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Putting The Past To Wright

In an extremely unusual and unexpected disclosure, writer Micah Wright yesterday posted to his delphi forum a confession that he has never served as an Army Ranger. While the entirety of the facts surrounding this incident have yet to come to light, fan reaction has been both varied and vociferous. Here is Wright’s initial post:



    My name is Micah Wright. I’m a former Army Ranger, and I’ve been lying to you. I’ve kept the secret for years now, but all lies grow and eventually get out of control. This is me coming clean about my Big Lie. What did I lie about? Oh, nothing much…

Except that I was never an Army Ranger. I never served a day in a Ranger Regiment. I never went to Ranger School. The closest I ever got was Army ROTC.

This entire Army Ranger thing is a stupid lie which has its roots back in college. When I was in the Army ROTC (and I really was, trust me), I met a lot of Rangers, and got to know some of these amazing men. They always impressed me with their inspired competence and their commitment to one another. Though I enjoyed my time in Army ROTC, I decided that eight years of military service was not for me and I left the program. That ended my involvement with the military.

So why come clean now, you ask? Why shouldn’t I continue on, seeing how far I can push it? Well, frankly, I’m sick of it. I’m sick of lying to my friends, to employers, to my fans, to myself. I’m not a Ranger. I’ve lied to so many people about this that it’s made me physically ill. I haven?t been able to sleep and I?ve just about given myself an ulcer. It’s all become too much. I’m stopping the lies.

The cat’s out of the bag now… I’ve finally told the truth. I wish I had a long time ago. In the last year dozens of real Rangers have been killed or wounded overseas–how can I keep lying in the face of that kind of dedication? When I read about the death of Pat Tillman, who sacrificed a high-paying football career in order to join the Rangers, I felt like even more of a fake and a heel. It’s time it all ended: I’m not a Ranger, I was never a Ranger and I’m sorry for ever saying that I was. I apologize to every Ranger and to the families of every Ranger.

I lied, and I apologize for that from the bottom of my heart… it was a lousy thing to do and I’m sorry about it. A special apology is owed to the people who I hurt by putting them in the position of spreading my lie, people taken in by the Hoax, and people whose credibility I’ve helped corrode.

There was one thing that I didn’t imagine, that I couldn’t imagine: that a lie like this would grow and grow and eventually consume every facet of my entire life. It has weighed on my heart and on my mind for two full years now, slowly crushing my spirits, contaminating my friendships, and threatening to destroy everything about me. I’m well shed of it now. I just hope that others can find it in their hearts to forgive me.

And please… no more death threats.

April 25, 2004
Edited 5/1/2004 11:02 pm ET by Micah Wright

As at this writing, Wright’s note is signed for April 25, but was posted May 1 at 2:52 pm, and subsequently edited later that day. Forum regulars have reported to ATR that Wright’s note was initially dated April 15, despite containing a reference to Pat Tillman, who was killed in action April 22.

To compound matters even further, Wright later posted this message on his forum:

    The Washington Post is running a story tomorrow, yes. I started this ball in motion last week when I decided that this entire thing was over. I called my publisher and informed them of the truth, and THEY called the Washington Post and informed them. This is not a case of imminent exposure bringing about this confession, this is a case of me stepping up to the plate and admitting what I have done.

I have spent Monday through Friday calling all of my friends and co-workers that I could get ahold of and telling them the truth so that they wouldn’t hear it from the Post. So if Newsarama (which didn’t bother to interview ME for this story) wants to repeat third-hand stories and get the sequence of events out of order, that’s fine, but for the record, I first put up a very accessible and public version of this webpage days ago.”

First, his “mea culpa” post appears to have been inaccurately dated. Twice. And his account here is contradicted by the Washington Post’s story:

    Wright, it turns out, is a liar. He never served in the military — and confessed that last week to his publisher, Seven Stories Press, after we insisted on evidence of his service. Pursuing a tip from real Rangers who’d never heard of Wright, we filed three Freedom of Information Act requests with separate Army commands — and last month finally confirmed that Wright never served.”

