reasons why, will hit the regular media outlets soon.

Geoff Johns offered no comments regarding this story.

This Has A Rumor Value Of 6 Out Of 10

A Standing Eight Count For Eye Of The Storm

While the initial orders were a bit disappointing on both Stormwatch and Automatic Kafka, the launch titles for Wildstorm?s new Eye of the Storm Imprint, it looks like both books have been doing well in reorders.

Shops are reporting sell outs on both titles and have upped preorders on the second issues of both Stormwatch and Automatic Kafka, in one case, by almost 30% of the initial print run.

Wildstorm are committed to publishing at least 8 issues of each series in the Eye of The Storm line before any sort of cancellation talks begin.

Buy these books now, as they are looking hot and are pretty good reads as well!

This Has A Rumor Value Of 5 Out Of 10

Mark Waid?s Super-Heavy Weight Bout

Got an email from an All the Rage reader? This rumor looks a bit shaky so it?s getting a really low rumor value.

The reader tells us DC may cancel Superman: Man of Steel and Adventures of Superman, replacing the book with a new bi-monthly extra sized Superman series by the creative team of Mark Waid and Tom Grummett.

I wonder if Tom?s really fast, or maybe Power Company is up on the chopping block. DC is set to cancel a whole slew of series, and Power Company sales stink at the moment.

This Has A Rumor Value Of 5 Out Of 10

Revenge Of The Ring Card Girls

In case anyone wants to track down a few pin ups by their favorite artists, video game magazine PSM, who use comic artists regularly to illustrate covers, recently released a swimsuit issue.

The magazine features pin ups by the likes of: Greg Horn, Adam Warren, Rick Mays, Ryan Kinnaird, Terry Dodson, Keron Grant, Kevin Lau, and Joe Chiodo.

The book is available at most newsstands.

This Has A Rumor Value Of 7 Out Of 10

And After The Main Event? Lap Dances For Charity

The recent party thrown by Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner to celebrate the release of their Image Comics one-shot Pro found a rather unique way of raising cash for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

Palmiotti and Conner hired a stripper to give comic pros in the New York area lap dances at 10 bucks a pop. 5 bucks went to the CBLDF, and 5 bucks went to the girl.

Apparently she raked in over $2000 that evening. Which meant that many of our favorite pros probably went home with rather sore crotches.

A few of the women who attended the event got lap dances as well. (For charity of course!)

Here are some photos from the event:

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