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@Mark Waid: Maybe the worst cover copy of all time. 

@djeljosevic: hahahahahahah


Madam Masque is in the Iron Man XXX parody 

That’s all I have to say about that. I admire that kind of attention to detail.

(via the totally SFW Bleeding Cool)

You Can Repay Jack Kirby For All Them Movies You Saw

A Buck for Jack is an initiative (unaffiliated with anyone remotely affiliated with Jack Kirby) that wants people to donate $1 for every Jack Kirby related film they go out and see — meaning all the Marvel properties he helped created such as X-Men, Fantastic Four and The Avengers.

The money goes to the family Jack Kirby’s family, and A Buck for Kirby claims that it isn’t an anti-Marvel campaign, just a nice thing to do.

(via The Beat)


Comics Alliance just posted the best trick ‘r treat ever. In comic form!


Jessica Abel and Matt Madden explain why Best American Comics doesn’t cover superhero books. Don’t that shit get covered enough?


Scott Porter, the voice of Cyclops in the X-Men anime, really knows his shit.


Cartoonist Susie Cagle talks about being teargassed at Occupy Oakland.


Darryl Ayo has a six-point piece about how to improve comics. Basically, do better.


Alex De Campi talks about her Kickstarter-funded creator-owned series, Ashes.


@theisb: “Witches leave.” #HalloweenWithRoboCop

@Horse_ebooks: poultry

@comicsreporter: I’m working on a theory that giving good interviews was to 1980s comics creators what making good videos was to 1980s musicians

@cameronMstewart: Nicolas Cage always has this uncanny ability to be both completely hammy and awful, and yet also really fun to watch

@rstevens: Chief Miles O’Brien, the last holdout against the metric system in Starfleet.


Meanwhile, at Occupy Oakland, the police throw a flashbang grenade directly into a crowd of people trying to help an injured person.

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