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Men of S

Last week?s mention of admiration for Lee Bermejo?s artwork triggered an interesting rumor about his next potential project. Word has it that Bermejo may be re-teaming with Brian Azzarello on a new five issue miniseries that is a ?parallel story? to their Lex Luthor: Man of Steel mini.

This Has A ?Fortune Five Hundred? Factor of Five Out of Ten

Sleight of Hand

ATR Agent, RH sent in the following item:

    I just got back from the Calgary Comicon that took place on May 7th, 2006. Paul Dini and Alan Burnett were there.

I spoke with Paul and asked him many questions. Among them I asked what he thought about Zatanna and what he thought of her portrayal in Identity Crisis…. with the whole mind-wiping thing.

Anyways, he indicated to me that he was given a green light to write a Zatanna mini (I’m not sure if he said mini or one-shot) for release around December 2006. He further indicated that Black Canary would be in it as well and that it would involve a story that was not necessarily perfectly in sync with continuity. He clarified his comment on “possibly be not perfectly in sync with continuity” by saying that the story as he is thinking of it now has Dinah Lance still being involved with Oliver Queen.

Paul also said that his favorite character is Zatanna…. a fact that is already very well known.

Anyways…. I apologize if you already know about this.

No need to apologize, RH. I always appreciate a good tip. The Zatanna/Black Canary pairing has been rumored before as a graphic novel. But it?s nice to have additional info?

Now, what I?d like to know is, why am I hearing that DC has plans for a new Zatara?!

This Has A ?Sdrawkcab Gnikaeps? Factor of Seven Out of Ten


We received some new info on two of this year?s Ultimate Annuals. First, the Ultimates Annual #2 will feature the debut of Ultimate Arnim Zola in a story set between Ultimates 2 and Ultimates 3. Also, the Ultimate Fantastic Four Annual #2 features the return of the Mole Man. As previously announced, the creative teams on the respective annuals are: Charlie Huston, Mike Deodato & Ryan Sook and Mike Carey, Stuart Immonen & Frazer Irving.

We?ve also got a look at some pages from Ultimate Fantastic Four #33, the first issue by Mike Carey and Pasqual Ferry, seen here for the first time in color:

This Has A ?Terror From Titan? Factor of Ten Out of Ten

Cosmic Crisis

We?ve got a late rumor coming this week regarding the creative team on DC?s forthcoming Mystery in Space revival. Jim Starlin and Shane Davis are the names attached, at least according to what I was told?

This Has A ?Space Cabbie? Factor of Six Out of Ten

Bound From Bristol

One of our ATR Agents at this weekend?s Bristol con sent in the following notes:

  • Simon Furman will be writing a bunch of Transformer one shots focusing on individual characters for IDW. Each one shot will be by a different artist.
  • Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips will have a new creator owned 5 part mini at ICON/Marvel called Criminal. Marvel will release a quicktime trailer promoting this new comic soon.
  • Dave Gibbons is working with Frank Miller on a new Martha Washington story for Dark Horse. It will be included in a new absolute/oversized hardcover edition collecting all the past Martha series.

This Has A ?Give Me Liberty? Factor of Eight Out of Ten

Marz Attacks

Word out of Desperado is that Ron Marz has signed a deal with them to publish his next creator owned book. When contacted for further details, Marz was more than willing to elaborate:

      I’ve known Joe Pruett from Desperado for a number of years. We’d talked about me writing something for Desperado, and we even ran the “World Traveler” story by Brandon Peterson and me in the

Desperado Primer

    . But due to scheduling, artist availability and a few other factors, we hadn’t been able to nail down a project. When I saw Joe at the New York City con in February, he asked if I might be interested in collaborating with an artist from Serbia who had contacted him, a guy named Mirko Colak. I looked up Mirko’s stuff and was really impressed, so I told Joe to give me a little time to come up with a concept that would fit Mirko’s style. It was literally less than two weeks from first talking about Mirko to me writing the first batch of script. Sometimes things just fall into place that easily.

