Hey, look! Another week, another Rage, and I feel fine. How about you? Have most of you fully recovered from all of that ?holiday cheer?? I hope so. If not, I hear there are ?treatments?. Anyways, those diminutive (but highly volatile and dangerous) minions of mine have been working extra hard to help out in order to earn their keep. It?s been pretty hard too, since it?s been snowing like crazy around here lately! Don?t worry though; I think we?ve accumulated enough tidbits and goodies to keep you satisfied this time around.

Some The Fantastic Four and Hulk, Dark Tower, Battlestar Galactica, some must-see and read indie publishers, 2000AD and Judge Dredd Megazine love (including some words from the legendary Pat Mills!!!), more McKeever, great blogs and webcomics await you in this episode of All the Rage?

Let?s get this party started, shall we?

Fantastic Smashing Action!

Strange things are afoot with the Fantastic Four. Seen those images pop up? Here?s one to refresh you memory:

A new Fantastic Four line-up? Well, we all heard about it days ago, no need for my minions on this one? It is nice to know that the official new line-up will be revealed in Fantastic Four #543. Though I?m not the biggest FF fan who ever lived, I have to admit that I?m pretty amped about this.

Also, speaking of changes and such, Planet Hulk fans should be in for the exact treats they have been pleading for! Expect the unexpected and a whole lotta smashing action, in not just Planet Hulk but World War Hulk as well!! Keep your eyes peeled for some art to be revealed at New York Comic Con (link: http://www.nycomiccon.com/)

This Has A ?Hulk Smash Fantasti-Car!!!!? Factor Of Eight Out Of Ten

Have Gunslinger, Will Travel

When I first read The Gunslinger by Stephen King long ago, I remember musing to my 8th grade self that it would make a sweet comic book. Seven books and twenty-five years later, King?s magnum opus Dark Tower series has millions of devoted readers and fans. Finally, as I?m sure that legions of you know, the wonderful grim world contained within these great books will see the light of day in illustrated narrative form, thanks to Marvel, and it has a great team including Peter David, Jae Lee, Robin Furth and Richard Isanove. I picked up the sketchbook and oh my Lord Abnett, does it look HAWT.

Anyhow, this prequel series went to the printers on the 12th of this month, and my kobolds tell me that it is amazing looking (no surprise there) and that much time and effort has went into it? Could it be the biggest thing in comics since the 90s? I hope so! We?ll see. Expect news on this as it develops.

This Has A ?Savage Song Of Roland? Factor Of Nine Out Of Ten

My DC + McKeever Hopes and Dreams

A week ago, I reported that my gnomes had informed me the excessively talented Sean McKeever was going over to DC from Marvel. Soon after, it was confirmed to be true! Good for you, Sean; big congratulations to you from ATR!

But what will he be doing? Hmmm? I don?t know for sure, but my first wish would be that he does something with Kyle Rayner! Wouldn?t that be awesome? I think so. Blue Beetle would be cool, too. Then, of course, there?s the thing about him possibly working on a project involving New Gods which was apparently quashed as you can see here (look towards the end of the interview, if you would, please). Sean did use that ?New Warriors line? in regards to the him-signing-to-DC rumour and look what happened. It should be noted that Mr. McKeever is more absolute in this statement on the New Gods than the other one. Still, there may be cause for holding out with mere hope for some hardy souls out there. Whatever he?ll be working on, I?m sure it will rock.

This Has A ?Mogo < 3 Ion? Factor Of Eight Out Of Ten

More BSG Than You Can Shake A Sexy Toaster At

Previously, we were informed that a Battlestar Galactica: Pegasus one-shot is coming up in the near-future? but that?s not all I?ve discovered! I have heard that a #0 issue of a new series, also written by Brandon Jerwa, will be released just in time for Free Comic Book Day 2007 (May 5th). Whether or not this is for a limited or ongoing series is still unknown at this point, but it is obvious Dynamite is definitely putting some serious push behind this project. What will it be? Stay tuned and you?ll find out, my friends!

This Has A ?Cylon Crisco-Twister Party? Factor Of Nine Out Of Ten

Comicarchy In The UK: Fleshy Bits

I have a serious love for UK comics. If you are a comics publisher from that part of the world (of any size) I?d love to know about you and tell people about what you do. Please drop me a line at steves@silverbulletcomicbooks.com.

A good reporter shouldn?t reveal their sources, but in this case I would be a real funtwipe if I didn?t tell you about Bugpowder (link: http://www.bugpowder.com/), a great weblog to find out about UK small press news such as Justin Werthram and Spain working on Dies Irae (with the first 26 pages being online now: http://diesirae911.com/), or that the Midland Comics Collective anthology, edited by Hunt Emerson, is out (http://www.birmingham.nu/?p=15), or that Tank Girl has returned with http://ashleybambaland.blogspot.com/2007/01/tank-girl.html>a whole new look by Ashley Wood. Basically, all sorts of small press news can be found on Bugpowder. Something to keep your eye, for sure.

