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Anyhow, on with the show!


Big problems if you?re a Dreamwave Transformers fan and you don?t live in North America?

Sam reports that both the Transformers: Generation One Vol 1 TPB and Transformers: Armada #5 have been cancelled for international customers by Diamond. This is in response to a ?situation? that occurred at the Frankfurt Book Fair last week ? Diamond representatives were approached by a VP of Hasbro, who informed them that they were not authorised to sell ANY Transformers material outside of North America.

The Diamond reps had to take all displayed items down and reported back to head office ? who then contact Dreamwave and a number of vendors and found that that this information was correct. Hence the immediate cancellation of all international orders.

Of course, doesn?t this mean that Diamond has been operating illegally for all internationally shipped Transformers comics so far? Is Brian Hibbs going to sue them as well? Cheap shot, sorry. But it?s interesting as to why this has only come to light now ? has the restriction only just been added to the contract, or did it always exist? Diamond are still accepting orders for Armada #3, curiously enough ? perhaps they have stocks of this in a warehouse in Europe and want to clear them out rather than send them back over to the US.

The biggest fallout is twofold ? firstly, any entrepreneurial person who asks his comics shop in the US to order him 100 copies of each Transformers comic from now on will be able to make a killing on European EBAY sites; secondly, any non-North American customer who has bought earlier issues and wants to see the continuation is screwed and rightly going to feel rather pissed off. Of course, any non-North American who was thinking about picking up the books is not going to bother now, no point as they won?t see the conclusion to the series.

It is important to state, however, that the Titan Books? TPB collections of early Transformers stories are NOT affected by this ? they remain available to all and sundry due to their particular contract ? it?s just everything from Dreamwave is (effectively) illegal in Europe and the rest of the world.

This Has A ?You Killed Optimus Prime, You Bastards? Value Of Nine Out Of Ten

THUNDER Agents Stuck By Lightning

You heard about the new THUNDER Agents series from DC, right? Informal hype about the project from DC was this was going to be a cross between Powers and The Authority, and get a huge push in the pages of Previews. Note the word ?was? ? a mail came in from editor Jed telling me that an unexpected rights problem has occurred and knock the whole thing on the head.

Whether this affects the proposed THUNDER Agents Archive Edition remains to be seen, although without a tie-in regular series to help hype it, sales could well stink too bad to be worth printing it?

This Has A ?There Goes One Of DC?s Most Exciting Projects In Years? Value Of Five Out Of Ten

The Obligatory Alan Moore Story Of The Week

Remember the fabulous Kimota! ? The Miracleman Companion book released earlier this year by TwoMorrows? With the recent settlement of the Gaiman/McFarlane case, and the new focus on their negotiations for the rights to MM, that book should prove even more popular in the future than it has been so far ? reading it after having read the comics themselves is a substantially different experience than coming to it cold.

The good news is that there?s to be an Alan Moore-specific sequel, by the same author, George Khoury. Intended for release in August 2003 (to tie in with Moore?s 50th birthday), George currently expects the book to exceed 200-pages. Let?s let the man himself tell us a bit more about it:

    The book will have a cover by Dave McKean, and one and two page strips by Neil Gaiman & Bucky, Scott Dunbier & Sam Keith, Garry Leach, Brian Bolland, Melinda Gebbie, Garry Leach, J.H. Williams, Chris Sprouse, Kevin Nowlan, Todd Klein, Jose Villarrubia, Dave Lloyd, Dave Gibbons and others. The Moore interview is massive, covering just about everything. I will have photos, unpublished scripts, a few of his rarest short strips and a few more surprises. There will be other Moore stories and odd things, but I’m still a while away from completing this book.

George also mentions that he has someone special lined up to write the intro, and is working hard to get someone-else-but-also-special to write the afterword.

Let?s face it, this book is going to kick serious ass, you should be hassling your retailer to make sure s/he orders it for you right now.

Speaking to George about his book reminds me of another Alan Moore rarity, one that should really be reprinted sometime soon (maybe in the book ? George & Joe Q, are you reading this???? Get on it!!): Dourdevil in GRIT!