The Washington Post story also states that Seven Stories has canceled publication of Wright’s new book, “If You’re Not a Terrorist, Then Stop Asking Questions,” and will also remove Wright’s “detailed and wholly fictional account of parachuting into Panama under fire during Operation Just Cause” from future printings of “You Back the Attack! We’ll Bomb Who We Want!”

Wright’s remixed propaganda posters struck a chord among anti-war voices in the US. However, his dishonesty has seriously compromised any good he did for the anti-war movement, which has a far wider impact than Wright or his fans.

At the time of this writing Wright has not yet responded to requests for further information by All The Rage.

This Has A “MAD, MAD, World” Factor Of Nine Out Of Ten


In follow-up to last week’s rumor regarding a <b relaunch, we caught up with Scott Lobdell to check out if a reteaming with Chris Bachalo was still on the cards. He told ATR, “Dude, I would team up with Chris Bachalo on filling out a crossword puzzle! Is there any writer alive who wouldn’t?! But the truth is we’re both incredibly busy guys! Between ALL NEW ALL DIFFERENT ALPHA FLIGHT and the spin-off books I am pushing — not to mention my chaotic feature film and tv pilot writing career (look at this space for future announcements!), I couldn’t possibly commit myself to a GENERATION X relaunch, no matter how appealing it is!”

Once you get Scott started, he doesn’t stop… The scribe continued, “And anyone who has seen Chris’s latest work on CAPTAIN AMERICA (and who hasn’t?!) knows not only is he pencilling and inking the book, he’s coloring it as well! Heck, give the man a stapler and he’ll be a one man comic factory!”

Lobdell wrapped up by saying, “In all seriousness, from the very first issue of GENERATION X it was clear to me that I was fortunate to work with a master storyteller — and I only became a better writer for the experience of working together! But Chris Bachalo needs me putting words over his art like the Mona Lisa needs a beard, mustache and eye patch! Whatever his post-CAPTAIN AMERICA project is, you can bet I’ll be the first in line to buy it!”

This Has A “Backing Bachalo” Factor Of Nine Out Of Ten

Double X

On his message board, Wolverine artist Darick Robertson revealed he?ll be drawing a new ongoing series featuring an X-character. He wrote:

      I can’t say who it is yet, but it’s a book I am as excited to be working on as I was


    . This character has never had a solo ongoing before and it’s a great opportunity to make it great.

I will be finishing Wolverine at the same time I am starting up on this, going into it right as I finish off my oversized issue of the Hulk. I am happy, happy, happy to be letting go of Wolverine for this project.

Robertson also revealed a writer has been chosen for the book; someone he has not worked with before.

Okay, since I read D?s announcement I?ve been hearing a few shaky rumors. The first is that this solo X-book will feature Nightcrawler, arguably Marvel?s most popular mutant never to have an ongoing. I was told that X-Men scribe Chuck Austen will likely write the series. There?s been talk of Chuck doing a Nightcrawler book ever since he first expressed his affection for the fun-loving, swashbuckling elf in interviews. The Nightcrawler/X2 movie prequel he wrote also helped feed the rumor sack.

Well, I asked Chuck whether or not he was working with Darick on Nightcrawler and he answered, ?If we are, it’s news to me. I haven’t been taking on any new projects from Marvel, these days. Doesn’t mean they haven’t scheduled me, though.?

The other rumor is that Darick is teaming up with Fallen Angel scribe Peter David, who recently announced he is writing a new series starring an X-character he?s worked on in the past. Peter also said his book will begin as a mini-series, not an ongoing, with the potential to become more if sales are good. Now, Darick didn?t mention anything about his book starting off as a mini, but I don?t have to tell you guys that Marvel changes its mind on projects faster than a whore changes lipstick. I figured it was possible that Peter?s book got upgraded.

I figured wrong.

I emailed Peter and asked him if he was partnered up with D. He responded, ?No, Darick’s not connected with it. We’re waiting to make further announcements on the book (which ships its first issue in September) until we have actual completed artwork to have accompany the announcement.?

So, what have we learned so far? Chuck Austen is not writing another X-book. Peter David and Darick Robertson are on separate X-projects.

In a final effort to get some more information I asked Darick about his X-title and he told me he can only say what he said on his message board.

