Comics You Can Dance To #4: Comedy Boils

A column article, Comics You Can Dance To by: Danny Djeljosevic, Nathaniel MacDonald

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This Week

Due to some scheduling issues we decided to do what the Nerdist calls a "hostful" podcast. So, instead of a special guest, I had an extended conversation with Matthew Rios, which started with talking about the day-to-day life of a comic shop employee but quickly devolved into a conversation about bad superhero team leaders and for some reason had me rattling off the names of every Malibu Comics' Ultraverse title I could think of.


Rafael Gaitan could not make it this episode. His absence is felt.

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About Next Week's Show

There won't be a new episode next week (the last week of November) due to us taking Thanksgiving week off. We will, however, be back in the first full week of December.

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Here are the comics we talked about!

The amazing NFL Superpro image is from DC Fifty-Too.

Here's the playlist for this episode!

Music for Comics You Can Dance To is curated by Notable Beast. Click on the links to check out the artists and/or full versions of the songs. The theme song is "Chnam oun Dop-Pram Muy (I'm 16)" by Ros Sereysothea.

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