To make up for the pulled story below. I hope to return to it given the chance…

Chez Dez

Dez Skinn’s bought his new property in Brighton and the new home for Comics International… and I’ve got the exclusive picture!

Look everyone. It’s got a turret.

This Has A Removal Van Warning Of 8 Out Of 10

Bob’s Back

I hear Bob Harras is getting down with Jim Lee over at Wildstorm. Harras was Lee’s editor over on X-Men and as Editor-In-Chief presided over Lee’s return to Marvel with Heroes Reborn, and his eventual takeover of Liefeld’s books. Looks like it’s time for Jim Lee to return the favor?

This Has A Perlmutter Warning Of 6 Out Of 10


I hear that as part of the “deal” Marvel did to pay off Bryan Hitch’s debt to CrossGen, Marvel have agreed to donating Doctor Strange to CrossGen for a story – and you’ll never guess who will be drawing it. I mean, I did. But got it wrong. So what chance have you lot got, eh?

This Has A Rumour Value Of 4 Out Of 10

Image Problem

[Ed: This story has been removed under legal advisement. We apologise for the inconvenience.]

Fat Les

Look forward to work for Les Humanoides from familiar names, one being Alexandro Jordorowsky, the other by Kurt Busiek. And where did I hear all this? The SBC’s Humanoidal Tendencies Message Board, of course!

See? Who says I’m not a team player?

But over on the Astro City boards at, Kurt states that it’s all part of a relaunch of Metal Hurlant, the magazine that inspired Heavy Metal, from Humanoids and is in talks about a series of albums to come…

This Has A Rumour Value Of 7 Out Of 10

Scooting Sean

With Comics Newsarama 4.0 reporting Ian Churchill leaving the book, might this be a time for Sean Philips to step into place? Philips was tagged to layout X-Men for fill-in artists, but apparently Ethan Van Sciver isn’t happy about that – not particularly wanting to work with a fill-in artist. There have been reports that Philips will draw the Mature Readers book that Ed Brubaker is writing for Wildstorm, but is there a temptation to rejoin the critically acclaimed current WildCATS team of Casey and Philips? Especially since that book’s being cancelled and relaunched as a Mature Readers book with a different team – Kyle Hotz anyone?

We shall see…

This Has A Rumour Value Of 6 Out Of 10

Skinn Pad?

Sorry about the delay on the photo of Dez Skinn and Comics International’s new Brighton abode as promised. Check back tomorrow for an update.

This Has A Tease Value Of 9 Out Of 10

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