With the holidays quickly approaching, everyone is in a rush to make their plans and get the heck out of town. Fortunately for our loyal readers, I was able to gather some interesting info from various helpful comic elves. Take a look!


Our friend Dean Haspiel of American Splendor fame provided us with the following treats:

      I’m five weeks away from completing my first free online graphic novel,


      , featuring a war of woo between love titans, Billy Dogma and Jane Legit at Act-i-vate.com. New readers can catch up on the story here:


I was hired to illustrate Harvey Pekar’s AMERICAN SPLENDOR: ANOTHER DAY trade paperback collecting the critically acclaimed mini-series from Vertigo, due April 2007.

My assistant/cartoonist, Michel Fiffe, is heading into the 3rd Act of his free online comic, PANORAMA, at Act-i-vate.com. New readers can catch up on the story here: http://www.deanhaspiel.com/panorama.html.

Make sure to tune into the Thanksgiving edition of The Indie Spinner Rack when hosts Charlito and Mister Phil interviews over half of Act-i-vate [which include: Dean Haspiel, Nick Bertozzi, Josh Neufeld, Dan Goldman, Michel Fiffe, Jennifer Tong, Leland Purvis, Nikki Cook, Tim Hamilton, Mike Dawson, and our minister of hype, Jeff “Jah Furry” Newelt], at http://www.indiespinnerrack.blogspot.com/.

This Has A ?You Want Different? We Got Your Different Right Here!? Factor Of Ten Out Of Ten

Fresh Felds

In keeping with our American Splendor stream of thought, artist Josh Neufeld has some cool projects that he?s currently working on. From Josh:

      I’m set to do the next web-comic on SMITH (


    ), following up on the success of Anthony Lapp? and Dan Goldman’s “Shooting War”.

The comic is going to be about Hurricane Katrina & New Orleans. It’s an American Splendor-meets-Robert Altman tale of four-five people ? all true ? and their stories of surviving the hurricane, rebuilding, and renewal. One of the protagonists will be yours truly; I spent 3 weeks in the Gulf Coast shortly after the hurricane as a volunteer. (I published a blog-book of my experiences, called Katrina Came Calling, which you can Google for further info.) One of the cool things about the project is we’re going to incorporate various hyperlinks into the comic, so certain images/scenes will link to outside news stories, audio files, and YouTube videos. I’m very excited!

I’m hoping to debut the series “prequel” in December and start it in earnest in Jan., the one-year anniversary of Smith. We plan to run 5-6 chapters, one per month. Should be pretty cool!

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European Vacation

Here are a couple of very interesting projects, by way of an ATR informant?

Two European Panini projects with Marvel characters:

X-Campus and Young Doctor Strange, written by Francesco Artibani with art by Red Whale Studios.

The writer spills details of these projects in this interview:

      These 2 stories will re-tell the origins of these characters in a completely different context from the original. Stephen Strange won’t be a sorcerer of success and Magneto won’t fight for the supremacy of Homo Superior… but at the same time they’re the same characters. Marvel has given me the biggest creative freedom, always respecting the fundamental features of the characters, so I could re-invent a lot of things.


      is an 8 issue miniseries in the American 22 page comic-book format, with characters designed by Denis Medri, who also will draw the first issue and all the covers.

Young Doctor Strange

    is composed of 4 issues, character design by Giulio De Vita, and art and covers by Federico Nardo.

From another interview:


    tells the story of the X-Men from the perspective of a popular female character, with appearances of obscure villains like Mesmero. I’m co-writting it with Michele Medda.

Artist Denis Medri has announced X-Campus on his blog, including preliminary art of young Logan. He’s also the artist of Chris Claremont-penned book for Humanoids, Rascals. See here for more details.

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More Marvel-ous Mutations

We spoke with our MI:6 man inside Marvel, and he responded with some enthusiasm: ?Not only will Spider-Man 3 be the #1 movie of the year, but Spider-Man will sit pretty at the top of the charts next year, for sure. And, surprising character to watch: Black Cat! Meeeee-ow!

Mutant Massacre. Fall of the Mutants. Inferno. X-Tinction Agenda. What do these have in common and why should X-Fans start digging out their back issues and trades? We’re not telling, but they should… if they want a hint of the X-world in 2007!

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War, Huh! What Is It Good For?

Check out some exclusive pages from next week’s Punisher War Journal #1:


These Have An ?It?s Not A Good Day To Be A Bad Guy? Factor Of Ten Out Of Ten


Our good friends at Ape Entertainment provided us with some cool previews:


Creator / Writer: DIRK MANING

32 PAGES ? FC – JANUARY 07 – $3.50 US $4.50 CAN

Psychological horror in the vein of The Twilight Zone and Tales from the Crypt has returned! In these first three tales of terror, a one night stand becomes a conspiracy of Lovecraftian proportions, a man stranded at sea with his pregnant wife considers a ghoulish pact for survival, and a glimpse into Hell reveals Lucifer?s plan to of using the seven deadly sins to begin the Armageddon.

Greg Waller: Creator / Writer / Inker/ Colorist / Letterer / Penciler
Axel Gim?nez
Cover: John Byrne
32 Pages, Full Color
$3.50 US. $4.50 Canadian

Earth’s greatest hero has gone rogue and launched a full-scale global war against mankind… and now the greatest hero in the war-ravaged future must travel back in time to stop him! Introducing MAGNITUDE: putting the HERO back in superhero and the FUN back into superhero comics! Cover by Industry Legend JOHN BYRNE!

This Has A ?Take One Part Fantasy And One Part Horror And Stir? Factor Of Eight Out Of Ten

That?s all for this week folks! Now go fill up your car, drive to your relative of choice, eat lots of turkey, watch lots of football, and take some time to think about the things you?re truly thankful for! Happy Holidays!

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