Welcome back to another edition of All the Rage.

Folks? I?ve reached a bit of a milestone. This week?s column is my 50th ATR. And I?ve got a special report from the ?Punk to Funk? comic art show that was held at Meltdown Comics last Friday night. More on that shortly. First up, the latest news and rumors?

And I Ran? I Ran So Far Away

Earlier this week, somebody pretending to be Brian K. Vaughn posted a misleading message at Comicboards.com. When notified, the REAL Brian K. Vaughn responded with the following post:

    I’d blame Millar, but this is too lame even for him.

I was just directed to this thread, where someone claiming to be me has announced that I’ll be leaving Runaways with Issue #12:

Obviously, this is completely untrue. As a matter of fact, Marvel just told me that they’re so thrilled with our relaunch (and the numbers for our digests and upcoming hardcover) that we’ve already been approved through Issue #18, and I plan to be with the book even longer than that.

All major announcements from me will always come from www.bkv.tv, so if you ever see “me” posting crap like this somewhere else, please let me know!

This Has An ?Excelsior!? Factor of Ten Out of Ten

Where Angels Fall

The exodus of Peter David?s Fallen Angel from DC/Vertigo to IDW has been a really badly kept secret. Though thanks to the mention at yesterday?s DC Panel at Wizard World Philadelphia, Peter David has finally acknowledged it on his website. From what I?ve heard previously, there were some legal hurdles that had to be taken care of before they could proceed with the move, but early indications are that most of them have been dealt with and things are moving forward?

And there?s already someone being touted as the new Fallen Angel artist: J.K. Woodward. He?s best known for his work on Crazy Mary from Digital Webbing. Woodward is currently working on the comic adaptation of CSI: New York, which will be coming out from IDW in July. According to David?s newly released statement, the Fallen Angel relaunch will be coming out in December.

This Has A ?Bete Noire? Factor of Nine Out of Ten

Not Quite The End of The World

There was a rumor going around that Kevin Smith had FINALLY finished the last script for Spider-Man & Black Cat: The Evil Men Do? But sources within Marvel say that?s not the case.

So, set your Apocalypse Clocks back to 11?

This Has A ?Neverending Story? Factor of Two Out of Ten

Paging The Silky Bureaucrats

As I mentioned earlier, I was at Meltdown Comics on Friday night, for the Jim Mahfood / Dave Crosland ?Punk to Funk? art show. And man? that was a GREAT show. I?ve gotta give it up for Meltdown, it?s one of the biggest and well-stocked comic stores I?ve ever seen. The party kicked ass too?

While I was there, I caught up with Mahfood for the lowdown on his upcoming projects:

      I?m working on a book right now called

When Zombies Attack

      that?s coming out in July. It?s coming out at the San Diego Comic Con. It?s written by my two buddies, Matt Rose and Chad Waters, who are amazing makeup and special effects artists. They worked directly under Rick Baker on

Men in Black



      . They wrote, directed and did all the makeup for their own pilot TV show, called

When Zombies Attack

      . It?s shot exactly like


    , the TV show, but with a Zombie task force that goes around neighborhoods blowing away zombies and killing monsters. They commissioned me to do a comic book and it?ll premiere at San Diego with the DVD and the merchandise. Guillermo del Toro is attached as a producer and both FX and the Sci-Fi Channel are interested in picking up the show.

After that, I have my Stupid Comics #3 coming out in August from Image. My Marvel book with Brian Bendis, called Wha? Huh?, which is an all comedy issue with all of Marvel?s superheroes. That comes out in August too. In the meantime, I?ve been doing the gallery stuff, live art, skateboard designs for a new skateboard company in New York which should come out in the next couple of months. We?ll be doing a big party in San Diego on Saturday night during the convention? our ?Saturday Night Comic Con Funk Party? at ?The Honeybee Hive?, which is a club in downtown. After that, I?ll be gearing up for my next books in late 2005, early 2006 and stuff. You can keep up to date on my stuff on my site, 40ozcomics.com.

I also spoke with Dave Crosland, the other man of the hour:

      I?ve just wrapped a book called

Slop: Analecta

      . My art partner, Debbie and I wrote a bunch of short comic stories in a mini comic we call




      is a 144 page collection of some of our best old short stories, a few new stories we?ve done and also a bunch of drawings and pinups. It?s coming out in June from Image. We also have a new pinup/art book called

Penguin Beef

    . It?s basically a pinup nuns, like nuns with machine guns, half-naked and what not?

The Puffed trade paperback, called The Unauthorized Puffed Movie Adaptation is coming out this Wednesday, the 8th. I?m working on a ten-page short story concept by Derek Hess, a printmaker out of Cleveland, Ohio. I?m also in negotiations to work on a three issue miniseries from Devil?s Due, but I can?t say what it is. It?s a horror/comedy kind of comic.

If you?re in New York, Jim Mahfood and Deadbeatsister.com and I are doing MoCCA next weekend. I?m doing Wizard World Chicago with the same crew in August.

This Has A ?Bring On Da Noise! Bring On Da Funk!? Factor of Ten Out of Ten

Image LA

Of course, a party like this almost always brings out other local comic creators. And sure enough, I ran into three additional Image creators at Meltdown.

First, Paul Harmon dropped some interesting Sea of Red news and spoke about the future of Mora.

      Right now, I?m finishing up

Sea of Red #5

      , which is an origin issue. As soon as I finish that, I?ll be finishing my fourth issue of


      , which will complete the first story arc. Originally, Mora was going to be an ongoing series (and it still IS one big ongoing story I?m trying to tell), but I think after the fourth issue I?m going to release


    as a series of graphic novels, so that each book is more standalone and more along the lines of what I had planned for originally.

