Oh, George…

So why was George Perez so keen to join CrossGen with their “strong” female characters? Perhaps this image and accompanying text from the Double Trouble Wrestling website might explain?

From http://www.dtwrestling.com/index2.html, we read:

    “George’s involvement with DT stretches back almost 15 years as one of the company’s earliest regular customers. One fateful day in 1998 George finally decided to commission a custom match featuring Super Maiden and Amazon Queen (which was released as part of Tape #372). He was so impressed by the rough cut that he immediately wrote a script for a return engagement for the heroines, this time confronting a new villainess named Darkraven in Tape # 380.

“Then, he wrote another, then another — and another — and the Sisterhood of Superheroines series was born, each new story pushing the entertainment and excitement envelope ever further. This series has become one of the most successful series in Double Trouble history.

“But this was more than just a professional collaboration. The more the folks at DT and George got to know each other, the more we fell in love and the more we wanted to do for one another. In addition to supervising, scripting and occasionally directing the SoS series, (and providing illustrated portraits as gifts to our heroines), George has generously volunteered to write all the match descriptions for our bi-monthly mailers and web updates, to catalogue all our tapes according to categories and to collate them by which girl appears in them. George even designed the DT logo that adorns this website.

“Why would an artist of George’s stature do all this — especially for free? George explains, “I’ve been a fan of female combat since my adolescence and DT Productions has always satisfied my specialized tastes. In addition to that, the people who work there are among the nicest, the most loving, the most generous people I could ever hope to meet. They are my friends, my new family, and DT is like a second home. I hope to be involved with DT Productions for as long as they will have me.”

This Has An Ummmm Value Of 8 Out Of 10

New Found Authority

Now that DC have permanently cancelled the Authority Widescreen special, some of the artwork has started to leak.

Not the Bryan Hitch story unfortunately, but at least one double page splash pin-up has been put up for sale…

You can enquire about buying this piece at… http://www.floweringnose.com/cgi-floweringnose/gallery/show.cgi?Pic=sale22.jpg&cat=5&page=2

This Has A Lovely Art Value Of 8 Out Of 10

Masons Against Moore

From http://www.srmason-sj.org/council/journal/kinney.html…

“What is the best response to the movie From Hell? Alas, some early suggestions, such as an organized boycott of the film, might well be counter-productive and merely play into the hands of those who already believe that Masonry is throwing undue weight around. Authors and artists have the right to fashion fantasies, even out of flawed premises, and film directors have the right to turn such fantasies into movies. A better response is for Masons to establish at least some familiarity with the Ripper story, however unsavory, and, if faced with suspicions from acquaintances, to speak honestly from one’s own experience of the benign effects of Masonry in the world. Not everyone has the time or capacity to become an expert on the intricacies of Ripper history, but every Mason has the resource of his own familiarity with Masonic reality.”

Damn. I was looking forward to freemasons marching across London demanding the film be banned – in a pentagram, of course.

This Has A Raised-Trouser Value Of 7 Out Of 10

Move On, There’s Nothing To See

What’s really been happening this week? Haven’t a clue, I’m in South Africa fighting crocodiles with my bare hands. So let’s make some guesses:

1. Bill Jemas has insulted Jeanette Kahn’s dress sense.
2. Rob Liefeld has criticised Frank Quitely’s anatomy.
3. Todd McFarlane has bought another baseball for the GDP of a small European country.
4. In light of Heroes, Joe Quesada has had a change of heart and, with Jimmy Palmiotti, are bringing back Ash, the fireman superhero.
5. CrossGen announce that INSERT CREATOR HERE is joining them on an exclusive staff basis. INSERT CREATOR HERE says “It’s great to work for a company who really stand behind me and I look forward to working on some superb projects”.
6. Larry Young has told someone the order code for Brian Wood’s Couscous Express
7. An argument has broken out on the John Byrne message board and has descended into a debate about semantics and crosshatching technique.
8. Warren Ellis has eaten a new animal.
9. A Marvel book that everyone expected to be popular has proved even more popular thanks to their now quite predictable but almost universal press coverage and retailers are angry that they’ve sold out. Again.
10. DC Comics are still in hiding waiting for the end of the war.

And things I’d like to see happen before I get back:

1. Alan Davis given a non-superhero series to write and draw about Family.
2. Gary Erskine given a book with lots of military guns, tanks, planes and people with scars on their faces to draw.
3. Paul Grist is hired to write the Authority.
4. Planetary/Batman is scheduled.
5. The unaltered Authority pages by Art Adams are put on the web.
6. Fantagraphics announces a new ongoing series with some strong cartoony characters or thematic style that I can commit to, Eightball/Hate/Naughty Bits/Doofus/L&R style. Ah, the eighties/nineties, sweet bliss.
7. If Jon Lewis can write for the Batbooks… then Chuck Dixon can write and draw a mini-series about an amphibian and his friends. For CrossGen. Now.
8. Richard Herring’s Christ On A Bike show at the Arts Theatre, London – 020 7836 3334 – sells out as a result of last week’s column.
9. Alan Moore announces a new serious comics project, about 600 dense pages long as well as doing all his ABC stuff as well. Even if he has to be cloned to get it all written.
10. A job offer waiting on my doormat upon my return.

Next Week: A Sense of Normality Descends…

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