There is a lot of news coming out of Wizard World Chicago that we?ll be following up on in the next few weeks. All you rage readers on the ground in Chicago keep sending me those scoops and rumors? it?s much appreciated!

Showbiz Baby

Ait-PlanetLar has a whole slew of projects slated to hit the big and small screen (check out the list here), but the one furthest along the development process is NOBODY by Alex Amado, Sharon Cho and Charlie Adlard, the story of a paranormal investigator who can change her facial features.

NOBODY was originally a four issue from Oni Press in 1998.Oni declined to collect it into a trade, and since series artist Charlie Adlard already had a relationship with Ait-Planetlar (LIVE FROM THE MOON, ASTRONAUTS IN TORUBLE: SPACE 1959), he got Larry Young to release the trade (which is now in its second printing).

Who is the person spearheading this project for ABC? Well, none other than Kevin Murphy, one of the writers and executive producers of Desperate Housewives; a position that allows him to fast track this project through what is usually a painfully long development process. So expect to see NOBODY as early as fall 2007 on television screens everywhere.

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Sexy Chix

Adam Warren shared some art from EMPOWERED, a series described as a ?sexy superhero comedy? that will be published through Dark Horse in 2007 as a series of original graphic novels.

Adam described EMPOWERED as follows:

      Hey, who says superheroes need self-esteem? Not only is costumed crimefighter “Empowered” saddled with a less-than-ideal superhero name, but she’s forced to wear a skintight and cruelly revealing “supersuit” that wreaks havoc on her body-image insecurities.

Worse yet, the suit’s unreliable powers are prone to failure, repeatedly leaving her in appallingly distressing situations? and giving her a shameful reputation as the lamest “cape” in the masks-and-tights game. Nonetheless, she pluckily braves the ordeals of her bottom-rung superheroic life with the help of her “thugalicious” Bad Boy of a lover and her hard-drinking, female-ninja best friend, not to mention the supervillainous advice from the imprisoned alien demonlord watching DVDs from atop her coffee table…

Warren, as previously revealed in last week?s column, also has an Iron Man mini series in the works that will be announced from Marvel shortly.

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Don?t Burn The Hand that Feeds You

As previously reported here, DC is not too happy with John Byrne lately. In fact, the situation is worse than what was once reported. Byrne has been yanked from Tales of the Unexpected, his stint as penciller on the all-new Atom has been shortened from six down to three issues, and his JLA Classified arc has been pushed back indefinitely.

Don?t expect to see any new projects from Byrne at DC anytime soon.

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Like Unto A Thing of Iron

David Aja will be the penciller on the new Iron Fist series written by Ed Brubaker and Matt Fraction.

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The Collective

Chris Arrant is one of the creators launching a new series on August 7th from the collective webcomics site.

His webcomic is entitled 1 WAY TICKET and Chris describes it as follows:


      is about the temptations of taking shortcuts in life, and to the true measure of friendship in relationships.


    is the over-the-top influence of rock music and the kinetic energy of a haunted guitar, and it’s a volatile mix. 1 WAY TICKET is writer Chris Arrant and artist Dan Warner in a two man art-rock band spilling out tasty riffs and the promise of no power ballads.

A new page will upload every Wednesday, and the site will also feature other webcomics by creators like Neil Kleid, Elizabeth Genco, and James Dougan.

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Set Phasers on Rage

Josh Ortega?s rapid ascent in the world of comics has seen him writing for all the major companies, and garnering the sort of attention reserved only for comics? hottest stars. With roots in journalism, and the pedigree of a critically acclaimed novelist, Ortega has managed to build himself a fan following many seasoned professionals would envy. His newest project, detailed below, brings together a curious and seeming discordant array of factors, and so All The Rage was very pleased when Ortega consented to an interview?

ATR: Tell our readers about yourself. How did you start off as a writer? What was your first comic book gig?

JO: My first published comic book gig was SPIDER-MAN UNLIMITED #8, which came out in March 2005. Ryan Sook did some great work on it, and it?s a story about Spidey and MJ in San Francisco during an earthquake? it?s emotionally heavy at times, but It?s ultimately a hopeful story by the end. I was really happy with the way the story turned out, and Ryan just nailed the splash page of Spidey on the Golden Gate.

The first official comic gig (that is, one that I first got paid for) was just before that, a LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT story edited by Joey Cavalieri. As you know, that series is no longer being published by DC, so my story, ?The Gun? is currently on vacation in inventory? it would be fun to see it in print one day, but if not, I at least had a great time working with Joey, who?s really one of the best editors in the biz.

And as far as how I started out as a writer? In a nutshell, started in newspapers and journalism, dabbled in short stories and poetry, wrote a novel called FREQUENCIES, then moved into comics, film, and now video games as well.

ATR: Alluded to in my introduction above, how did the Star Trek Manga project come about? Did you pitch it? Or did the TOKYOPOP / Paramount approach you? Did Paramount have a lot of edits/changes done?

JO: CBS is actually handling the Trek license now, though I was working with Paramount at the time of story approval.

The project came about well before me, when TOKYOPOP acquired the manga rights to Star Trek a few years back. They were originally going to do TNG, but decided instead to do TOS? my favorite era, so when Jeremy Ross at TOKYOPOP told me about the project and asked me to pitch for it, I was there in a second!

And Paramount/CBS have been great to work with. They?ve made a few suggestions here and there, but have really let me tell the story I wanted to tell? it?s been a great experience working with them.

ATR: Why the manga format for Star Trek? What differentiates this from the numerous ST novels and comics out there?

JO: I think it?s a brilliant idea, and really brings a fresh new take to the Trek franchise? plus, the manga aesthetic and format allows the book (and Trek) to reach a whole new set of readers, which is always a good thing!

ATR: Tell us about the story. Is it set in any specific time period? Is it “in continuity” with the TV series?

JO: My story is entitled ?Anything But Alone? and if I did my job right, it will be very faithful to the Original Series and 60s SF in general? with a few modern twists, of course!

The story is set in continuity, and the Stardate and one or two other references will allow an ST fan to place the story? so yes, it is in continuity. Can you tell I?m a fan of teasers and previews that don?t give too much away?

ATR: Any other comic book (or non comic book) projects coming up?

JO: Let?s see? after STAR TREK: THE MANGA, there will be FRANK FRAZETTA?S DEATH DEALER, which I?m really looking forward to? Frazetta?s such an amazing talent, so it?s a real honor to work on one of his greatest creations. I?m joined by Nat Jones and Jay Fotos on that one, and those guys do some incredible work together.

Around that time there should also be a NECROMANCER/Marvel crossover, followed by a NECROMANCER: BOOK II relaunch after that? it?s been a great book to work on, and I?m looking forward to continuing Abby?s story, which is actually one big graphic novel told in serial form.

I also have a few projects that I?m working on for Dark Horse that I?ll hopefully be able to talk about soon, some cool stuff brewing with DC, and a creator-owned project in the works? oh yeah, and I should also mention that my Trek story will also be published in Simon & Schuster?s CONSTELLATIONS, a 40th Anniversary Star Trek short story collection that hits bookstores everywhere in September. My story will be the only comic story amidst the prose? pretty cool!

There are other things as well, and readers can always check out for the full scoop!

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Thanks to Joshua Ortega for taking the time to answer my questions and to everyone who sent me stuff in this week.


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