Come back with me to 1983, when Alan Moore was writing for Marvel UK and Captain Britain ruled the roost ? in the UK if nowhere else. Short-lived magazine The Daredevils had been around for just about half-a-dozen issues, featuring new Captain Britain stories by Moore, reprints of classic Miller Daredevil, and a whole number of features. Then came issue eight, and a superb Daredevil pastiche called Dourdevil in? GRIT!. It was a three-page number, written by Moore and drawn by the marvellous Mike Collins with Mark Farmer on inks, and aimed (and succeeded) at ripping the mickey out of Frank Miller?s stylistic tricks in his Daredevil stories. Moore supplied the Miller-esque plot and dialogue and suggestions for background details (like a pair of Mickey Mouse ears on DD in one panel), Collins & Farmer ran with it ? to give it the flavour of early Mad strips, with all those little background jokes that rewarded careful scrutiny of the strip (for example, ?Eisner? signs, the ?Spade & Archer? window, big & noisy Klaus Janson-esque zip-a-tone dots all over the place)? Erektra made an appearance (and the strip managed to get approved despite her name).

The creators obviously had a lot of fun on this one – it?s one you should try your damnedest to track down at conventions and comic marts? Daredevils #8, 1993 by Marvel UK.

This Has A ?Surely There Are No More Alan Moore Stories Left To Tell?? Value Of Ten Out Of Ten

The Return of XXXXXX?

I?ve been informed by a source close to XXXXXX that his much-desired but never-completed project XXXXXX is back underway again. Apparently it was going to be placed with publisher XXXXXX but, due to contractual problems, is now at XXXXXX instead. When this comes out, it?s gonna be the biggest thing ever.

This Has An ?Edited By SBC To Prevent Alan Looking Too Stupid? Value Of One Out Of Ten

Last Gasp For Last Gasp?

Jet Screamer reported in with the following item:

    A friend of mine was going to publish his art book through Last Gasp. He was just waiting for the contracts from them. Today I got this message from him, “I am not going to do the book with Last Gasp after all as Ron is too ill and they seem to not be able to function without him and I doubt they can handle things in his eventual death.”

Obviously we wish Ron all the best and a speedy recovery, but it makes you wonder why the company seemingly goes to pieces without his presence? is there no heir apparent?

This Has A Worrying Value Of Six Out Of Ten

Another International Slip-Up

Following on from last week?s misinterpretation of the role of Alex Ross in the creation of the DC Universe from an Australian magazine, it?s the turn of French magazine les inrockuptibles, and the issue published on the 2nd October, 2002. Turning to the short news items in the literary criticism part of the magazine, gives us this gem:

Gay Superheroes

Good news, saving the world is now a mission accessible to homosexuals. Gay superheroes dare at last to come out, like Homo-Hero And His Rainbow Cape or, recently launched by DC Comics – the greatest comics publisher based in Great Britain – Apollo and his friend, The Midnighter, both gay superheroes, who get married and adopt a child. We still wait for Batman and Robin’s Coming out.

So, not only were DC created by Alex Ross, they actually publish out of Great Britain ? those offices in New York must just be a collective hallucination? .and I love the reinterpretation of the last Authority plotline.

Thanks to Charlie for spotting that ? and a request to anyone else who may find something fun about comics from a non-comics publication: send it in, baby.

This Has A ?It?s Quite Sweet, Really? Value Of Eight Out Of Ten

Vertigo?s Death Row, Part II

Sadly last week?s revelation that Codename: Knockout was about to cancelled was all too prophetic, as Claudia picked up this message from writer Robert Rodi on the DC message boards in the week:

    Word has come down from on high: we’ve got six months left. I’ve just rewritten #23 so that it functions as a wrap for the series, but of course it really isn’t. Still, barring some miracle or other, it’ll have to do.

Full message available at: http://dcboards.warnerbros.com/files/Forum143/HTML/000152.html

Which brings us nicely to the next Vertigo title likely to be chopped ? an even worse performer than Codename: Knockout in the sales charts is American Century – it skipped a month in October, hence wasn?t in the analysis last week, but in August it was eleven places BELOW Codename: Knockout, and was four places below in September, albeit with slowly-declining sales.

