By Beau Smith

When was the last time you really appreciated comic books?

Is it every week when ya come back from the comic book shop? Is it now and then when ya read a story that really gets ya thinkin’?

Again, when was the last time you really appreciated comic books?

I ask this because as a comic book creator, businessman and reader I know that I appreciate comic books every day, all day, all year round.

I appreciate comic books because without em’ I’d be back workin’ some corporate job where I’d be in a suit and tie doin’ stuff I wouldn’t really enjoy.

I appreciate comic books because without em’ I’d have next to no outlet for my inner creativity that has get out or I will bust? or bust somebody’s head.

I appreciate comic books because without em’ I’d be stuck with some really bad TV, movies that don’t cut it, and novels that are written by chimps.

I read the internet news sites, the forums and the various printed magazines dedicated to comic books. I read what others have to say about comic books. It makes me wonder if these people really appreciate comics. I understand that they like to talk about em’, but do they really appreciate what a unique form of entertainment they truly are?

I don’t care what era of comics you think about, golden age, silver age, bronze age, whatever. They all have so much to offer. I love the history of comic books. I’m a firm believer that ya gotta know what has come before to make the present even better. Ya can’t make history unless ya know history.

It’s just like films, TV, books and other forms of pop culture, ya gotta appreciate what as come before. It makes the new stuff that much sweeter. Ya gotta have an open mind when it comes to comics. There are so many different types to enjoy. Don’t limit yourself. Always be on the look out for something that’ll make you pants feel a little bit tighter. If ya know what I mean and I think ya do.

Ya know? I don’t care if ya just buy one comic book a month, I want you to enjoy and appreciate that comic book. I want ya to have a good time when you set a few minutes aside for you and that four color trip into entertainment.

Why do I care so much if you appreciate comic books? Because like me, YOU are the guy puttin’ money down for a good time. I want all of us to get our moneys worth outta that comic book. I figure like me, you know what you’re buyin’. I’m not much into buyin’ a pig in a poke. I research what I spend my money on. I listen to the words of advice from my fellow readers and friends. I DON’T listen to the hype that is put out about comics and those that publish them or report on them. As a businessman in the marketing and promotions of comics I know the difference between hype and reality. You should too.

I don’t care if you’re into X-Men, 30 Days Of Night, Green Arrow, or Demo. As long as ya like it that’s all that really matters. Appreciate the entertainment that you get outta that book. Tell all your cross-eyed friends about it. Be truthful with them as well as yourself.

If there is something you don’t like then do the smartest thing you can do? don’t buy it again. There ain’t a need for ya to get on the internet behind some “witty” screen name and bash the book. That ain’t your job, amigo. Somebody else may enjoy the book. Let them do just that and keep your yap shut.

Be thankful you have a hobby or a past time that you can enjoy on many levels. Appreciate stories and characters that you can be a part of for a little while. Appreciate what has come before. Appreciate the creators whose work you enjoy, don’t worship em’, they ain’t no better than you are.

Appreciate comics, amigos. I know I appreciate you for readin’ em.

I ain’t hard to find.

Beau Smith
The Flying Fist Ranch
P.O. Box 706
Ceredo, WV. 25507

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Beau Smith

Beau Smith is a writer for Comics Bulletin