One piece of news on Bugpowder that is an excellent segue into our weekly 2000AD coverage is concerning David Bishop?s new book, Thrill-power Overload! It?s an expanded collection of his columns about the history of 2000AD from the Judge Dredd Megazine. Dan Fish says it best: ?The installments I read were very entertaining and frank, a lot more revealing than any other history of the comic previously available.?

Okay, earthlets, now for your weekly dose, this time from an upcoming Judge Dredd Megazine! Meg 257 hits stands April 4th with this outstanding Judge Anderson cover by Bryan Talbot:

And here?s a page from the Anderson story, ?Big Robots?, by Alan Grant and Dave Taylor:

Last, but not least by a long ways, we have the renowned Pat Mills giving us some thought on the upcoming Flesh story in the much anticipated 30th Anniversary Prog!!

ATR: It’s been awhile since we’ve seen Flesh. I’m absolutely thrilled myself, but why bring it back? Is it simply because of the anniversary prog, or are there other reasons?

PM: Matt asked me to write a Flesh story for the 30th and I was delighted. I don’t think the original book one has ever been followed up successfully either by myself or anyone else and I wanted the chance to write more Flesh in a way that does my original concept justice. Rather like the way Invasion has come back in Savage.

ATR: Being one of the oldest, most legendary thrills in 2000AD, Flesh has entertained many, many Earthlets the Galaxy over for decades. What would you say your choice cuts of Flesh have been, Pat?

PM: Every episode drawn by Ramon “Hookjaw” Sola. He was amazing. Think of those hairy tyrannosaurs and those big images of Old One Eye. I personally think even Satanus has not topped those images of Old One Eye by Ramon. It was a great shame Ramon faded from sight a few serials after Flesh Book One.

From a writing point of view – I had Old One Eye die of old age after beating the humans. This very much reflects my philosophy then and now – not for me stories where the “monster” is defeated in the final reel; and this was very much a defining moment in 2000AD’s logic of challenging the fictional status quo…

Another choice cut is Episode One of Book One. Not so much because of the first Flesh artist Boix, but the 2000AD art editor/designer Doug Church. He laid out that episode – drawing ever single picture roughly – and that’s why it looks so cool. I would sometimes rewrite my scripts to suit Doug’s visualisation. I recall rewriting Flesh Episode One for Doug in this way. As I’ve said elsewhere, he was one of the key figures in 2000AD’s success. All of Prog One was visualised by Doug. The machine gunner Smith 70 in Charley’s War is based very closely on Doug. I liked him a lot, but he drove many people crazy. Check out Charley’s War and you’ll see why!

Oh, yes – and Kevin O’Neill’s incredibly funny one page “TV” advert for Flesh. That still makes me laugh.

ATR: And what should we expect with Flesh in the future? After the run in the anniversary issue (and on?), will we see more?

PM: That will be up to Matt, Ramon and the readers. I’m keeping everything crossed that Ramon is going to do a terrific job. If he does, I would love to do more.

And I think Claw Carver is a good angle to reintroduce Flesh. It was always a problem getting the right focal character for Flesh – and Carver has got what it takes, I feel. I also worked out a back story for him which can be drawn on in the future.

Thanks so much, Mr. Mills! Hopefully we can do a longer interview in the future as the Anniversary Prog approaches. I can?t wait to read this new Flesh offering!

Be here same time, same place next week and see what goodies I have for you then?

This Has An ?I?m Still Hot For Judge Anderson After All These Years? Factor Of Ten Out Of Ten

Indie Front: A Deperado?s Blue Dreams of Approbation

This here is a spotlight on some independent publishers I think are worth your time? Enjoy!

Here’s a publisher I feel deserves some more attention: Approbation Comics (link: http://www.approbationcomics.com/). If you’re looking for something cool, slightly-off beat, rather well-written and interesting, Approbation is a good place to poke around. Sizzling stuff such as Amour and Evil Inside as well as a slew of savoury looking upcoming, soon-to-be-published titles like ChiSai, Vampires Unlimited, Lazarus Factor, Chaos Campus and much more are just waiting to be discovered by new readers. Chaos Campus has sorority girls versus zombies? Sign me up! There’s also a cavalcade of projects in development that sound awesome; and not to worry, I’ll keep you all posted. Approbation, as you must be able to tell, is very busy and well worth a look a look-see.

