I am pretty sure you have heard by now,  someone won the Mega Millions on Friday, January 22. One person in Michigan won the jackpot of $1 billion or $739.6 million lump-sum payment before taxes.

What would you buy if you won? The answer for me is Action Comics #1. Yes. I know. You would say I should buy more comic books than that. That’s true but I don’t want to splurge too much. I heard too many lottery winners end up going bankrupt after couple years because they can’t control their spending. Also if I do win, I have to split the winnings with my family because we are in a pool.

Okay. Okay. I did a similar blog on Saturday,  January 23. Collecting Profile: If I win Powerball, I will buy Amazing Fantasy 15 One reader commented that I should be fair and blog about Mega Millions and DC Comics.




Action Comics #1 CGC 9.0 sold for $3.2 million in  August 2014. It was sold on ebay. I actually got to witness the bidding. Unfortunately, I didn’t have big chest to put in any bids. It was bought by two dealers who also run a big comic book ordering website in New York. For a while, they would bring that comic book to comic book conventions like New York Comic Con and Baltimore Comic Con to name a few to display the book for everyone to enjoy. Of course, there was security.

The closest I get to seeing a copy of Action Comics 1 in person was in San Diego Comic Con in July 2019. There was an Action Comics 1 CGC 9.4 Restored but I didn’t asked the dealer what number he was looking for.


Good luck to everyone who wants to own a copy in their personal collection!





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