Fourth Wild

I hear that DC is planning to hand over the Fourth World titles, conceived by Jack Kirby, to Wildstorm comics to exploit and that Wildstorm are gathering quite a talent list for the project.

One such team might have been Erik Larsen and Art Adams on Kamandi, The Last Boy On Earth, but I hear there was a little falling out between Erik and Wildstorm over whether the gig was offered or not.

There was no response received from DC or Wildstorm sources.

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After Fourth Wild: UPDATE

Over at the Savage Dragon Forum, Erik Larsen replied in response to this column being quoted saying:

      “In regard to


      … Scott Dunbier called and asked if I was interested in doing any writing for Wildstorm–I said, “no.” He asked if I was sure and then proceeded to tell me that Wilstorm had aquired the rights to

Kamandi, The Last Boy on Earth

      . I hesitated and Scott launched into full pitch mode–making it sound as though the book was mine if I wanted it. I asked to think about it. My only reason to do this would be to keep Kamandi from becomming another gun-toting, unshaven, trench-coat wearing chain-smoking asshole like all the OTHER characters at Wildstorm. I did talk a bit about WHY I thought Kamandi worked and HOW it could work in addition to HOW it could get fucked up. Scott said he’d call after the weekend.”


      “The next time I talked to Scott Dunbier the sense that the book was “mine if I’d just agree to do it” was NOT there. It seems that he was looking for me to pitch the series and that Jim Lee was talking to other writers. In any case, I told him if this was a bake-off I wasn’t interested. If he offers me the book cold, I’ll take it– but I’m not going to write up a fucking proposal–“


    “Fuck that!”

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Sighs Of A Cow

I?m sure I?ve used that headline before.

The rumours of a split between JMS and Top Cow are growing, and I understand that JMS intends to leave Top Cow after the last issues of Midnight Nation and Rising Stars are published.

Meanwhile, Top Cow are seeing if they can salvage their relationship with JMS by pursuing a project to tie in with the TV series, Jeremiah.

Mike Turner?s planned new series Dragonfly is not to debut this summer, I understand. Instead he wants to continue with Fathom, especially in light of the upcoming movie. While sales are low, he intends to bump them up with a country-wide signing tour.

The announcement of the Kevin Costner movie, Dragonfly can?t have helped, either.

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GI Joes

I understand that Dan Jurgens and Larry Hama are working on a GI Joe story for the Devil?s Due series.

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Diamond Are Forever

Rob Liefeld?s announcement of new Youngblood work (even if he spelt it wrong on Shaft?s shoulderpad) with Mark Millar raised old rumours about whether Diamond would be willing to distribute it after alleged non-payment and regular schedule alterations in the past.

I talked to Mark Herr at Diamond Comic Distribution (who used to be my contact back in the day of Twist And Shout Comics) about this. He told me, “While we have not been contacted by Rob at this point, we are as always, open to working with him and soliciting his comics.” When I pressed him and asked if there was anything that would stop Diamond from putting Liefeld?s self-published books in Previews if he sent in solicitations following the usual guidelines, Herr told me, “None whatsoever.”

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Letter The Devil You Know

After accepting congratulations for the lettering on the Ultimates, Chris Eliopoulos posted on the Savage Dragon message board, “If anyone is interested, not that you would be, I’ve taken over the Ultimate line. I’ve also been brought into Marvel to create fonts for them and train their in-house staff of letterers to letter MY way. Eventually, the plan is to have the entire Marvel line go upper and lower case, so keep your hats on.”

Erik Larsen replied, “Jemas LIKES the lettering to be both upper and lowercase. I think it looks terrible – on THESE comics. Yeah, it’s fine on Tin Tin – but I really dislike the look on regular superhero comics. Guess it’s just me. NOBODY is telling Jemas they don’t like it. The editors at Marvel live in fear of the guy. A LOT of people have been canned up at Marvel and nobody wants to ruffle any feathers – so we’ll get a line of comics with goofy lettering because everybody’s nodding like an idiot telling Bill Jemas that he’s a genius for this fantastic innovation.”


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Out Of Sequence

The recent announcement of CrossGen compilation trades, with over two hundred pages for under $10 took quite a few people by surprise. I?ve been told however that this is stage two of a major marketing plan ? and that it had to be announced first because of Diamond?s advance distribution requirements. Stage one will be happening sometime in the next couple of months. Should be big?

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Bryan Power

While mooching around Bryan Hitch?s website at I came across a bunch of unpublished work.

Included amongst Ultimates sketches and The Outsiders illos, was a remarkable looking project teaming The Punisher with Death?s Head II.

With what looked like initial versions of what Bryan Hitch would term ?widescreen style,? it?s quite a shame that these pieces were never published.


Click For Larger Images

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Up The Gary!

A couple of hours after I asked DC Comics for comment on the rumour that Gary Erskine had the Authority #29 gig, they put out the press release.

What they didn’t mention was the reasons that Art Adams schedule got taken up are down to problems with getting the scripts through and approved and then having to make significant art changes when those scripts were drawn up. But then All the Rage readers will know all about those?

Gary Erskine has been working professionally in comics for about fifteen years ? his first work seeing print in Marvel UK?s Strip magazine. He went on to draw the acclaimed Marvel UK series Knights Of Pendragon (and not it?s universally derived sequel) as well as the first three issues of Warheads. He then drew the acclaimed Lords Of Misrule graphic novel. His American work includes Star Wars, Blaze, Terminator, Firearm, The Mask, Zombieworld, Out For Blood, Hypersonic, City Of Silence, Hellblazer, and the first Wolverine/Punisher series. He lives in Glasgow, Scotland and hosts memorable Hogmanay parties.

His style is an ugly but crisp one. Reminiscient in parts of Geoff Darrow and Alan Davis, he is an expert at placing bodies in space, giving a real three dimensional feel. He attention to accuracy and detail when it comes to uniforms and weaponry. He is also not a fan of the over-muscled body types ? his characters seem steeped in possible anatomy. He doesn?t ?pretty? things up either, his images are harsh, raw and gritty.

I?ve liked his work for a long time and, when possible, I?ve been pushing him to Wildstorm editorial on and off. A quick email after the rumours about Art Adams leaving a month ago, led to a response telling me they would put him on list. Looks like the last push worked. And if this issue is well received, it won?t be the only work he?ll be doing for those wacky Californians?

Say, I wonder how New Gods would look all Erskined up?

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What Have I Done?

And so it came to pass that on Thursday, while trying to play pass the parcel at a drinking establishment in central London, I was harranged loudly by two men who look even more like girls than I do. Nick Locking and Tony Rollinson demanded to know that when I was printing the story that Michael Moorcock would be working for Next Comics, that I failed to plug their own Next Comics creation, The Atrocity. I told them to email me if they wanted a plug, thinking they’d be too drunk to remember come the morning.

Sadly they weren’t. Sorry folks, but I’m told that if I don’t print this link, Nick Locking will give me a big kiss. Again. And no one wants that? now go here.

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