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You see that thing above? That’s what the Kurt Cobain iPad graphic novel looks like.

(via Seattle PI)


VIZ Media Announces Sublime

Western manga publisher VIZ Media is partnering with Japanese companies Animate and Libre Publishing to produce a line of Yaoi manga called SuBLime.

Launching in December, SuBLimewill offer digital downloads of all their titles (translated into English, of course), with some of them also available in print form. The first set of titles available from SuBLime in December include:

  • Love Pistols by Tarako Kotobuki
  • Dannasama to Mitsugetsuchu by Haruka Minami

Later releases include:

  • Ousama no Bed by Sakae Kusama
  • Sweet Pool by Nitro+CHiRAL
  • Shizuku Hanabira Ringo no Kaori by Toko Kawai
  • Devil’s Honey by Isaku Natsume
  • Kekkon Zenya by Kou Fujisaki
  • Adult Teacher wa Osuki? by Kiu Aion
  • Yokubou no Shizuku by You Higashino

Print titles planned for 2012:

  • Three Wolves Mountain by Naono Bohra
  • Hachimitsu Darling by Norikazu Akira
  • Punch Up by Shiuko Kano
  • Aitsu no Daihonmei by Suzuki Tanaka



The Release Date: December 14, 2011

The Creator: Doug TenNapel

The Publisher: Image Comics

The Skinny: The creator of Earthworm Jim made a webcomic about a weirdo superhero, and now Image Comics is publishing the complete 176-page story as a $19.99 softcover trade.

Prejudgment: Doug TenNapel creates the weirdest shit. I’m on board for this one.


The Release Date: January 2012

The Creator: David Lapham, Gabriel Andrade

The Publisher: Avatar Press

The Skinny: It’s an ongoing about werewolves attacking a small town.

Prejudgment: I love when David Lapham writes things, because the things he writes are often fucked up.


BOOM! Studios have transitioned the Kurt Busiek/Daryl Gregory/Scott Godlewski/Damian Couciero print comic Dracula: Company of Monsters into webcomic form.


If you’re as excited for The Defenders as I am, then you’ll want to read this CBR

Chris Sims and David Uzumeri are reviewing the Wesley Snipes film Blade, with the best title ever: Ice Skating Uphill.

Timothy Callahan reflects on NYCC 2011.

Tim O’Shea and Roger Langridge talk Snarked! and other serious matters.



@mattfraction: tonight was the night i realized “we didn’t start the fire” vaults over the whole of the seventies with “watergate/punk rock”

@pattonoswalt: The McRib has come back like twenty times. Ball’s in your court, Jesus.

@NateCosBOOM: 1) Buy McRib 2) Throw bun away 3) Wash sauce off McRib 4) Replace shoe insole with McRib

@hotdogsladies: Bad writing—like bad farts—often come out of anonymous assholes.

@DJKirkbride: ‘Tis better to be Oates and not Hall than never to have been in Hall & Oates at all. – Oates’ mustache



I just wrote a piece about Ghostbusters II for Spectrum Culture and I neglected to mention how much I love the soundtrack, a good portion of which is old school-style hip hop and New Edition-affiliated New Jack Swing that describes the plot of the movie. And I love film-summarizing hip-hop themes (see: Maniac Cop 2). So here’s the theme song to Ghostbusters II, “On Our Own” by Bobby Brown, which recounts the basic set-up of the movie.

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