Welcome to our Post-Wonder Con edition of ATR.

I just got back from the Bay Area. The Wonder Con crew put on a pretty good show. If only they could do something about the inept and uninformed security guards that locked fans out of the convention center at least twice while evening events were still happening on the second floor?

But enough bitching? On with the rage.

Capture The Flagg

According to buzz on the con floor, Howard Chaykin is working on a new six issue miniseries for Marvel. Or I should say he?s writing the mini, since there is an artist rumored to be attached to the project: Ryan Sook, who just finished a four issue stint on X-Factor. It?s currently unknown if the mini will feature new creations by Chaykin or use existing characters, but Marvel?s editorial team are said to be very excited about it?

This Has A ?Year of the Domino? Factor of Eight Out of Ten

Big Green

Peter David is said to writing a Hulk vs. The Champions one-shot, tentatively for June. This will likely be set in the past, with the classic Champions line up of Black Widow, Hercules, Ghost Rider, Angel and Iceman. As you might expect, there appear to be plans to reprint some of the early Champions issues in July. Other projects spotted on Amazon include a second volume of the Chris Claremont/Alan Davis Excalibur, a second volume of the Jack Kirby Black Panther run and a third Avengers hardcover collecting the final issues of the Kurt Busiek and George Perez run.

In other related news ( and as alluded to last week), David announced his exclusive with Marvel at his Saturday panel. There was also a shout out to ATR at the panel, followed by some disagreement over which site it calls home.

Come on people! This is SBC. Not Newsarama. Not CBR. And not The Pulse. This shouldn?t be that hard. It?s not like there?s two Silver Bullets? Er? Wait? DAMN IT!

[HOMER]Lousy brand confusion?[/HOMER]

This Has A ?Real SBC? Factor of Nine Out of Ten

Girls Only

Regarding the girls? line currently underway at DC (and again, mentioned here last week), I?ve been told one of the creative teams for one of the four launch titles. Derek Kirk Kim (a creator whose work I greatly admire) is said to writing one of the books. The artist attached is rumored to be Jesse Hamm, who is best known for Savage Daisies and Bitten Apple.

This Has A ?Once Bitten, Twice Shy? Factor of Seven Out of Ten

Heard It On The Streets

One of our ATR Associates also at Wonder Con overheard the following tidbits from Greg Rucka. According to our source, Rucka said that the Streets of Gotham spinoff from Gotham Central MAY happen, but that he?s still waiting for the okay. He also mentioned that Renee Montoya might get her own series?

This Has A ?Bullet for Bullock? Factor of Five Out of Ten

Everyone And No One

With Dynamite?s announcement of the new Darkman comic by Kurt Busiek and Roger Stern, and the mention of a crossover with another Sam Raimi character, the speculation was down to Xena and Army of Darkness. Funny thing is, we had that info last month. It?s AOD. Busiek will be writing the crossover as well and I?m told that he is a HUGE fan of Raimi?s films, and has even mentioned wanting to write this story previously?

This Has A ?Return of Durant? Factor of Seven Out of Ten

Double Image

Image announced a couple new books at their Friday panel: Five Fists of Science by Matt Fraction and Steve Sanders and The Art of Brian Bolland, both due in May. Frank Cho mentioned that he is finishing up work on the next issue of Liberty Meadows, but he is being kept busy by a NEW series at Marvel. He also said that there will be no new issues of Zombie King for a while. Rick Remender mentioned that Corey Walker will not be penciling the second arc Fear Agent, as previously announced. Instead, Walker will be reteaming with Robert Kirkman on Marvel Team Up. Fear Agent will continue with a new artist to alternate with Tony Moore. Remender wouldn?t divulge the identity of the new artist, saying only that he had won the ?Russ Manning Most Promising New Comer Award? within the last few years. To help narrow it down, here?s a list:

1999 – Jay Anceleto
2000 – Alan Bunce
2001 – Goran Sudzuka
2002 – Tan Eng Huat
2003 – Jerome Opena
2004 – Eric Wight
2005 – Chris Bailey

Anyone want to place any bets?