After that I?ll probably be doing one full story arc for Sea of Red, in issues 8 to 11. Then Salgood will be back from issue 12 to 16. Hopefully, at the same time I?ll be working on the Mora graphic novel. But I may be working more with Rick Remender and Kieron Dwyer. We?re discussing switching back and forth on Sea of Red between Salgood, possibly Kieron and myself on four issue runs. So, I may have a long run or I may have a short run but it depends on how soon I can get Mora done.

Then I spoke with Mark Sable, a newcomer at Image, whose first book, Grounded will be coming out next month:


      is a new book I’ve got coming out from Image, written by myself and drawn by Paul Azaceta. It?s a six-issue mini-series about Jonathan, a teenager who is forced to go to a high school where everyone has superpowers but him. I like to think of as

The X-Men




The cover to Grounded #2, was chosen by the posters of the NYC Mech board when I couldn?t decide between two gorgeous covers by Paul. This week I?ve got to decide on a cover for Grounded #4. I?m not sure I?m any more decisive, but at least I have my own message board at Image to help me with these decisions now.

I consider these pages from the second issue a kind of good luck charm, because they are also the pages I used to successfully pitch Grounded to Image at last year?s Comic-Con. After days of waiting nervously around by the Image booth, I finally cornered Eric Stephenson, handed him these pages, stammered out a 60 second pitch and he said, ?I don?t see why we shouldn?t publish this.? It wasn?t until I saw issue #1 solicited in last month?s Previews that I really believed we had a deal.

The deal is in fact real, and the first issue hits the stands July 6th. The second issue hits the racks August 10th. It?s a great jumping on point for new readers, who I hope will pre-order it in this month?s Previews. Incidentally, if my family is reading, the proper way to pre-order is to do it at your local comic book store, and not call Image directly. Poor Joe Keatinge has already had to field at east one call from a relative asking if he?ll send them their ?little Mark?s? new book.

And finally, Mark Andrew Smith talked about the return of The Amazing Joy Buzzards and the forthcoming trade paperback:

The Amazing Joy Buzzards Vol. 1

    is out June15th collecting the first four issues of Amazing Joy Buzzards into one big sparkly trade full of extras.

Then, The Amazing Joy Buzzards #5 kicks the series back into gear this July. The new series is going to be great as usual but get much more into characters and relationships as the Amazing Joy Buzzards are pitted against a group of nefarious supernatural-mod-hipsters known as the Spider Syndicate.

There’s plenty of action to go around as readers learn more about the band’s origins and their manager Dalton Warner who is working for the CIA. I love doing this series with all my heart and there are a lot of AJB stories that I’m just dying to tell. Dan Hipp’s art is to die for and my story is pretty damn great too. So look out for The Amazing Joy Buzzards in July!

This Has A ?Rock And Roll To The Rescue!? Factor of Ten Out of Ten

7 Steel Heroes

Christopher Moeller’s long-in-the-works JLA: Cold Steel is nearing completion and should be out some time before the end of the year. As long time ATR readers may recall, the premise involves the BIG 7 of the Justice League getting giant robot versions of themselves to fight off an alien threat. I know? it sounds ridiculous at first, but then you see the art?

And suddenly it seems really cool.

This Has A ?Go-Go Bots!? Factor of Nine Out of Ten

The Beat?s Got Ya Covered

Over at The Beat, Heidi MacDonald is reporting from The Book Expo America in New York. And the thing that really caught my eye was the mention that Slave Labor Graphics has signed a deal to put out some Disney comics, including Gargoyles, which will be written by Greg Weisman, who created and developed the Gargoyles animated series.

I?ve got to say? it?s ABOUT DAMN TIME!

Seriously? I?ve been waiting for someone to pick up the Gargoyles comic license for YEARS. It was one of the greatest animated series to come out of the 90s (on par with Batman and Superman) and I?d love to see more stories about those characters. I know I?m not alone in that regard?

Anyway, check out Heidi?s report, for more on the Slave Labor Graphics/Disney comic deal and the future of the Flight anthology.

This Has A ?Defenders of The Night? Factor of Ten Out of Ten

Lucky To Have Jonesy

In a late rumor out of Wizard World Philadelphia, newly DC exclusive artist, J.G. Jones is said to be writing and drawing a book for Wildstorm?

This Has A ?Multi-Talented? Factor of Eight Out of Ten

Whatta Rush!

Spotted over at Tom Peyer?s Superfrankenstein Blog, Rush Limbaugh as you?ve never seen him before?

So? is he powered by Oxycontin or is it his Kryptonite?

This Has A ?Talent On Loan? What Talent?!?? Factor of Three Out of Ten

Death Dealers

One more thing to show this week. We?ve got the cover for Half Dead, a five issue miniseries coming out from Speakeasy, with pencils and inks by Jimmy Bott, colors by Wesley Wong and written by the SBC?s own, Barb Lien-Cooper and Park Cooper. The cover below was drawn by Ted Wing III.

Congratulations, Barb and Park.

And that?s a wrap. Special thanks to James Mase. James not only coined the phrase for this week?s column title, he also drew and designed the kick-ass Gangsta-Tron icon on the top right of this page.

Until next time?


PS If anyone has any rumors, stories or news to share, please email me at blairm@silverbulletcomicbooks.com Thanks to everyone who has been sending stuff in. It?s greatly appreciated.

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