A couple of days ago I got a hold of Ed?s Terrestrials from Blue Dream Studios, and I was (and still am) mightily impressed. In case you don?t know, Ed?s Terrestrials is a comic that?s packaged more like a children?s book (with a wide hardcover and everything) and is a great all-ages read. I would have loved this even if I didn?t have kids! The story is a simple one, involving aliens escaping a life of slavery from the Intergalactic Food Court and crashing into a boy named Ed?s tree house. Hilarity ensues! This work is truly a heart-warming gem that anyone can appreciate and enjoy. Now I have to see what Pet Robots is all about? Blue Dream doesn?t have a huge catalogue, but what they do have is pure quality. (link: http://www.bluedreamstudios.com)

Although they publish with Image, I consider the magnificent outfit known as Desperado Publishing (link: http://www.desperadopublishing.com) to be quite indie. They present what I consider some of the best titles on the market past and present, including Deadworld, The Iron Ghost, Renfield, The Atheist and Negative Burn. The other titles are usually very good as well. It should certainly be noted that if you like pulpy psychological thrillers, hard-hitting gritty action and pulse-pounding tales of terror then this publisher is for you. One offering of theirs lately that has really stood out to me like a Tiger II tank is Common Foe, a horrifying war yarn that reaches down, takes hold of your guts, and squeezes them hellishly. It?s a story set in WWII, during the Battle of the Bulge, that has German and American soldiers who have survived a vicious attack by nightmarish ravening creatures and must put aside their differences and work together if they want to live! As of this writing, Common Foe is up to issue #4 and it?s handing out some serious ass. Praise Giffen, Denton und Dallocchio and pass the ammunition? (link: http://www.desperado.lightcubed.com/COMICS/CommonFoe.htm)

That?s enough raving about great indies for now! If you are an independent publisher of comics or a reader of them who would like to give me a heads up on what to check out, please drop me a line: steves@silverbulletcomicbooks.com

This Has A ?It Is The Hard Heart That Kills? Factor Of Nine Out Of Ten

Comic Web: One Lump or Two Blasted Bizzaros?

Boy howdy, there seems to be countless online comics these days! Here?s some that I thought I would mention?

50ft Robot Studios seems pretty interesting. Granted, their site is still adding content, but what they did that grabbed me is their Hulk vs. Bizzaro comic. Three instalments so far and I find them quite funny. Other kinds of comics are being put up there as well, so make sure to visit their site in the future, too. (link: http://50footrobot.com/company.html)

Ever read Two Lumps? I?m sure many of you already have, but I just thought I?d mention it. The adventures of the two Russian Blue cats, Ebenezer and Snooch, are pure comedy gold. (link: http://www.twolumps.net/)

You watch Red vs. Blue? Do you love the Fallout computer games? Are you always wishing that your buddy Mr. Mushroom Cloud would show up and make your live more exciting? Well, then, if you said ?yes? to at least one of those, you?ll dig Gone with the Blastwave, a humorous webcomic about the lives of soldiers after the apocalypse. RvB is an obvious influence on this comic, but that?s a good thing, and it?s great in its slightly absurd and awfully caustic wit. Gone with the Blastwave has been one of my favourite web-based comics for awhile now, so please take a peek and I do hope you like it. (link: http://www.blastwavecomic.com/)

This Has A ?Who Wants A Radioactive Sammich?? Factor Of Seven Out Of Ten

Blogonaut: When Yet Another Perisphere Attacks!

Here are some fun and interesting comics related blogs that you might enjoy!

First up, we have The Perisphere (link: http://theperisphere.blogspot.com/) by SBC?s own Michael Bailey. This blog is written in a fun and informative manner on all things All-Star Squadron. The data contained in there is deep and immersive, as Mr. Bailey takes us on a journey though the history and finer points of one of the greatest super-hero teams ever put together. I learned a lot, reading it myself. Nice work, Mike, this is most certainly a keeper!

And then there?s Yet Another Comics Blog (link: http://yetanothercomicsblog.blogspot.com/), which I happened upon not all that long ago. This is an excellent addition to any intrepid blogonaut?s list and is full of great reviews, nifty nuggets of information on all sorts of comics, and some other things to boot! Seriously, folks, read this blog.

For those of you looking for articles about women in comics, you will want to stop over at When Fangirls Attack! (link: http://womenincomics.blogspot.com/), which is chock full of links to a multitude of fascinating things on the aforementioned subject. This is place I visit often, and am never disappointed, so swing by there when you get the chance.

Any cool blogs out there you think I should read? Please email me and I will get right on it!

There you have it; another installment of ATR. I sincerely hope you?ve had enjoyment on some level at least. Some of you may wonder where that Rob Liefeld interview is. Never fear, it is here!

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And that column over at Manga Life I keep plugging is finally going up. Huzzah! Manga Hunter S sees life at last. Basically it will be an ongoing report on my discovery of Asian comics; which, I?ll freely admit, I am horribly ignorant of.

There is already stuff brewing for next time? Until then, dear readers.

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