When we asked our contact, Donna at DC about this, s/he mentioned that it is rumoured there is some special deal in place between Howard Chaykin and DC to keep American Century running ? hence the two (very) early TPB collections ? and it?s the trades that are helping keep it?s profitability up? but that the outlook for this book is still gloomy. Maybe a third trade is needed to keep it going?

This Has A ?Well, I Like It Even If No-One Else Does? Value Of Four Out Of Ten

Johnny Mitchell Smith

Apropos of nothing at all that appeared in this column last week, but I?d just like to stress two things. The term ?notoriously slow comics writer? does NOT mean ?notoriously slow writer of Amazing Spider-Man?, it means exactly what it says on the tin. Secondly, the wonderful thing about the Diamond Shipping Archives is that they go back four years or so, so anyone with time on their hands can go through and see when various so-called monthly books shipped.

For example, just out of nowhere I decided to check out the shipping schedule of Midnight Nation:

12 12/06/2002
11 15/05/2002
10 27/02/2002
9 12/12/2001
8 25/07/2001
7 16/05/2001
6 28/03/2001
5 21/02/2001
4 13/12/2000
3 15/11/2000
2 04/10/2000
1 07/09/2000

So, started off on a nice monthly schedule (a la Amazing Spider-Man – for exactly the same reasons… in that a few scripts would?ve been in the bag BEFORE issue one). An extra month delay between issues 4 and 5… then 6 and 7… then 7 and 8… and then it all really goes to pot. Of course, we don?t know the real reason for the huge delays in these comics, the artist might?ve been really slow on later issues? or the production might?ve taken too long? or the writer might?ve been to blame, we really can?t tell.

Anyway, it was so much fun rooting through the archives, that I decided to try a different title? this time, for no discernible reason, I chose Rising Stars:

20 02/10/2002
19 07/08/2002
18 17/04/2002
17 09/01/2002
16 15/08/2001
15 20/06/2001
14 25/04/2001
13 14/02/2001
12 20/12/2000
11 08/11/2000
10 27/09/2000
9 02/08/2000

My patience ran out at issue nine, but let’s be charitable and say all of 1 to 8 shipped on schedule. Let’s be even more charitable and say the book was on a six-week schedule from issue nine onwards… So, it starts to slip between 13 and 14, then bimonthly is managed to issue 16, then let’s just throw the schedule out of the window from then onwards shall we? Again, anything might be the blame for the delays ? at least in this instance we know of one or two artistic team changes during this run; seems a bit silly swapping one very slow art team for another very slow art team, and then for yet another very slow art team ? did Rising Stars have the monopoly on very slow art teams, or what?

One thing you couldn?t possibly accuse Amazing Spider-Man of would be having a very slow art team. John Romita Jr is legendary for his reliability in hitting deadlines ? the recent Comics Journal feature on his world record setting mega-sketching session contained quite a few quotes from the man himself on putting in 24 and 36 hour shifts to meet deadlines, so you?d maybe think that any delays in the schedule of a book he works on would be due to other factors than the artist.

Especially when you consider that someone would be writing the script to issue #36, for example, it gets bounced due to 9/11, a replacement is written in a matter of days, and the issue ships two weeks later than scheduled. And then issue #37 ships five weeks afterwards. But that would mean that there was something in the region of SEVEN weeks needed to produce #37 rather than the typical FOUR? and if you don?t think it reasonable to blame the artist, then who would you blame?

Just doing my research.

This Has A ?What The Hell Do You Think The Rumor Barrier Means, Anyway?? Value Of Ten Out Of Ten

?Diamond Cocks Up (Again)? Department

I know it?s getting a little monotonous, but here are the latest two stories direct from Diamond for your enjoyment.

Firstly, Toby reports that there is a good reason why Cerebus #282 hasn?t been seen in stores in the UK yet, despite shipping to US stores four weeks ago? the box containing these comics has been lost? and no-one knows where the hell it is. In the meantime, issue #283 is due out next week, what?s the betting that will turn up before the missing consignment does?

