Arcadia #2 (Cover A Matt Taylor), $3.99
Arcadia #2 (Cover B Eric Scott Pfeiffer)
, AR

The first two issues of this series have been so incredibly amazing. It’s my new favorite series and I cannot stress enough how much I want everyone to be reading it! It is so well-written and this second issue brings up a lot of questions and mysteries that makes the reader think things may not be quite as they seemed. As the memories uploaded onto servers continue to draw too much power from the people left on earth, tensions rise and suspense increases. You really should be reading this series.
Big Trouble In Little China Volume 1 TP, $14.99

The first four Big Trouble In Little China issues collected into one gorgeous book, hooray! Relive the 80s and enjoy a healthy dose of kung-fu, action, and supernatural goings-on!
Bravest Warriors #33 (Cover A Ian McGinty), $3.99
Bravest Warriors #33 (Cover B Andrea Fontana)
, $3.99

Ditto to what I said last week. Bravest Warriors is hilarious, adorable, and charming as always! This issue is a murder mystery as Jelly Kid is killed. And then killed again!


Broken World #1 (Of 4)(Cover A Christopher Peterson), $3.99
Broken World #1 (Of 4)(Cover B Frazer Irving)
, AR
Broken World #1 (Of 4)(Cover C Christian Ward)
, AR
Broken World #1 (Of 4)(Cover D Conor Nolan)
, $3.99

Broken World is a thought provoking story that takes a look at the way humans react to a crisis situation. As a meteor hurtles towards earth people realize that relationships, friendships, and fear make decisions a little more complicated than fight or flight. Not to mention the added difficulty of the government implementing its own version of the rapture, as it decides who is fit to leave the planet and who deserves to stay behind. I really enjoyed this first issue! Check it out!
Feathers #6 (Of 6)(Cover A Jorge Corona), $3.99

I read the first issue of Feathers and absolutely loved it! I really need to catch up and I can’t believe it’s ending! Feathers is a great, kid friendly story, with elements reminiscent of books like The Name of the Wind and Oliver Twist.


Halogen #4 (Of 4)(Cover A Afu Chan), $3.99

I also read the first issue of Halogen and it too is one I’ve been meaning to come back to. The first issue didn’t stand out to me a whole lot, but it definitely set up the potential for a great sci-fi story. I’m hoping it picked up and found its stride and that this last issue is amazing!
Help Us Great Warrior #4 (Of 8)(Cover A Victoria Grace Elliot), $3.99

I have loved every issue of Help Us! Great Warrior and #4 is no exception! We’ve found out a deep, dark secret of Great Warrior’s, but she takes as only a potato shaped, bow wearing, sassy hero could. With all the humor, sweetness, and courage that she can muster! And when things are still tough, Great Warrior is never left without the help of her friends.

Plunder #4 (Of 4)(Cover A Skuds McKinley)
, $3.99

Believe it or not, I also read the first issue of Plunder! This horror tale takes place on a ship that has been taken over by a hostile creature. Most of the crew is dead and the task force sent out to rescue them must try not to be corrupted by the beast themselves. The first issue had a higher ratio of gore than plot, which is why I stopped reading, but I have heard great things about the series!
Suicide Risk #25 (Cover A Elena Casagrande), $3.99

The fight against an influx of supervillains with not enough superheroes continues!


The Woods #13 (Cover A Michael Dialynas), $3.99
The Woods #13 (Cover B Becky Cloonan)
, AR

This is a series that I really want to start reading. James Tynion IV has written two of my favorite series, UFOlogy and Memetic, so I have high high hopes that The Woods is just as amazing!

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