Welcome back to another edition of All the Rage, here at Silver Bullet Comics. Without any further ado, here?s the latest news and rumors:

Redbird Down

The comic world was aflutter earlier this week, with the sudden and abrupt announcement that all orders for Jason Pearson?s Redbird miniseries have been canceled, with no plans to resolicit it in the future. There are a number of rumors flying around, but reliable sources have confided that basically, Wildstorm/DC lost faith in Pearson’s ability to finish the miniseries. Word is that Pearson had been working on the project for over a year but never drew more than a handful of pages for the second issue.

And since the Redbird character is owned by Wildstorm/DC, there?s no chance of this project showing up at another publisher. So it looks like Redbird will never see the light of day?

This Has An ?Icarus Abides? Factor of Seven Out of Ten


We?ve received further word on the rumored Superboy ongoing series. From what I?ve been told, the series is still in the proposal stage. The initial idea for the revival came from Dan Didio and the writer said to be developing it is Mark Waid.

Rumor has it that the storyline will stem out of Legion and Crisis 2, and ?will Hypertime Superboy? into the new Legion series.

This Has A ?Neither Space Nor Time? Factor of Five Out of Ten

Not By A Longshot

According to his newsletter, Michael Oeming has another Marvel project lined up. And I hear that it?s a miniseries. No word yet on what it is?

Though I think we can be reasonably certain that it?s not Longshot.

This Has A ?Mojovision? Factor of Eight Out of Ten

Angelic Recruits

There?s a rumor going around that a couple big-name comic writers are lining up to potentially do Angel miniseries for IDW later this year. From what I can gather, nothing has been signed just yet?

Incidentally, former ATR scribe, Markisan Naso recently interviewed Jeff Mariotte about IDW?s first Angel miniseries. You can check it out here.

This Has A ?Slaying the Dragon? Factor of Nine Out of Ten

Worlds of Wonder

The big news coming out of WonderCon is that Joss Whedon and John Cassaday will be back for a second year of Astonishing X-Men. But it?s not the only Whedon related news to come out of the show. According to a report on Sci Fi Wire, producer Joel Silver confirmed that he is trying to get Whedon to write and direct the Wonder Woman feature film. While no deal has been struck, it sounds like this could actually happen?

This Has A ?Shores of Themyscira? Factor of Seven Out of Ten

Future Tense

Here?s an early look at iBooks? first Magnus Robot Fighter graphic novel, which is coming out this May. It?s written by Louise Simonson with art by Damion Hendricks.

And yes? the Magnus GN will be in color.

This Has An ?Attack of the Killer Robots? Factor of Seven Out of Ten

Man of the Hour

With all of the hoopla surrounding Constantine and Crap of The Mask (aka Son of the Mask), most people seem to have overlooked the ?other? comic book related movie coming out this month. Surely you haven?t forgotten about Scott Lobdell?s action/comedy cheerleading epic, Man of the House?

I knew that you hadn?t?

This Has A ?Bring It On? Factor of Six Out of Ten

Dead Again

Matt Gardner and Peter Gresser, the team behind X-Men: Death Becomes Them, have released a follow up animated short: X-Men: Dark Phoenix Rising.

You can check it out here.

This Has A ?Dead And Loving It? Factor of Nine Out of Ten


LeSean Thomas has been hitting the comic web circuit lately, talking about his upcoming Cannon Busters miniseries from Devil?s Due Publishing. In particular, Thomas wanted to counter the rumor that Cannon Busters is in danger of being canceled by DDP.

      Josh Blaylock isn?t canceling

Cannon Busters

    . Lets just air it out and clear the rumors. Issue#1 hits shelves early March (the 2nd is current tentative, printers pending).

He did however, stress that we need to come up with a solid plan to get it back on track and it has. For that I?d like to thank my incredibly patient team, DD , Udon and Adam Fortier of Hawke studios for the support!

