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When The Lights Go Out

Last week?s story about Lamp Post Publications is turning out to have wider implications than it previously appeared. I?m told that a number of publishers were caught completely off-guard by the move and are even now still scrambling to find replacement printers. The problem is that not everyone can afford to go through larger printers like Quebecor. While most of the affected parties I spoke with expressed anger over the move, they did say that while printing through Lamp Post, the rates were ?reasonable?, which allowed them to print more books (both in color and black and white) than they could at other printers. This also allowed some companies to sell their comics at prices comparable to those of the larger comic publishers. Without Lamp Post, there are very few alternatives out there for some of the smaller publishers. I haven?t heard about anyone closing up shop over this, but between this and Diamond?s new cut off point, speculation is that some of the smaller companies will have to raise their cover prices to cover the new expenses. Or that more books will opt for black and white as color printing becomes price prohibitive. Another rumor traveling around was that this was an attempt to force some creators to bring their books to Alias. But I don?t quite believe that one. I think they have they own problems. Though it?s interesting to note that Lamp Post was aggressively seeking comic book clients as recently as last summer.

Over at The Beat, Heidi MacDonald posted her own follow up on last week?s story. I?m also pursuing a few other leads on my own. I suspect we?ll know more in the coming weeks?

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Binary Star

Last week?s story about a new Ms. Marvel ongoing series was confirmed by the Marvel solicitations for February. Brian Reed (Spider-Woman: Origin) is onboard as the writer with Rob DeLatorre on art. DeLatorre is a relative newcomer, whose most recent work will appear in an upcoming Bloodrayne one-shot from DWP. Marvel is reportedly very high on him, and having seen some early pages, I can understand why?

And as previously mentioned, here?s the first Ms. Marvel cover by Frank Cho.

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Tales From The Buffyverse

Since Joss Whedon?s recent announcement, Buffy The Vampire Slayer fans have been clamoring for more info on the new Dark Horse comics. I?ve been asking around and I do have a few new tidbits. First, the new Buffy comic written by Whedon himself will come in the form of a four issue limited series, with further miniseries written by established comic pros and overseen by Whedon. The current talk is that Dark Horse is going for a ?new look? with the new mini, but an artist hasn?t been chosen yet. Which brings me to my third point: the first mini may not even be coming out next year. Apparently the mini is in such an early stage that it?s not currently on Dark Horse?s 2006 slate. And given Whedon?s Hollywood commitments along with his Astonishing X-Men gig, a 2007 release date seems more likely.

Meanwhile, over at IDW, plans are in place for a series of one-shots to be released in 2006, which will focus on the supporting cast of Angel. The characters currently lined up for one-shots are Illyria, Conner, Doyle, Wesley and Gunn. The writers said to be attached are Peter David, Dan Jolley, Scott Tipton, Jeff Mariotte and Jay Faerber. Though it?s not clear yet which writers will be paired with their respective characters?

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A League of Their Own

Here?s a sneak peak at Planetary Brigade, Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis? upcoming mini from Boom! Studios. PB is a ?sister book? to their earlier Hero Squared mini and takes place before Stephie destroyed Captain Valor?s world (trust me, it all makes sense). Anyway, PB basically allows Giffen and DeMatteis to do JLI style humor with their own group of characters, and should be a good warm up for the ongoing Hero Squared series coming next year. The covers below are by Matt Haley and the interior pages are by Joe Abraham and Cynthia Martin.

This Has A ?House of Boom!? Factor of Eight Out of Ten

Jane?s Addiction

As I?m sure you?ve heard, Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti?s Painkiller Jane is having a bit of a resurgence. A new Painkiller Jane mini is set to come out in February from Dynamite Entertainment, written by Palmiotti with art by Lee Moder. And we?ve got the first look at the covers by Quesada and Billy Tan.

As for the Painkiller Jane TV movie, it?s set to air December 10th on the Sci-Fi Channel. Sci-Fi is treating the movie like a backdoor pilot, so if it gets really good ratings, it could become a weekly series down the line?

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You (Heart) Beland

This came as a surprise, but I got more e-mails about Tom Beland?s Web of Romance one-shot than other story from last week?s column.

You guys really like Beland?

And the response has been pretty much the same on the comic message boards. Over at Jinxworld, Beland had this to say:


Thanks from the bottom of my heart to all of you guys for being excited about the romance book. This was a very cool project to work on and I really hope you all enjoy it.

Something will happen in this issue that will make you wonder why it’s never happened before in a Spidey book. This is a book that I would buy and, hell, I think I’m going to buy some anyhoo.

Thanks again, you guys, as usual, rock.

As it happens, we?ve got an early look at some of the pencil pages by Cory Walker.

In other Beland related news, he posted the following pic in response to online speculation about the return of Rom:

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She?s A Killer Queen

I?ve heard that Jimmie Robinson (The Adventures of Evil & Malice) will be writing and penciling a new book from Image in February called Bomb Queen. From what I?ve been told, the book follows a mega-maniacal super-villainness who rules a city with her own particular blend of ?death, destruction and moral decay.? Sounds like a political regime I know? But the thing is, the people love her. So when a superhero finally shows up to take her down, nearly everyone in the town sides with her?

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Going Down

Here?s a quick look at Warren Ellis? latest miniseries, Down, which I believe is coming out this Wednesday from Top Cow.

The first issue was drawn by Tony Harris, with Cully Hamner taking over on art for issues two through four.

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Cover Confidential

One of our ATR readers over in Spain sent us the following item: A blogger has identified the covers from last week?s 1985 teaser?

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Byrne Gets Funky

John Byrne made a cameo appearance in two of this week?s Funky Winkerbean comic strips:

As you can see, Byrne is polite, well informed and perfectly reasonable?

Oh my God! What have they done to the real Byrne?!

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The Composite Supergirl

Here?s a piece of artwork that is currently the topic of speculation over at Newsarama:

The artist in question is Art Adams. And while most of the posters have guessed that it?s the cover to an upcoming Superman/Batman issue, it?s not. Adams did the piece for fun between assignments and it was sold through his art agent (Fog City) on ebay earlier this month for $1,624.99.

Oh, and to the poster named ?DoubleK?, I love your signature pic:

This Has A ?Who Pacs The Pac-Man?? Factor of Nine Out of Ten

Alright people, quick announcement time: I?m going to be out of town for Thanksgiving, so next week?s ATR will be written by John Voulieris. And then I?ll be back in two weeks.

In the interim, have a Happy Thanksgiving!


PS If anyone has any rumors, stories or news to share, please email me at blairm@silverbulletcomicbooks.com. Thanks to everyone who has been sending stuff in. It?s greatly appreciated.

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