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Articles by kyle garret

  1. WLG #410: The Mad Men of Comics Cover Image

    WLG #410: The Mad Men of Comics

    I realize that we’re all still debating what Don’s answer was at the end of the season finale of Mad Men, but let’s not forget that we have new comics coming.

    Column Article Kyle Garret June 11, 2012
  2. WLG #407: Jump On Board Cover Image

    WLG #407: Jump On Board

    In other words, if you were so inclined, it would be pretty easy for you to jump on board without feeling completely lost.I point this out because you should do exactly that.

    Column Article Kyle Garret May 14, 2012
  3. WLG #405: The Winnowing Cover Image

    WLG #405: The Winnowing

    Here’s a funny thing: every third week, I write a column for this great web site on comics that are coming out that week that I think are particularly noteworthy.

    Column Article Kyle Garret April 24, 2012