? What the hell is he doing here, I thought we fired his ass??

– Wildstorm executive talking about Doselle Young?s recent signing at the Wildstorm booth at this year?s Comicon.

Duck For Supper, What?s For Dessert?

Now that Marvel has cancelled any future projects related to Howard the Duck, writer Steve Gerber has been filling up his schedule with a number of new projects for a variety of publishers.

He is currently writing two new graphic novels and is working on a new superhero series for a publisher not typically associated with superhero comics.

Looking forward to these books Steve!

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Robotech ? Spare Parts

A number of A-list artists will be providing the covers to Wildstorm?s upcoming line of Robotech projects. Including one that might surprise a lot of people?.

While interiors are credited to Udon studios, it will actually be Studio XD and Long Vo of X-Men Evolution and Last Shot fame.

The books start soliciting during the first quarter of 2003.

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Uh? Jem?

Dreamwave who currently hold the license to produce the Transformer comics are looking for more 80?s properties to exploit.

Adam Fortier has indicated that the company will be looking into purchasing the rights to do a book based off the cartoon series Jem and The Holograms.

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Josh Blaylock of Devil?s Due was recently offered a pitch by some enterprising creators who wanted to cash in on the wave of 80s properties, most of which have been doing huge numbers on the sales chart.

It was a pitch for a updated and more mature version of My Little Pony.

Josh admired the heavy J.R.R Tolkien influences the writer added to the concept, but respectfully declined the offer.

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Ty Templeton Does DCU

DC are planning to do a launch a wave of new series early next year. One book, which will be called either Human Defense Corps or Sixth Branch, will be handled by writer Ty Templeton.

The high concept is that after being attacked by aliens for so many years in the DCU, the government creates a sixth branch of the armed forces to handle extraterrestrial threats.

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Amazing Spider-Duh Factor

Amazing Spider-Man is behind schedule because J. Michael Strazynski is increasing his commitments in Hollywood. Why settle for peanuts when you can have caviar.

Delays are not because of John Romita Jr., who can handle 2 books a month.

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The Last Fantastic Four Story

Stan Lee and John Romita Jr. will collaborte on a Fantastic Four one-shot intended to be a future What-If story.

It tells the last Fantastic Four story, sorta like what Alan Moore and Curt Swan did with ?Whatever Happened To The Man Of Tomorrow??

Should be a fun read.

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Jay Stephens On NBC

Jay Stephens who recently did the children targeted Jet Cat series for Slave Labor Graphics will launch his own Saturday morning cartoon show on NBC.

The show will be called Tutenstein.

So if you?re a Jay Stephens fans, make sure to check it out.

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Marvel Is Cheap

At the recent convention in Toronto, Marvel was supposed to do portfolio reviews for artists. Problem is they only sent one editor, C.B. Cebluski, who couldn?t provide reviews for all the fans who attended, so decided to scrap the portfolio reviews and do a question and answer session instead.

Lots of pissed off fanboys, but being Canadian they quickly apologized and gave him presents of maple syrup and back bacon.

The Has A John Candy Backlash Value Of 9 Out Of 10

Later all. I?m going to go get drunk!

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