My new apartment isn?t phone or cable ready yet, so I?ve been using a cybercafe to work on the column. It?s an annoying little place with an open stage. There?s a guy playing country music on an out of tune guitar at the moment.

He sounds like a cat being mutilated. So, I guess he?s pretty good for a country musician.

Here are some of the rumors doing the rounds this week.

Wildstorm Feels A Little Blue

These days it?s cool to revamp 80s properties and update them for a new audience. Fans gobble the books up in huge numbers? with Transformers, GI Joe, and Thundercats leading the pack.

As most of you know Wildstorm announced at this weekend?s Comicon International that they bought the rights to Robotech, which will launch under the creative team of Jay Faeber and Udon Studios.

Looks like Wildstorm is adding another 80s license to its roster. Maybe this is the one that?s going to break the bank, so to speak?.

Look for Wildstorm to produce a comic based on?. The Smurfs

Yeah, those weird blue creatures who walk around without any clothes on. Ugh. I now officially pronounce the fad dead.

This Has A Smurfette Value Of 1 Out Of 100

Who Can Find Miller, Wagner, And Mignola?

Rumor has it that due to recent financial problems, there?s trouble brewing at Dark Horse.

The company is scaling back it?s creator owned work and amping up the number of licences that they are publishing.

They?ve also negotiated deals with creators such as Frank Miller, Matt Wagner, and Mike Mignola that has left the creators less than happy, according to industry insiders.

Miller and Mignola have hinted strongly that they may be leaving Dark Horse in the near future and taking their properties with them. Wagner still plans to do at least the previously announced Grendel anthology. He was rather emphatic about saying so in an e-mail to All The Rage.

This Has A Strapped For Cash Value Of 6 Out Of Ten Bucks

So What Happened With DK2 #3?

So why did DK2 #3 ship late? A little birdy says it was rewritten to have Dick Grayson slotted, in and Batman saved instead of dying, allowing additional sequels to take place.

Sounds like Frank Miller is going to become a very rich man over the next couple of years.

This Has A Swimming In Cash Value Of 7 Out Of 10

Milligan Takes On The Authority?

Wildstorm wants to relaunch Authority for an early summer release next year. The book will hopefully re-establish itself as the flagship title of Wildstorm?s Eye of the Storm line.

Looks like Peter Milligan is in discussions to write the relaunch, with will feature an A-list artist, and an A-list cover artist. Odds on that it?s Matt Wagner doing the covers.

This Has A Never Say Never Value Of 6 Out Of 10

Bendis To Byrne : Fuck You

Apparently the newly Marvel exclusive Brian Bendis wants to pick an argument with John Byrne.

Bad Boy Bendis will, according to some, be using the She-Hulk character, who was once popularized by Byrne, in Alias #16. The issue will have Shulkie in a number of compromising situations.

This Has A Green Thumb Value Of 8 Out Of 10

Lock, Stock And A Long Box At Diamond

Looks like one of the Diamond employees working out of the Warrington warehouse has been selling returned stock on ebay at a profit?.

Naughty boy, you didn?t really think you weren?t going to get caught did you?

This Has A Sticky Fingers Value of 8 Out Of 10

GI Joe Takes On The X-Men

Next summer, the crossover that none of you wanted : GI Joe vs. The X Men by Mike Grell and Keron Grant. 4 issue mini by Marvel and Image comics.


This Has A ?Go Joe!? Value Of 7 Out Of 10

Weird : Marvel And Viacom And Howard Stern Sitting In A Tree

As Rich has been discussing in his Lying In The Gutters column at CBR, it looks like Joe Quesada?s days at Marvel might be numbered.

Apparently Avi Arad has been talking to Viacom – courting them as one of the potential buyers for Marvel Comics.

So, who would become involved in Marvels operations if this was to happen? Well that would be none other, than New York shock rock DJ Howard Stern. Stern has expressed interest to Viacom that he would like to do some work on an editorial level should Viacom purchase Marvel.
This Has A Radio Jerk Value Of 5 Out Of 10

J Scott Campbell Goes to Space

Looks like Jeff?s new project will indeed be published at Cliffhanger. 5 issue mini-series, sci-fi bent. Could be fun.

This Has A Pirate Space Monkey Value Of 7 Out Of 10

Con Stories

I asked a few pros for some amusing convention stories that they could offer the column. This week?s is a simple little blurb provided by Dave Gibbons which gave me a chuckle :

“I once had too much to drink and something funny happened.
But you had to be there, really!”
– Dave Gibbons

This Has A “No Shit!” Value Of 9 Out Of 10


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