Oh, one other quick thing. You may have caught that blurb above about Darick drawing an oversized Hulk book. Look for Darick?s art in the pages of the Incredible Hulk in a few months. He was originally scheduled to do two 34-page issues of the book, but due to scheduling conflicts he?s now doing one issue. The book will feature a more classic version of the Hulk with the smashing and such.

This Has A ?Night Moves? Factor of Eight Out of Ten

Cross to Bear

Earlier this week Thor inker Drew Geraci told me he was devoting his weblog to a series of memoirs from his time at CrossGeneration Comics. He wrote, ?I’ll be relating my experiences there in chronological order to the best of my ability. It was a surreal three years of my life generally and my career specifically. In my attempt at accuracy, it’s better to write an account now, rather than wait twenty years for a comic convention’s CrossGen Reunion Panel. I am not purporting to wrap myself in the pelt of piety called ‘THE IRREFUTABLE TRUTH’. I’m sure some of my comments will be contested. These are MY memories of events, which may be subjective or incomplete.”?

Well, contested his comments were. As soon as his first CG memoir was posted it immediately raised eyebrows, most notably those of past and present CrossGen employees, who expressed concern over what Drew will write in future blogs and who will be named. Drew sent me an open letter which addressed these issues, pointing to his disclaimer (see quote above). The letter also said he wouldn?t name names unless he had permission or if he knew the persons well enough.

But today, Drew had a change of heart. He told me he has decided to discontinue his CG memoir.

Hi Markisan,

Sorry to fuck up a good story for you, but on this beautiful Saturday, I’m calling off the Blogs of War. Since I posted that first CG memoir, I’ve had a few days to think about how much shit I’d have to dredge up, and frankly, I don’t think I have the enthusiasm I thought I would.

The summer’s coming and starting this week, I’m inking Captain America, a character I’ve dreamed of working on since I was seven. I think I’m finally getting the poison, or Kool-aid, if you will, out of my system and moving on with my life. Let’s face it, I’d only be hurting the good people I’ve worked side-by-side with for three years and in a perfect world, they should be prospering. To those who are my friends still at CG, I’m sorry if I’ve caused more angst than you’re already going through with my sarcasm. I may mention the great night we had at the Iggy Pop concert in St. Pete or just fun stuff, because THAT’S the shit worth remembering!


As much as the gossip whore in me would have loved to read Drew?s blog every week, I support this decision. In fact, quite honestly, I told Drew this column might not be in his best interest. Too many people live in the past. They hold grudges and they get stuck. Fuck the past. Better to move on and focus on what?s ahead.

Captain America is a sweet place to start fresh, Drew.

This Has A ?Forward? Factor of Nine Out of Ten

American Dream

Ever since CrossGen pussied out and dropped the Chuck Dixon and Greg Land?s conservative and controversial superhero book American Power from it?s schedule, I?ve been trying to get a hold of Chuck. I haven?t heard back from the guy, but he did answer a few questions about the book last week on his message board. When asked if he could take American Power to another publisher, Dixon replied, ?It?s a CrossGen owned property. For the foreseeable future it will not be appearing anywhere.?

Dixon also talked about what the series would have been like. ?It was as real world as a comic book can be and still be a comic book adventure. It?s the exploits of a secret military team of scientifically enhanced soldiers. They perform the same function as Special Ops hunter killer teams currently perform worldwide in the War on Terror. We used real names and real places.

?The stories were to be free of irony and not present the weltschmerz so common to other books about clandestine operations. The lines between what is right and what is wrong would be sharply drawn. The stories were not being presented specifically to outrage the left. But we realized that the facts of the War on Terror are offensive to some and were willing to take the heat. It was not going to be a ?political? book unless you idea of politics is that killing innocent civilians is excusable and going after the same killers with hammer and tongs is indefensible.?

Dixon also added that Osama Bin Laden would only have appeared in the book when he was captured in real life.

This Has A ?Tong Attack? Factor of Ten Out of Ten

Go read Warren Ellis and Stuart Immonen?s entire first issue of Fantastic Four (#7) at http://www.milehighcomics.com/firstlook/marvel/ultff/.

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