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When I attend conventions or do store signings the majority of the books I sign and talk about are my current ones. As of lately it’s been Cobb, Wynonna Earp, Dead Moon Rising and now I’ve got 24: Cold Warrior as well as How to Market Yourself in Comics coming up this month.

That’s all pretty normal and expected, but there is always one solid standard that always shows up in talks and in the form of full run stacks, Guy Gardner: Warrior. Not a week goes by that at least a few issues of Guy Gardner: Warrior show up in my mail for me to sign. The same goes for email. Almost every day I get emails from readers, the media or retailers asking me about my run on GGW (Issues #20 through #44 & 2 Annuals) I always enjoy talking about the characters and always impressed that so many remember so many details about the run. It really makes my day to read hat so many people “got” what I was trying to do with the character of Guy Gardner. A writer can’t ask for more than that.

Recently I did an interview with Artur Skowronski of DC MULTIVERSE, an international online source for a lot of info on DC Comics and characters. It originates in Poland and is very detailed in this info on all things DC. My Polish isn’t too good, so I depend on handy online translations. Artur asked some very good questions dealing with my run on GGW and my thoughts on what’s going on right now with Guy Gardner and the Green Lantern Corps. Since so many of you write me about Guy, I thought you might enjoy the interview. (Translated in English for you)

Just click on this link and have some fun:

I want to thank Artur and the fine folks at DC Multiverse for taking the time and the interest to talk with me. Next time you’re at a con or a comic shop, make sure you look up some of my tales from Guy Gardner: Warrior. You might just have some fun.

Links to the Ladies

Speaking of Guy Gardner and the Green Lantern Corps., here are a few links to some really interesting and entertaining blogs that bring up Guy Gardner, and most anything Green in the DC Universe fairly frequent. Each of these lovely ladies always speaks their minds and never cut corners. Each one promises to provoke some thought about comics and characters you read.

Tell ’em Beau sent ya.

First Look at Cloverfield Sequel

?.That is if you live in Beau-World. I thought you’d enjoy artist Flint (Man-Bat) Henry’s version of what he predicted the monster in the movie Cloverfield really looked like:

Gas Me Up

I recently discovered the Canadian situation comedy Corner Gas on the cable station WGN out of Chicago. It usually plays here on my cable system week nights at midnight. I try not to miss any episodes of it now. As a former long time employee of Todd McFarlane, I grew to appreciate the Canadian humor that Todd and Terry Fitzgerald would throw my way. Todd’s dad, Bob was also a wonderful source of hardcore Canadian wit. By watching Corner Gas, I’m once again entertained by that unique and witty sense of humor that only Canucks can come up with.

The show reminds me of a cross between a modern day Andy Griffith Show and Seinfeld. It takes place in the beautiful setting of Saskatchewan, Canada, where the sun is always out and the skies are always blue. It deals with the quirky cast of characters that hang out and work at a small gas station and the diner that sits beside it. Like Seinfeld, there are no serious “Must See” moments of tears. It’s light and fun and is filled with fast scenes that have a razor wit and still feel laid back. Each character stands out on their own and are the type that you welcome into your house for 30 minutes. If you haven’t seen it, please do. I know I’ll be tracking down the DVD sets to add to my library.

Check out their website for more.

Mid-Life Crisis On Earth-Beau

Starting this week I’m adding a new regular feature to your Busted Knuckles column. It’s called “Mid-Life Crisis on Earth-Beau”.

In recent years I’ve noticed that the DC Comics that I grew up with in the 1960’s and 70’s is pretty much gone. It’s all real serious today and there’s never much room for humor and poking fun at each other. So I figured it was time to bring back a little of that old time fun with selected strange shots from the world of DC Comics that could only exist on what I call Earth-Beau. You have the choice of taking these panels as they were originally intended in the lost treasure The Super Dictionary (HR & W Books 1978) or let your own satirical sense of humor be the boss. Either way, I hope you enjoy.

Busted Knuckles Manly Cover of the Week: Hawkman #23
DC Comics, 1967

You know, If only New York had Hawkman around I don’t think there would be any talk of a Cloverfield sequel. Here we see how our boy, Hawkman would handle a building bashing monster on the loose.

Busted Knuckles Babe of the Week

Linda Harrison

Without a doubt one of the most beautiful actresses to ever be on film or TV, Linda Harrison, famed for her role as Nova in the original Planet of the Apes and her fur bikini. For sheer beauty you would be hard to find any past or current actress that could go toe to toe with Linda Harrison. I remember being a 14 year old kid watching Planet of the Apes in the movie theatre and falling in love and lust with Linda Harrison. She was 9 years older than me, but I was more than willing to over look the age difference. I might add I’m still willing to over look it.

Make sure you check out AMC on 2/13/08 for them to run Planet of the Apes and Beneath the Planet of the Apes at 3:00 am and 6:00 am.

The Roundup

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Busted Knuckles and will return next week when I’ll chew your ears and eyes with more of my ramblings. I wanna send out a big thanks to Lisa Fraley in Tucson, Arizona, for sending me the great book Hurled Into Eternity: The Story Of The Earps In Tombstone by Robert Briggs. It looks to be a wonderful read and I’m real happy to add it to my library of Earp books. I hope you enjoy the package I sent out to you, Lisa.

Thanks also goes out to regular Busted Knuckles reader, Tim Stallings of Billings, Montana, for being kind enough to send me the manly western DVD Forty Guns with Barbara Stanwyck. I never knew that one woman could have so much testosterone. Thank you Tim.

As for the rest of you, I’ll see you here next week. Stay outta trouble.

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