Secondly, Leo forwarded on an email about the Spider-Man?s Tangled Web Volume Three trade, here it is:

      With this week’s shipment, you will receive your order for Marvel Comics’

Spider-Man’s Tangled Web Vol. 3 TP

    (JUL021539D). Please note that your copies have inadvertently shipped a week early – this title was not scheduled to arrive in stores until the week of October 23.

As a result, and in keeping with its Terms of Sale with Diamond’s customers, Marvel has requested that ALL COPIES of the Spider-Man’s Tangled Web Vol. 3 TP be held from sale until the book’s intended release date on October 23.

So if you fancy a copy a few days early, pop down to your retailers and pester him for it ? wave the cash under his nose and see if he resists! Of course, if anyone fancies actually trying this and gets refused, they could always email us at Rage Central with their story?

This Has A Money Talks Value Of Nine Out Of Ten

DC Trades With Printing Problems?

We?ve received reports from two separate purchasers that the DC trade Starman: Infernal Devices has problems in some editions, in that pages from issues #37 and #38, which should appear in the collection, are missing. These guys have checked at their shops and obtained replacement copies ? with different sets of pages missing (albeit still from issues #37 and #38). Be warned you should check before you buy for this one.

This Has A ?Public Service Announcement? Value Of Nine Out Of Ten

DK2 Not As Returnable As You Might Think

Big hoo-hah from DC a couple of weeks ago that DK2 would be returnable due to their contract stating that if any issue in a mini-series is late, then the whole series is returnable. Big praise for DC for doing the right thing, although big raspberry to them for making such a fuss about it; the implication ?we do this, aren?t we great, Marvel are crap? is plain to see.

Now, you would think this is excuse enough for everyone to take their issues back to their retailers and ask for a refund (or trade-in against something else) to get the mess out of our houses, but we?ve heard from Josh that all of his local retailers have been told there is a limit on the number of returns they can make for this book ? in one case, it?s 30 copies of #1, and 60 apiece of #2 and #3.

Of course, DC seem to neglect to have mentioned that in their publicity on the ?net?

Why not ask your retailer what his limit is the next time you visit, and let us know at All The Rage ? and we?ll collate the results?

This Has A ?Play Fair, DC, Play Fair? Value Of Seven Out Of Ten

Catwoman Artist Signs His Life Away

Another public service announcement now, and this time it?s a nice one. Cameron Stewart has just taken on the art chores for one of DC?s finest titles, Catwoman (check out the trade collection if you missed out on the first few issues), and is emerging from his studio into the fresh air for a one-off signing (and sketching, if you?re lucky).

Any readers close to Toronto next weekend, that?s Saturday October 26th, head along to the Silver Snail comics shop, at 367 Queen St W. Tell them SBC sent you.

This Has A ?Well, Why Not?? Value Of Ten Out Of Ten

The Danny Donovan & Patrick McGarrigle Show

Part I – Danny?s Detailed Commentary

And finally? I realise that the headline is rather flippant, and this is a long feature, so skip to the end if you?re not interested (there?s a serious point at the close you should read), but after reading the press release from Danny Donovan in the week and Joe Quesada?s? .interesting? .response, I wanted to find out more about this situation, from both main parties involved, Danny, and Patrick McGarrigle. One of my editors kindly agreed to act as a go-between, so let?s kick off with Danny?s extended commentary on the original situation:

As the release stated, it all came to a head around the week prior to the Heroes Convention in Charlotte, NC. A young woman by the name of Kendra Farely, posting as her net ID Kendra The Barbarian, responded to a Superman news article on Newsarama about the Steven Seagle taking reigns of superman. In her messageboard signature, she had a tongue in cheek message that read something to the effect of:

    “Kendra’s rule of dating #1: When you’re out to dinner with a girl, always pay! Don’t give us that I left my wallet at home excuse, we’ll kindly wait at the table while you run and get it, and hopefully a cute guy isn’t in your chair when you get back.”

Obviously just a silly flirty message playing up the “Clueless-esque” stereotype of females. But one irate fanboy poster by the name Hepkel took offense to the matter and responded to her as thus, “Shut up you stupid cunt, no body wants you whore.” Obviously such language was not necessary for such an obviously funny message. I leapt to her defense, and asked for an apology to the woman offended, but it went unanswered. The poster only had 2 posts to his name before making the insulting statements, both of which were attempts to illicit help to contact Alan Moore’s daughters for a supposed autobiography he was writing.

