By Beau Smith

I’ve mentioned this before here at Busted Knuckles? men and women are different for a reason.

I’m not sayin’ that one is better than the other. I believe that they are both equal in their own ways. Men are better at some things and women are better in others. It all breaks down to bein’ even in the final throw down. It’s supposed to be that way.

Recently my series Wynonna Earp: Home On The Strange wrapped up. It was met with decent sales. The first issue even sold out after two weeks on the shelves. That’s a good thing I guess.

Wynonna Earp by Anderson

I’ve gotta admit, I got a lot of publicity on the book. It was covered by all of the comic news sites as well as most of the printed newspapers and magazines as well. I did a bunch of interviews.

Everything was comin’ up roses.

As we all know with roses ya also get thorns.

I got one big one that I found frustrating.

Every now and then I’d get the label “Bad Girl” thrown at me or it would be used in a review of Wynonna Earp.

Not many things piss me off. Warm beer and stale Chili Cheese Fritos piss me off. Havin’ Wynonna Earp called a “Bad Girl” pisses me off.

When I created Wynonna Earp I did so without gender. Meaning that she could have been written as a man just as easy. Is the character attractive? Yes. I save ugly for the bad guys.

I’ve explained before that due to editorial hocus pocus Wynonna was made to dress like a super powered stripper in the first mini-series that I did at Image. In her latest series I made it a point that she was not to be drawn as a hooker with a gun. Attractive? Yes. Athletic? Yes. Super-powered hooker? NO!

It makes me nuts that male heroes can be drawn to look like Chippendale dancers and no one complains. If ya draw a female heroine that is built well you’re called a pig and read the riot act.

Look at two of comic book’s biggest icons. Superman and Wonder Woman. Both are built like brick shithouses. Tight spandex for Superman, and next to nothing for Wonder Woman.

Do you hear anyone whine that Superman is built too good? Nope. Do ya hear anyone call Wonder Woman a “Bad Girl”? Nope.

Women are NOT the weaker sex. Try havin’ a baby sometime and see if ya call em’ weak.

I don’t like the double-edged sword that everyone loves to swing. It’s ok for a male hero to be super built, but not for a woman. This is fiction, folks – learn to live with it. If I wanna look at ugly I’ll go to Wal-Mart.

It’s the same with movies. Jennifer Lopez puts butts in the seat, (I had to say it) your Aunt Mabel doesn’t.

Some folks squeal that having incredibly built women set a bad standard for little girls. Thing is you never hear those same weenies sayin’ that super built men cause little boys to feel not up to par. I don’t know about you, but I know the difference between fact and fiction. My parents taught me to tell the difference– didn’t yours?

I buy most of my comics to escape for a little while. I want entertainment for a few minutes. I know what I’m readin’ ain’t real. I’m not a moron?don’t treat me like one.

So do I get mad when yo-yos call Wynonna a bad girl? Yeah, I do.

Wynonna Earp Kicks Yeti Ass – Art by Brad Gorby

If they call her a bad girl then they should call Wonder Woman and 90% of the rest of the female heroes bad girls, hookers and whores.

I think that the people that do this have too much time on their hands. I think these chimps would say that Tarzan should be wearin’ long sleeve shirts and dress slacks. I just don’t understand these people.

I don’t wanna understand em’. I just want em’ to find another tent to piss on and lay off mine. These morons would be happy with Carrot Top playin’ Wolverine instead of Hugh Jackman.

Women don’t have to be Bad Girls to kick a little ass. Deal with that all of you crybabies.

So if we ever meet don’t serve me warm beer, don’t hand me stale Chili Cheese Fritos and DON’T call Wynonna Earp a Bad Girl.

Easy rules to live by, amigo.

As always, I ain’t hard to find.

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