I am pretty sure you have heard back now,  someone won the Powerball on Wednesday, January 20.

The jackpot  is at $731.1 milllion, fifth U.S. largest jackpot ever. What would you buy if you won? The answer for me is Amazing Fantasy 15. Yes. I know. You would say I should buy more comic books than that. That’s true but I don’t want to splurge too much. I heard too many lottery winners end up going bankrupt after couple years because they can’t control their spending. Also if I did win, I have to split the winnings with my family because we were in a pool.

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The last Amazing Fantasy  #15 CGC 9.6 sold for $1.1 million in 2012. If this book is on the market today, it will double or triple that amount.

I was at San Diego Comic Con in July 2019. I saw a copy of Amazing Fantasy 15. I asked the dealer how much he wanted for it. He told me $1.1 million.





If you missed out on the jackpot. Powerball is available on Wednesday and Saturday. The jackpot resets to $20 million or you can also play Mega Millions which is available on Tuesday and Friday. Good luck everyone!

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