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Maximum Hold
There’s a rumor going around that Punisher and Hellblazer cover artist Tim Bradstreet is illustrating a Punisher MAX mini-series. It’s been a while since anyone has seen interior art from Tim, so I asked him about it. He tells me the project was planned, but has been put on hold for now because of scheduling difficulties with the writer. Work on the series probably won’t resume until the latter half of 2004. Bradstreet also says he’s going to Italy to work on a film for 6 months in March. “In the meantime I’ll be doing some sequential in Hellblazer #200 along with Steve Dillon and Marcelo Frusin.”

This Has A “Dep 12” Factor of Eight Out of Ten

World’s Finest says it will post a review of the abandoned Batman Vs. Superman film script on the site soon. Past reports indicate the super-buddy movie was scrapped in favor of a Man of Steel re-imagining by Alias and Felicity TV guy J.J. Abrams.

Updated: The script review is now up. Go to

This Has A “New Version of You” Factor of Eight Out of Ten

Lighting the Fuse

Controversial comic creator/publisher Rob Liefeld has announced the resurrection of KABOOM on Millarworld. For those who don’t remember, KABOOM was a teen book written by Jeph Loeb and drawn by Jeff Matsuda about a kid who gets really big gloves that can blow shit up. No word if the creative team of Loeb and Matsuda will be on board for the revival. But Liefeld says the first issue “is in the can.”

This Has A “Set to Detonate In 5 Years” Factor of Six Out of Ten

Real American Heroes

I’m told that acclaimed Black Panther writer Priest will be penning a Captain America and Falcon series. I believe the “two words” that saved Priest from quitting comics were “Captain America”. Keep your eye on Priest’s blog at Hopefully he’ll reveal more about this series soon.

This Has An “Old School Crew” Factor of Ten Out of Ten

Area 57

Mainframe Entertainment has a new website up for the upcoming Alien Legion cartoon series. The site features a synopsis, character and weapons profiles, and episode breakdowns. Mainframe is planning to roll out the series in Fall 2004 along with a line of action figures, interactive product, apparel and licensed equipment.

This Has A “Alien Technology” Factor of Seven Out of Ten

One Step Ahead

Comic book legend John Byrne has started a new thread at the John Byrne Message Boards called “And today Begins..” to announce he’s begun penciling his secret, new DC book. “Pencils for the first issue are not due until January 04, but I have nothing else actually on the burner right now, so I figured I would jump in and get a good, solid head start on the new series,” says Byrne.

Later in the thread Byrne teased fans with a summary of hints he’s dropped about the new series. He writes:

    So far, I have dropped these hints about the identity of TITLE WITHHELD (and keep in mind, any of them could be red herrings):

1) It’s a group book.

2) I have worked with the characters before, but not the title.

3) The first issue will contain “Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue”.

4) The relaunch starts in my JLA arc.

5) It is something of a dream project.

6) Batman will be in the first issue, but he is not part of the group.

7) There’s a “monkey”.

8) There is a Korean character in the group.

Early in the thread Byrne also expressed some concern that information on the secret project has not yet surfaced on the internet. “I’m almost worried that nothing has leaked! I mean, sure, I have been putting out false leads like crazy (even Dick Johnston got it wrong), but the whole JLA job is in the office right now, and as we know the offices have been full of moles for years.

“Doesn’t anybody care?? snif snif”

Yeah, sure I care. I’d like to know what this project is. I find it quite difficult to resist the lure of monkeys.

See what I’m talking about?

In related news, Marvel EIC Joe Quesada mentioned Byrne’s name a few times at a Wizard World Texas panel yesterday. When asked if he had any horror stories about creators he’s worked with, Quesada said, “Oh, God. I don’t want to do any kiss and tell stories — John Byrne — but there are some people in the industry — John Byrne — that technically, creatively, — John Byrne — I never want to see them again. I’m just kidding.”

This Has A “Never Monkey With Another Man’s Monkey” Factor of Seven out of Ten

Hell Hath No Fury

I hear that Hellboy director Guillermo del Toro ran into some roadblocks while shopping around Mike Mignola’s creation in Hollywood. A few studios wanted small changes — a specific actor to the play the part, no Hellboy tail, etc. But others wanted to alter the concept a bit more radically. Apparently Universal Studios wanted to cast a regular joe in the film who turned into Hellboy when he got angry.

Right. Just one more example of the Hollywood fuck machine in action. Thank God Revolution Studios left it alone.

I also hear that there will be a 200-page Art of Hellboy book out before the movie is released. It will be packed with details about the film and will contain spoilers.

This Has A “Hellboy Smash with Stone Hand!” Factor of Nine Out of Ten

Cover the Planet with Ash

Automatic Kafka artist Ashley Wood has started working on a project with Last of the Independents writer Matt Fraction, presumably for AiT/PlanetLar. I’m told the book has not yet been greenlighted, but will be soon.

Fraction also wrote a book about a monkey. Rex Mantooth, spy monkey. It was fucked up and I liked it.

This Has A “Fraction of the Whole Story” Factor of Five Out of Ten

The Scavenger

I hear that the film version of the Punisher will only be packin’ a small arsenal — 45s, mines, shotguns and an M4 with grenade launcher. The idea is to start off small. Frank Castle builds his arsenal by taking weapons off the people he kills. So no tricked-out van.

This Has A “Microchipless” Factor of Six Out of Ten

Short one this week. I was waiting on a few confirmations but they didn’t come through. Next week. But hey, here’s some pimpin’. I did a Q&A with Nexus creator Mike Baron on his new AP Comics’ mini-series Faro Korbit this week. What the hell is that about, you ask? Well, it’s basically Mike’s take on Dr. Strange, but with complete creative freedom. You can read more about it here:

I have also completed an interview with Black Lightning creator Tony Isabella, who has taken issue with DC’s portrayal of the character and black heroes in general. It’s not one of those fluff pieces you get on most news sites that ask a creator who his favorite character is or some crap like that. This is an in-depth look at a social and creative dilemma in comics. It will be up at the end of the week in the Interview section. Look for it.


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