After Kendra returned and saw the brutal post, she confronted the person and explained that she was only a 19 year old girl having some fun on the internet and the comments made hurt her severely and she made a vow to never return again to Newsarama. I tried to make things better; because her e-mail address was not on file, I placed an open letter in MY signature telling her that the comments she were subjected to were not what fandom was comprised of. And should she wish to find somewhere more pleasant to play around, she was welcome to post at my XFAN message board, where my predominantly female fanbase comes to.

Of course, the thread went from Superman to the slanderous blow out in 0.5 seconds. People rallied behind me, and my defense of her, but two nasty individuals stood behind what was said, whose names I can’t really recall because they were more hit and run posters, and didn’t appear after that.

The thread became embittered because a few people went to my XFAN board and noticed my fangirl group, which call themselves Danny’s Divas, the youngest of which were the twins who at the time were 19 (now 20). I placed a Welcome thread for the young woman on my XFAN board, hoping she’d stop by, to no avail. But the thread stands there to this day.

A week later. Kendra made her debut back at Newsarama on a CBDLF thread, thanking me for “keeping a candle in the window” for her, and deciding to change her sig, and post moderately. The day after her return, Thursday, June 13th, I received an e-mail from Eric Moreels at XFAN stating he got an e-mail from Joe Quesada in regards to me, and perhaps I should keep a lower profile, not telling me what the e-mail said. I spent a long time trying to figure out what I could have done… Until I was at my tethered end and forwarded what Joe had sent. Which was a copy of the e-mail Patrick McGarrigle sent him claiming he and his customers were outraged? and would never order anything from me should Marvel publish anything of mine, which he erroneously stated the Cloak and Dagger mini-series as upcoming. It was merely a pitch myself, and artist Tom Derenick, came up with while he was waiting on his Superman job to come through.

He then insisted there was something sinister in my flirtatious postings with women my own age and older promising they’d be part of the background in the mini should it be picked up, which is nothing new to comics, George Perez drew fans in as victims in his Crimson Plague book, and recently Frank Tieri and Sean Chen added a few people in, such as Tom Toner, and Val from XFAN.

Of course this e-mail to Joe came hours before he departed to Charlotte for Heroes Con, which started the next day. So unfortunately our yearly meeting was more bittersweet then in previous cons. Surely he was irate at what was going on, I was as well after the hurt wore off. But I told him when I saw him, that I was pursuing the matter in the courts and that it would be cleared up shortly and apologized for any trouble I might have caused. Joe, who was busy signing copies of Mighty Marvel Must-Haves featuring The Call for charity told me in a short manner, “There’s no trouble we just have to check up on these things if someone makes an allegation like this.” To which I felt relieved and thought it was over with, because I’ve never even gotten a jaywalking ticket in my life! Of course why he’d send an unsubstantiated claim to a member of the news media I have no clue.

It wasn’t until the final day of the convention, that I was told by writer Todd Dezago that he overheard Joe making a comment about me and my situation at the Saving Baby Jordan charity party to the effect of “that guy is nothing but trouble and we’re walking away from him” and telling me I was very close to finding myself blacklisted in the industry I strived so hard to find success in.

I was able to obtain for my legal council Larry Wise, a prominent Virginia attorney, exact copies of what was said by McGarrigle. which read in whole:

      “Joe, have to state that a one Danny Donovan who is representing himself as a writer of

X-MEN Unlimited

      is portraying Marvel in a very bad light. I don’t think Marvel wants to be associated with the creepy online paedophile antics of this person who claims to be a Marvel employee. As a retailer, if you ever do publish anything by this person we certainly would not order it. The man even has his own forum claiming to be the

X-MEN Unlimited

    writer which he uses as a platform to promote his disturbing behavior:

XFAN: DANNY’S DECK (0 Users browsing) Deal out a hand or two with X-MEN Unlimited writer Danny Donovan!

As my store recommends people to check out Newsarama often this man has disturbed my customers much worse then any of the press either Bill Jemas or yourself use to promote books.”

