Revisiting the Witchblade/Fathom/Tomb Raider Crossover

In 2000, Top Cow Productions had three of the industry’s top selling comics – each of them starring a strong female lead. Also, the three had artist Michael Turner in common. Turner had co-created Witchblade in 1995, and the popularity of his art had propelled the title to the publisher’s flagship. Then, his own creator-owned title, Fathom sold 257,087 units (per Diamond), making it the top-selling title of 1998. Also in 1998, he had been the artist behind the popular Witchblade crossovers with the videogame character Lara Croft, prompting Top Cow to give that character her own title as well. Tomb Raider #1 would become the top-selling title of 1999. So naturally, it made sense for these three to crossover in the pages of Turner’s Fathom. Unfortunately, a complicated series of events would result in this story becoming lost in time.

Comictober 2020: DRACULA MOTHERF**KER

Image Comics (w) Alex de Campi (a) Erica Henderson There have been many attempts to have the gothic imagery of Dracula crossover with the stylized sleaze of exploitation cinema, but it hardly works - if...