This Has A ?Fear of Black Hat? Factor of Ten Out of Ten

Sh-Boom, Sh-Boom!

Late on the last day of the con, Boom! Publisher Ross Richie flagged me down to talk about two of his upcoming books:


      is a new Keith Giffen project that we?re publishing. It?s a three issue miniseries. The art is from Kody Chamberlain, who was the artist on IDW?s

30 Days of Night: Bloodsucker Tales

      . Kody?s doing some really cool, gritty dark stuff. It?s a horror book? The concept is that in the way that ?Ring Around the Rosy? is based on the Black Plague, that the game of ?Tag? is based on an ancient Pagan curse. The story starts with our protagonist walking down the street and a homeless guy comes out, who seems to be death warmed over. Truth be told, he actually is death warmed over. He touches our hero and says ?Tag, you?re it.? And it kills him where he stands. Our protagonist, who is now dead, has to deal with the effects of rigor mortis and decomposition as his body starts to decay around him. The notion is that he has to find the next person to ?Tag? and continue the curse. He also has a moral dilemma: is he willing to kill a person just to save his own life? So, I would classify it as a horror project in the vein of

The Ring


Our other new book is a five issue miniseries called X Isle. That?s a project from Andrew Crosby, who?s the executive producer and creator of the Sci-Fi Channel series, Eureka. He?s a really talented guy who?s done some work for us on Zombie Tales. The art is from Greg Scott, who most people know from Sword of Dracula, but he also did Sam & Twitch for Todd McFarlane. The basic concept behind X Isle is that a research team discovers an island that has been cut off from Darwinian evolution and has actually evolved along a different path. The creatures that live on the island are particularly strange and weird. We like to describe it as ?what if HR Giger designed Jurassic Park?? The covers are by Imaginary Friends Studios, who do some beautiful painted work.

This Has A ?Life Could Be A Dream Sweetheart? Factor of Nine Out of Ten

Holding Out For A Hero

At the beginning of the weekend, the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund announced that Greg Thompson is their new Deputy Director. On Saturday, Thompson took a few minutes to tell me how he got the job and what it means for his creator owned book, Hero Camp:

    I met Charles at Wizard World Texas last year and he told me he was looking for a deputy director. We talked about it, he liked what I had to say. I sent him my resume and evidently he and the board both liked it. That was it. It was really simple and really quick. My new duties mainly entail doing a lot of accounting and doing a lot of brainstorming for different types of fundraising. I?ve been working on getting the office and our inventory organized and then of course? doing a lot of conventions to try to help raise as much money as possible. It?s my new ?9 to 5?, weekends and now, ?5 to 9? in the morning. So it?s a lot of fun.

As for Hero Camp, we?re actually at work on the second series. It doesn?t have a home yet? We just haven?t pitched it yet, of course everything is going to go through Image first. Robbi Rodriguez is changing up his artwork and is also in the process of redrawing the mini comic and we?re also redrawing the first series over the course of the next year. It?s all going to be recolored and relettered. We?re George Lucasing it and it?s gonna shock some people. It?s a radical departure from what he was doing before. The second Hero Camp series will be available as single issues, but the redrawn mini comics and the redrawn first series will only be available in a trade after the new series comes out. Nothing from the first series is going to be reprinted. It?ll be completely new and different. I think people are going to be a lot happier with it? I know we?re gonna be. We?re not pushing it. Hopefully the new book will be announced in the next few months. We?re gonna finish all four issues of the new series before we solicit, so that the book will be on time every issue. After that, as soon as Robbi can get all the stuff redrawn, Russ can recolor it and I can reletter it, then we?ll do the trade. Maybe early 2007 on that.

This Has A ?Back To Camp? Factor of Eight Out of Ten

Heroes Assemble!

And finally, thanks to the kind folks who sent me the following link. From the collection of Alex Gonzalez, Lee Bermejo?s incredible 55″ X 17? five part poster of Marvel characters for Panini:

And that?s a wrap. See you Sunday.


PS If anyone has any rumors, stories or news to share, please email me at blairm@silverbulletcomicbooks.com. Thanks to everyone who has been sending stuff in. It?s greatly appreciated.

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