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  1. Portlandia 2.01

    Portlandia 2.01 "Mixology"

    Local artisan curators Lisa and Bryce realize that they can pickle everything; Fred helps Carrie chase a romanticmixologist (Andy Samberg) who forgets his roots when he moves from Portland to LA; Fred and Carrie stop to eat at a theme restaurant with a difficult waiter (Kumail Nanjiani); Kath and Dave's emergency signals are tested when they go river rafting; Feminist shopkeepers Toni and Candice teach an A/C repairman about the "phallus" and "opposite of a phallus" inside all of us.

    TV Review Article Dylan Garsee, Nick Hanover January 13, 2012
  2. All-Star Western #2 Cover Image

    All-Star Western #2

    What happened? There I was, loving the shit out of All Star Western's first issue and along comes Issue Two, not exactly ruining my starry eyed attraction but certainly dampening it.

    Comic Review Article Nick Hanover November 3, 2011