Put the carving knife down for a second (he?s not worth it!), loosen your belt, and let ATR help you digest that Thanksgiving meal?

Look To The Skies

The New Gods will be playing a big part in the DCU in 2007. The classic Jack Kirby characters will be revamped by creators like Grant Morrison and Jim Starlin.

Seeds for these storylines will be planted over the following months in numerous titles including: Firestorm, Blue Beetle, 52, and Mystery in Space.

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Don?t Call Her A Ninja

Whisper returns? (she?s not the old character but she does have the same name and is written by her creator Steven Grant) on November 29th from BOOM studios, and we have some preview art:

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Heroes By The Hour

Now that Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti have signed an exclusive contract with DC comics, Zeb Wells will be taking over as writer on the HEROES FOR HIRE series that is spinning out of Civil War.

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Untold Tales

A few weeks ago in ATR, I talked about a lost Frank Miller Daredevil script that was never drawn (Walter Simonson was supposed to be the artist!) nor published. It seems some that after reading ATR, some editors at Marvel did some digging and there have been some exciting developments in regards to unearthing the lost script.

I cannot say more at the moment, but expect some news much sooner than later! ATR will follow up and keep everyone posted.

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Untold Tales Part Two

On a similar note, I have also read about an Ann Nocenti (Daredevil writer and Marvel editor from the 80s) Daredevil/Punisher 4 issue prestige format (48 pages each issue) mini series. The story dealt with corrupt CIA teams against our two street level heroes, which sounded amazing but never saw the light of day. The series would have been drawn by Klaus Janson.

Unfortunately, my sources at Marvel tell me the series was green lit, but for some reason it was later cancelled and no script was ever written.

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Teenage Mutant Casey Jones

Andres Ponces sent us some of his pages from Tales of the TMNT #31. Check out more sample art on his blog:

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New Frontiers

The New York Times is reporting that DC comics has a new imprint coming out that will publish graphic novels aimed at teenage girls: MINX. Read all about it here? Some highlights from the article:

    In May, DC plans to introduce Minx, a line of graphic novels aimed at young adult female readers, starting with six titles in 2007, each retailing for less than $10. The stories will be far removed from the superheroes who more typically appeal to young males. They include ?Clubbing,? about a London party girl who solves a mystery; ?Re-Gifters,? about a Korean-American teenager in California who enjoys martial arts; and ?Good as Lily,? about a young woman who meets three versions of herself at different ages.

With Minx, though, DC has taken what, for it, is the unusual step of seeking outside help. It has joined with Alloy Marketing + Media to promote Minx. All told, DC, a unit of Time Warner, will spend $125,000 next year to push the line.

?In terms of consumer marketing, it?s got to be the largest thing we?ve done in at least three decades,? said Paul Levitz, the president and publisher of DC Comics. ?It?s not large by the scale of consumer marketing and advertising as it?s done in America, but it?s a large-scale commitment, I think, for a publishing company in general.

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Time Flies

There are always numerous interesting threads over on the ENGINE, but one that I though was really cool (and had lots of interesting tidbits from various creators) was the one where Warren Ellis asked everyone what their plans for 2007 were:

Brian Wood?s response:

      I’m under my DC exclusive as of two months ago, extending through to late 2008. These next two years are primarily about




    , and building a catalog of trade paperbacks that will be a strong foundation going forward, both in service of my career and also my finances.

DMZ – the second trade is out in February. The series will be primarily 5-issue arcs with single stories in-between. I have the book roughly mapped out through the end of 2007, and have started to think about how long I want the series to run (I think I’d be happy with 60 issues). Riccardo remains the main artist, although the standalone’s will probably be drawn by guest artists.

Northlanders – will be comprised of “seasons” of 8-issue story arcs, fully self-contained and complete. Each arc has its own cast of characters, loosing tying into the preceding one. Each arc will also have a different artist. We haven’t announced who the first artist will be yet, but I hope that happens soon. I have yet to really talk about exactly what this book is going to be.

Local – Ryan Kelly and I continue plugging along. 2007 will see the series conclude and also, probably, the entire thing collected into a single volume. I started off Local trying to emulate Demo, but the book’s started to become more about the over-arching story than the single issue stories… which is fine because I feel I had my “done in one” days already and am happy with the fact that Local, when complete, will be much, much more than just the sum of its parts.

Dogs Day End – The OGN for Top Shelf that’s been in the works for a long time will likely see print in 2007. Drawn by Matthew Woodson, it’s a rejected Demo story concept that was too big for monthly comics, so I expanded it into a graphic novel.