Mirko’s art has a European sensibility, a little reminiscent of the late, great Edvin Biukovic, but with the noir sensibilities of someone like Eduardo Risso. It’s a little surprising for someone this good to be unknown in the American market. But it won’t be that way for long.

The story I came up with is called “Russian Sunset,” a five-issue series that we’re going to print in black and white because that seems to fit the gritty nature of the story. It’s contemporary, with equal doses of crime and espionage, kind of like “The Sopranos” meets Tom Clancy, if the Sopranos were Russian mobsters. It’s about a guy named Nik, a soldier in the Brooklyn-based Russian mob. Nik ends up getting pulled into a plot involving Chechen terrorists, a corrupt faction in the Russian military, and stolen nukes. It’ll be a mature readers title since the material necessitates a fair amount of violence and swearing, as well as a little nudity here and there. The first issue will be out later this year.

This Has A ?Crime Pays? Factor of Nine Out of Ten

State of Play III

As most of you probably know, the 2006 Electronic Entertainment Expo (aka the E3) was held this week in Los Angeles. I?ve been going to E3 for the last couple of years (including the last two for ATR/SBC) and this was a decidedly different show. For starters, the show organizers made it much more difficult to obtain a badge this year. Naturally, this meant that a lot of people who normally found a way into the E3 were stuck on the outside. Early estimates of attendance are around 60,000, which may be as many as 20,000 less than last year?s attendance. Among other changes this year, an enforced lower decimal sound on the show floor, which was a welcome change. Normally you would have to bring earplugs or aspirin. Also, the infamous ?booth babes? were required to cover up this year. Now, they were still there ?pressing the flesh? they just couldn?t show as much skin this year. And actually that wasn?t a bad idea. Comic con organizers should try that some time, since I?ve been to more than a few artist alleys that are lined with porn stars. (Perhaps not the best way to bring in kids and parents?)

But back to point, I think the biggest surprise this year was the way Nintendo dominated the show. Seriously, this was the last thing I expected after the previous E3. Though nearly everyone prefers the earlier ?Revolution? title, Nintendo?s next generation system, the ?Wii? captured the imagination of gamers. Even the much-maligned remote controller turned out to be incredibly popular once people got their hands on it. Super Mario Galaxy. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and Metroid Prime 3 were among the impressive titles shown. Which is no shock, Nintendo has always made excellent first party games. It?s the third party games that have been a sore spot in previous generations, but for now, Nintendo seems to addressed their past mistakes and is poised for a major come back.

Microsoft also had a good showing with their next round of X-Box 360 games. And they were definitely helped by Sony?s astonishing misstep with the announcement of the Playstation 3?s price points: $499 and $599. That?s insane. Or in terms you?ll better understand, it?s not just a little crazy, it?s flat out ?I?m the Goddamn Batman? crazy. And I?ve been a HUGE Playstation fan. I bought both of the previous Playstations, but now I?m seriously considering not getting the PS3. I don?t care if it comes with a hard drive or an HD-DVD, that?s just more than I want to spend on a home console system. And I don?t think I?m alone in that regard?

This Has A ?Play The Game? Factor of Five Out of Ten

More About The Maiden

Jason Rubin?s (Crash Bandicoot) creator owned title Iron and The Maiden, first mentioned here in my WWLA report and again a few weeks later, apparently has a page on MySpace. It?s pretty sparse for now, but Rubin seems to have bigger plans for it than just a comic. The E3 came and went without an official announcement, but it is highly suspected that it will be a video game as well.

As I mentioned before, Francis Manapul is the rumored artist for the Iron and The Maiden comic ?

This Has A ?God Only Knows? Factor of Seven Out of Ten

The Right Hand of Doom

And now for your viewing enjoyment, some screenshots from Konami?s upcoming Hellboy video game:


That?s it for now. See you next week?


PS If anyone has any rumors, stories or news to share, please email me at blairm@silverbulletcomicbooks.com. Thanks to everyone who has been sending stuff in. It?s greatly appreciated.

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