With the recent death of artist Irv Novick, I’d like to take a moment and recognize a host of artists, writers, editors, and staff members that were associated with DC (then National Periodical Publications) when I started collecting comics in 1972.

Those who have passed away…
Mr. Novick (artist, Batman, The Flash)
Julius Schwartz (editor, Superman, Batman, The Flash, Justice League of America)
Murray Boltinoff (editor, Superboy, The Brave and the Bold, The Witching Hour)
Jack Kirby (writer/artist/editor, Kamandi the Last Boy on Earth, The Demon, Mister Miracle)
Archie Goodwin (writer/editor, DC war books)
E. Nelson Bridwell (assistant editor/editor, Wanted, Secret Origins, 100 Page Super Spectacular)
Curt Swan (artist, Superman)
Sol Harrison (production)
Jack Sparling (artist, The Unknown Soldier in Star Spangled War Stories)
Bob Brown (artist, Superboy)
Kurt Schaffenberger (artist, Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen)
John Rosenberger (artist, Superman’s Girlfriend, Lois Lane, Zatanna in Supergirl)
Robert Kanigher (writer, Sgt. Rock in Our Army at War, The Losers in Our Fighting Forces)
Frank Robbins (writer, Batman)
Dick Dillin (artist, Justice League of America, World’s Finest Comics)
Joe Orlando (editor, DC mystery titles, Adventure Comics)
Mike Sekowsky (artist, Supergirl)
Don Heck (artist, The Rose and the Thorn in Lois Lane, Batgirl and Jason Bard in Detective Comics)
Vince Colletta (inker, Lois Lane)
C.C. Beck (artist, the original Captain Marvel in Shazam!)
Dorothy Woolfolk (editor, Superman’s Girlfriend, Lois Lane, DC romance titles)

Those who are still with us…
Carmine Infantino (publisher, DC Comics, then National Periodical Publications; artist, first episode of The Human Target in Action Comics)
Denny O’Neil (editor, Weird Worlds; writer, Green Lantern/Green Arrow, Batman)
Neal Adams (artist, Batman, Green Lantern/Green Arrow)
Dick Giordano (artist, Wonder Woman; inker, Green Lantern/Green Arrow, Justice League of America)
Joe Kubert (artist/editor, Tarzan)
Jack Adler (production)
John Severin (artist, The Losers in Our Fighting Forces)
Murphy Anderson (artist, John Carter of Mars in Tarzan and Weird Worlds; inker, Superman, Superboy)
Bob Oksner (artist, Supergirl)
Len Wein (writer, Justice League of America, Swamp Thing, The Phantom Stranger, Carson of Venus in Korak)
Cary Bates (writer, Superman, The Flash)
Elliot S. Maggin (writer, Superman, Green Arrow in Action Comics)
Tony DeZuniga (artist, Jonah Hex in Weird Western Tales)
Mike Royer (inker, Kamandi the Last Boy on Earth, The Demon, Mister Miracle)
Jim Aparo (artist, The Brave and the Bold, The Phantom Stranger)
Bob Haney (writer, The Brave and the Bold, Teen Titans)
Nick Cardy (artist, Teen Titans, numerous DC covers)
Alex Toth (artist, Black Canary in Adventure Comics)
Alex Nino (artist, DC mystery titles, Captain Fear in Adventure Comics)
Dave Cockrum (artist, The Legion of Super-Heroes in Superboy)
Steve Skeates (writer, DC mystery stories, Jimmy Olsen)
Michael W. Kaluta (artist, Carson of Venus in Korak, various DC covers)
Frank Thorne (artist, Korak, Son of Tarzan)
Mike Friedrich (writer, Justice League of America, Robin in Batman)
John Albano (writer, Jonah Hex in Weird Western Tales)
Marv Wolfman (writer, John Carter of Mars in Tarzan and Weird Worlds)
Berni Wrightson (artist, Swamp Thing)
Joe Giella (inker, Justice League of America, World’s Finest Comics)

And those I have no current information on…
Art Saaf (artist, Supergirl)
John Calnan (artist, Metamorpho in Action Comics)

These are just a few of the many gifted creators who have chronicled, illustrated, and produced thousands of stories of imagination and wonder over the years (and I hope to have many more recognitions like this in the future). They were all ‘under one roof’ when I was just beginning to really enjoy this glorious medium. They might not be as well known, but to me they’re bigger than movie and rock stars!

My thanks and appreciation to all!

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Jim Kingman

Jim Kingman is a writer for Comics Bulletin