Then he goes to quote my signature, to Kendra apologizing for her treatment and makes this comment:

    “If Marvel wants to be associated with “loads of young girls” and threads such as the “hottie hall of fame” for young girls, I would expect your employees to have some sort of professionalism, if he is not your employee do not allow him to claim to be one. I have stated my opinion and the fact that this behavior disturbs my customers I am certain you will receive more complaints if this person remains associated with Marvel.

Patrick McGarrigle
Famous Faces & Funnies”

Then there’s an e-mail responding to Joe’s answer to his private e-mail (my comments in square brackets):


?Thank you for your quick reply. In my mention of “creepy online paedophile antics” I should have stated “paedophile-like” since I cannot tell the age of half the girls that Danny Donovan has promised parts on in the up and coming Cloak and Dagger mini-series from Marvel. Matt Brady has deleted several of the posts from the thread but this remaining quote is what disturbs me the worst? ”

[He then quotes a line that talks about how I allow my female followers to gain a guest pass at conventions I attend in the area, so they don’t have to spend $30 to get into a crowded convention center, as I’m allowed a certain amount of guests free at most shows. I do refer to them as “girls” even though some are older then me. But that’s a southern thing.]

    ?Now his wording may be off but my education and dictionary defines girl as:

“girl pronunciation key (gurl)
A female child.
An immature or inexperienced woman, especially a young woman.

?Hence, a young girl would be younger then a young woman. Granted it could be his writing skills that allowed for this kind of mistake. I brought this to your attention because my customers brought it up to me. I can now gladly tell them he is not an employee of Marvel and not representative of the company. I suppose the most prudent step you can take is to suggest to XFAN to stop allowing himself to claim he his a writer of X-MEN Unlimited on his creator boards.”

[Then he quotes my message board opening again.]

    “Once again than thank you for the fast response. I’ll once again assure my customers that the behavior they have seen does not represent Marvel in anyway.

Patrick McGarrigle
Famous Faces & Funnies”

At this point, Mr. McGarrigle was served by my lawyer?s papers that informed him I intended to sue him for the sum of $250,000 for libel. And he called my lawyer and left a message on his machine that he could only describe as a ranting madman.

Of course we later learned, that Mr. McGarrigle did not receive the letter, but the true owner Kevin Browne did, and quickly fired McGarrigle that day.

Soon after, McGarrigle sent me a direct e-mail, for the first time in the then 3 months this had been going on, stating that if I didn’t drop the proceedings he would file a counter suit under something called the “unclean hands doctrine”. Of course he didn’t really have a lawyer or know what he was talking about, he just assumed me as I was, a 22 year old scared kid who’s future was taken away from him, bereft with grief!

Of course I didn’t respond to his e-mail and forwarded the message to my lawyer. But after not hearing a response from me, the very next day I received another e-mail from him which was entitled “a sneak peek at the defense” where he quoted the e-mail Joe sent to him, the e-mail that was neglected to be sent to XFAN, just the initial e-mail and the follow-up to his response.

To paraphrase his e-mail, it seemed Joe had written back that I was not, nor had ever been an employee of Marvel, I was just an over exuberant fan, that had a story bought before he was EIC. Which, was BS in itself because my paycheck was dated Feb of 2002, and Joe took office in Dec. of 2000. And he was the one that forwarded my concept to then X-editor Mark Powers?

After my lawyer spoke to McGarrigle, he broke down and admitted he had made the whole conflict up because he had a bad day at work and he now was without a job, and his trailer would be repossessed, etc, and the “disturbed customers” was one guy that only said “Everytime that Kendra chick posts on Newsarama, that Danny Donovan guy seems to post right after her.” Yeah, that sounds real disturbed.

Well that?s the long and the? long of it.


Part II ? Patrick?s Response

A fairly lengthy response from Danny, clarifying several points in the original article and explaining much of his point-of-view. Now, you guys know that we at ATR like to check our facts (well, there?s a first time for everything), so we asked Patrick if he would care to comment as we would be running Danny?s position in full today.

