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  1. Mail Order Mysteries Cover Image

    Mail Order Mysteries

    Everyone who's read an old comic has wondered: just what the heck was a sea monkey? Could Charles Atlas really make a man out of a wimp who had sand kicked in his face? How great is that Polaris sub, really? Did x-ray spex really allow you to see what's under a girl's dress? Was that real dirt from Dracula's castle inside that coffin-shaped clear pendant? Could I really win great prizes by selling Grit ? Thankfully Kirk Demaris has put together a book to solve those mysteries for all of us fans of old comics.

    Book Review Article Jason Sacks October 12, 2011
  2. Marv Wolfman: Let the Games Begin Cover Image

    Marv Wolfman: Let the Games Begin

    For the better part of the Eighties, few comics on the stands were as popular and beloved as Marv Wolfman and George Pérez's New Teen Titans , a landmark run on the youth-centric DC series that is still considered by many to be the standard bearer for the franchise today.

    Comics Interview Article Jason Sacks September 25, 2011