Untitled OGN – Not sure if this will be 2007 or early ’08, but its for one of the DC imprints and is around 144 pages long, drawn by someone I’ve worked with a lot in the past. Can’t say any more until they announce it.

Tony Lee?s response:

      Well, as (the greatest editor in the world) Emil’s already mentioned, 2007 for me involves firstly the adaptation of the Anthony Horowitz

Powers Of Five


Raven’s Gate

      , which should be out around September next year. Which is odd, as I finished it months back and in February, before book one’s even out I’ll be starting to block out and script book two,

Evil Star

      . And secondly there’s

Robin Hood – Outlaw’s Pride

    which is due out pretty much on the 2007/08 divide and is into second draft edits stage. That one will be interesting as well, as we already have two (that’s right kids, two) US production companies interested in optioning rights to make a Robin Hood movie based on the GN. And that’s from a PDF of the first draft.

I have the first book of my King Arthur Trilogy, StoneBlade (that I’m doing with AndyB) should hit around summer for Markosia, and the third book of my Starship Troopers trilogy, Damaged Justice continues into 2007.

There’s also an ongoing starting in March that I can’t mention yet, and a possible work for hire miniseries that’s waiting for i’s to be dotted and t’s to be crossed, and if happens will make Jack a happy boy. I’m not deliberately being obtuse, but the above not yet mentioned nameless ongoing title is announced later this week and I hate to steal people’s thunder, especially as I’ve been talking to Jen Contino about it.

Additional? Well I’m hoping that 2007 will also find a place for Of Vengeance, Crowtown and a one shot work for hire I’m looking at doing and I’m currently pitching – I have a killer idea and it actually fits. Which is strange for me. I’ll have the second Tizzle Sisters novel out. And a five part Tales Of Midnight series, written with Francis Lee.

As for big two work? Who knows. Currently I don’t have the time anyway, and traditionally I do my Marvel story every two years, so that’s not due til 2008…

Dean Haspiel?s plans:

      Summer 2007 will see the release of my adaptation of R. L. Stein’s GOOSEBUMPS: “Revenge of the Lawn Gnomes” in


    , a graphic novel anthology from Scholastic Graphix.

I’m currently drawing a kids book for Francoise Mouly at Raw Jr., co-created and written by underground comix legend, Jay Lynch.

My free web-comic, IMMORTAL [which can be seen weekly at http://www.act-i-vate.com] will wrap up by X-mas and, come early next year, I will launch its as-of-yet-titled sequel. I hope to find an appropriate publisher for IMMORTAL for a late 2007/early 2008 print release.

Otherwise, I’ll be dedicating many of my 2007 work hours to THE ALCOHOLIC, an original graphic novel with writer Jonathan Ames for Vertigo, due for release in Spring 2008.

And there are dozens of more creators posts over on the link.

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Manly Comics

Beau Smith recently busted the door to my offices of its hinges and gave me a list of his current and future crimes:

      I will be writing the new comic book


      based on my long time friend and queen of action films, Cynthia Rothrock. It’s gonna be part

Danger Girl

      , part

Strangers In Paradise

    and ALL ACTION. It’ll be drawn by martial arts secret weapon, Marlin Shoop and covers will be done by comic book master, Steve Rude.

We hope to capture not only Cynthia’s masterly of the martial arts and fighting weapons, but we wanna show a side of her that they films have yet to capture. The story will be character driven and deal with what it’s like to be an enhanced covert agent and still try and balance your love life, family and grocery shopping.

Cobb: Off The Leash Magazine – It’s time to get “beaten to a pulp” as the entire critically acclaimed series Cobb: Off The Leash is collected into a manly pulp magazine sized FISTacular in Feb.2007.

The entire three issue series plus loads of extra stuff will be packaged up by IDW Publishing into a specially formatted collection that suits the series.

Fans of Cobb should also know that a very well known action movie star and director is very interested in Cobb: Off The Leash. More talks with him in December.

My over the top sci-fi action comic, Parts Unknown (Afterburn Comics) is just inches away from being contracted up for film, TV and video games.

There is also film interest in my series Wynonna Earp (IDW Publishing) from another major studio and talks are in the works there. I am finishing up scripting work on the next comic book series for Wynonna, called Wynonna Earp: The Yeti Wars.

There are serious talks going on right now about Chuck Dixon and I teaming back up to take on a major character with one of the major publishers. There seems to have been a major re-buzz of our work together on The Black Terror (Eclipse Comics) as well as Batman/Wildcat and Catwoman/Wildcat (DC Comics). We’ll be able to say more as the talks continue.

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Big Thanks to John Hayes for filling in last week! Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

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