Here?s what Patrick had to say:

    Danny’s $250,000 suit was quickly settled with the written affidavit after I let it be known I intended to counter-sue for Fraud and Malicious Prosecution. I later found out it would actually be Abuse of Process. The situation is still up in the air on whether I may still pursue action for getting me fired with this frivolous action, the unauthorized practice of Danny’s lawyer cousin, and the recent libels and misrepresentations floating around about me publically [sic] in the past week.

I am not a public figure seeking attention on the Internet. I am a private individual and regret that an e-mail correspondence has had to be dragged out into the public like this. I am still keeping my options open. As far as the libel in the e-mails it is very clear that in the context the comments are pure rhetoric and an opinion about someone whom through his own shameless self promotion is a Public Figure. I still live in the United States and there is a small thing called the First Amendment.

I also do not know many part-time cashiers who work 6 days a week and have health insurance and a set salary. Clearly as well you can see at no time did I claim to be the owner of Famous Faces & Funnies. My job was to sell comic books and I sold them retail. What is the definition of a retailer? It is unfortunate that I have had to sever my 7-year relationship with Famous Faces & Funnies, but I fully understand the fact that I had to be released when the letter of intent to sue was sent to my place of employment.

A bit of advice stay away from sleeping pills!


Part III ? Back To Danny

Well, I was disappointed, I was expecting a raving madman and loads of abuse. I guess only comics pros send me abuse in emails. We offered Danny the chance to riposte, which he took with the following note:

    Let me go back to the beginning of Mr. M?s response, After my attorney and I found out that we were not dealing with the owner of Famous Faces and Funnies, my attorney contacted Mr. M. directly, who then apologized and said that he had not meant to cause a problem, he had just had a had a bad day at work and was in a bad mood and he decided to sit down and write this letter to Marvel. Once he offered to make a retraction, and essentially take back the things he said my attorney and I talked, and decided not to take any legal action.

Mr. M?s ?threat? of legal action was in a private email to me at my home. I never took it seriously, and have to this day never even mentioned it to my attorney.

In no way did I, or my attorney, get Mr. M. fired from his job at Famous Faces and Funnies. My attorney responded to the email sent Joe Quesada at Marvel where Mr. M refers to himself as the retailer at Famous Faces and Funnies and says that his establishment will stop buying comics from Marvel as long as I am writing for them. My attorney sent a letter to Mr. M at Famous Faces and Funnies, which was obviously opened by the real owner of the establishment who then must have realized that Mr. M. had placed the store in a very litigious situation with the issue of libel. In other words his own actions brought this about, not mine, nor my attorney?s.

In answer to Mr. M being more than a part time cashier, I am only going from what I was told by a supervisor there at Famous Faces and Funnies, Kevin G. Browning. I have an email from here that I received on September 16th, which states:

?Patrick McGarrigle is not, and has never been the owner of Famous Faces and Funnies in Melbourne, Florida.

?Patrick McGarrigle emailed Marvel on his own free accord. I have not read the email or seen it. Patrick?s opinions are his and his alone and do not necessarily reflect those of Famous Faces & Funnies.

?Patrick McGarrigle is no longer employed by Famous Faces and Funnies.

?Kevin G. Browning
Famous Faces & Funnies?

As to wanting to remain a private individual, Mr. M is well aware that the condition of our not bringing a lawsuit was conditional on him signing an affidavit retracting what he had said, which would then be released onto the internet and sent to Marvel as well. He realized at the time, as I am sure he does now, that this was done as a means of damage control taken to combat the damage he had caused in his letter arriving at Joe Quesada?s desk at Marvel.

I have never sought to damage his reputation nor lose him his job, although Mr. M has tried to do both to me. As I stated before the situation with his job was entirely brought about by his own actions misrepresenting himself as the owner of the store. My attorney was responding to him in that position, as at that time he believed him to be the owner. It was not a letter written about him, it was written to him there at the store, since that was the only address for him that we had. Whatever outcome there at the store resulted, was due to his own misrepresentation of his position and what he supposedly intended to do in that position with regards to Marvel and future purchases as well as the statement concerning customers? complaints about my character, which he later stated was ?one guy complaining that every time there was a thread from a certain girl on the message boards he has to respond right after… ? which is an observation, by one person, not a complaint by multiple customers as was alleged.