Cannon Busters is created, written and penciled by myself, (Arkanium, TMNT: Animated, Street Fighter, and Darkstalkers back-ups.) Acclaimed indy writer J. Torres of SideKicks, Teen Titans: Go!, Alison Dare, Love as a Foreign Language, Copybook Tales, and Days Like This; is scripting the funky action-adventure. Colors are provided by Stuart Ng with Udon studios. I got my extended online arsenal of monster talents, Ed McGuinness, Sanford Greene, Keron Grant and Skottie Young among the many talents who?ll be blessing me with covers and pinups.

Just to keep people up to speed from what Brandon Thomas covered a few months ago, Cannon Busters is the fantasy story of Samberry, a royal Companion droid who’s trying to get back home. Having never experienced interaction outside her kingdom’s walls, it all goes askew when she’s violently separated from her owner and kingdom, due to an attack from a mysterious and powerful sorcerer, during a time where magic is extinct. Along her journey, she comes across the paths of three other individuals who also wish to get to where she’s headed, but for their own reasons. It’s like a smoked-out version of the Wizard of Oz, meets Breath of Fire, meets FLCL, meets hip hop?. Its definitely something fresh? fantasy with a hip hop twist without doo-rags on characters or boom boxes?no corny shit. The spine of the story is very high concept, but of course it’s the journey and the characters that will make it unique.

The lateness issue I felt was handled pretty well. I didn?t want to update with nothing solid to speak on? especially whenever I got a colorist I felt comfortable with, wasn?t fast enough or had to bow out. Stuart, the lead colorist and I decided to just go at the pace we needed to. I?ve seen books that get behind due to creative mishaps only to be rushed just to avoid making too late a launch to have the book look really bad AND late. We wanted to avoid all this. It was my first book. And all due respect to DDP, my M.O. was ?come correct, or don?t come at all? I feel like deadlines aren?t for everyone either. I mean this is a business, so you gotta know when to back off, but I think quality plays a major role. The quality that goes into a comic will still be remembered long after the budget/schedules are forgotten.

I?ve received a lot of negative backlash on my own forum. It?s mainly just from kids who usually think they know more than you and slam you with criticism on what they deem the ?standard.? but in all fairness shit happens. And everything that happens on each comic, while may be similar, is unique in itself.

I?m dealing with that right now as well on my current and VERY demanding day job as Supervising Character Designer on Aaron McGruder?s The Boondocks animated series airing this fall on cartoon network?s ?Adult Swim.? That?s on such a gigantic scale in comparison, but still quality is so important. Also when you do stuff for the first time with no reference, you leave little room for experimentation on deadlines. Designing an entire world from scratch and expecting everyone to get it right AND stay with my style is challenging and if one artist unfortunately cant follow through because of whatever reasons it puts timing back.

Cannon Busters has gotten comparisons to Battle Chasers in so many ways. Why that is, I?ll be honest, I don?t know. It?s so different. I?ll be the first to use it to give people an idea of what the overall entertainment value is, but its approach, feel and story is entirely different. Plus, it?s a LIMITED series. Bi-monthly, so the readers will decide if it continues after the first 8 issues.

This Has A ?Kingdom Hearts? Factor of Eight Out of Ten

Write Aid

As readers of Clifford Meth?s Past Masters are already aware, Bill Messner-Loebs? situation is quickly becoming more dire. Yesterday, Meth checked in with a quick update:

    Bill’s situation gets worse everyday insofar as there is a clock ticking on his living situation (they are currently, he and his wife, in the basement of a church competing for cot space) while his wife’s health deteriorates.

People can PayPal any donation directly to bloebs@yahoo.com

As for The Three Tenors: Off Key project, the creators aboard now include Messner-Loebs, myself, Dave Cockrum, and Al Milgrom (who will be doing some inking); Dave Sim (introduction), Tom Spurgeon (afterword) and Michael Netzer (back cover). If everyone who reads comics were to buy this book (or just send him a few dollars via PayPal), Bill would have cash for a long, long time.

And that?s a wrap. The feature interview will be back next week. Video game fans should like what I?ve got lined up?

See you in seven.


PS If anyone has any rumors, stories or news to share, please email me at blairm@silverbulletcomicbooks.com. Thanks to everyone who has been sending stuff in. It?s greatly appreciated.

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