In essence, what Mr. M did with his unfounded and untrue allegations concerning me were put forth by him of his own freewill and choice, and obviously whether or not he meant them to be taken seriously it had a damaging effect on me both personally, and career-wise. What information I have released was agreed to by Mr. M as a means of damage control on this situation, and was agreed to by Mr. M when he signed the affidavit and had it notarized.

As to the definition of a retailer, like most things, I suppose it is subjective to its usage. In the broadest sense of terms a retail employee might consider himself a retailer. However, in the sense it was used here, after stating that he was a retailer Mr. M. went on to state what he, as a retailer, would do if I was allowed to continue to write for Marvel, thus clearly giving the impression that he was the retail store owner, and not the retail store employee. As a former employee of a retail comic shop myself, I never confused myself by thinking I had any say in the day to day operations aside from performing the job to the best of my ability.

It?s similar to saying that a cashier at a McDonalds could dictate what foods they would allow or not allow to be sold on any given day. They are employees of the company, they ring up the purchases at the cash register, they don?t decide on what McDonalds offers its customers by way of food choices.

Part IV ? Over To Patrick

A late response from Patrick to this, coming right up on my deadline:

    I am still trying to figure out where he got ?part-time cashier? from. As for the ?condition?, in discussions with Mr. Donovan?s lawyer we agreed posting it publicly would cause Mr. Donovan more harm. So the affidavit was e-mailed to Mr. Quesada the same as the initial comments of my OPINION. If he chooses to bury his so-called career by airing every detail he is free to do so.

Part V ? Other Comments

Coincidentally I?ve also had a few emails in from other people over the last couple of days, one of which pointed me in the direction of a message board conversation from the 5th August, between Danny and a couple of teenage girls:

    Danny: Attention for Alli!!! We know she needs some. 😉 * attention attention attention * lol

BAMFGipsie: aaaaaaaaw… Alli needs some attention? *Huggleshuggleshuggleshuggles*

Hotrebelliouschk1: awwww thanks u guys!!!!! you know how attn. starved i can be thank u danny, i love u sooo much ur the sweetest ::kisses:: and thanks Gipsie girl, u rock… .*huggleshuggleshuggles*

Danny: Anytime you want attention sweetie, come see me.

Hotrebelliouschk1: thanks baby, i know and im more than willing to get attention from you 😉

Danny: And I’m more then willing to give anything to you!

Hotrebelliouschk1: thank you sweetie :kiss

Danny: No prob. *kisses*

Hotrebelliouschk1: hehehe, danny, u make me giggle and blush :]

Danny: You have an adorable giggle and the sweetest little blush. *pinches Alli’s cheek softly*

Hotrebelliouschk1: thank u sweetness :-*

Danny: Very welcome. 😉

Hotrebelliouschk1: J this has got to be my favorite thread

Danny: Any thread that has you in it is my favorite thread.

Hotrebelliouschk1: any thread where you are is my fav 2 danny

Danny: *kisses* Hey, if no one wants to see shameless flirting they don’t have to come into this thread.

Hotrebelliouschk1: yep only shameless flirting and i love it and i love danny *kisses*

Danny: I love you too Alli.

This thread (http://pub145.ezboard.com/ftherogueandremylovemachinefrm7.showMessage?topicID=4308.topic) appears to have been deleted from the message board in the last few days.

Part VI ? Final Thoughts

What I, from my unbiased vantage point, draw from this is the position of Joe Q in all of this. Obviously he has made his statement and that is that, but there seems to be some discrepancy in what was actually said to Joe by all parties and what he replied, what he told other people as asides, and what his statement actually says.

So, to the serious point. From one aspect you could say that maybe each and every one of us here can influence the hiring and firing of creators, just by the use of email to the ?powers that be? in comics companies. Having access to email gives you a power beyond anything you?ve ever had? a potentially great power. With that great power comes great responsibility (thanks, Stan)? use it wisely.

This Has A ?Be Good To Yourselves? And Each Other? Value Of Ten Out Of Ten

How could I possibly top a combined Spider-Man/Jerry Springer ending? I can?t, so see you next week? and don?t forget those e-mails!

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