Top Twelve Geeky Gifts That Will Also Help Your Fellow Fans!

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Top Twelve Geeky Gifts That Will Also Help Your Fellow Fans!


Good grief, is it December already? And not just December, but the second week of December! I don't know about you, but Christmas/Chanukah/Kwanzaa/"your choice of winter holiday here" shopping stresses me out. Finding that perfect gift for the geek who has everything can be tough!

Below you'll find links to twelve different stores run by crafty geeks! By buying from them, you'll get that special warm glow that comes with supporting small and part-time businesses and know that the dollars you spend will most likely be used to further fuel the geek economy. Not to mention, the lucky gift-recipient will probably say, "Where did you find this?" and you'll be able to smile and look mysterious.*

*Unless, of course, your friend reads this article, too.

What's that? You don't have any geeky friends? That's okay. This list can also serve as an instruction guide for what to get you! Pass it along to mom, Aunt Millie or the next person to say, "What do you want for Christmas?"




The Imagination Emporium has some wonderfully clever geeky pendants, suitable for wearing around one's neck or putting on a keychain or book bag zipper. I'm not big on zombies, but the "Keep Calm and OMG is that a Zombie?!?" made me giggle, and I was impressed by the design of the "Timey-Wimey" detector for Doctor Who fans. They have plenty of great quotes and designs for geek fans of Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Buffy, Firefly, Sherlock Holmes, The Princess Bride and Star Trek. They'll even do custom designs!  





Grandma's Nook has a variety of fun scarves, but the one that really caught my eye was the Chain Chomp scarf. Like most of her scarves, it's available in both adult and child sizes and is pretty much guaranteed to make anyone who sees it jealous!


Bruce Loves You! And you'll love Bruce's nifty posters, buttons, and temporary tattoos. Their Dark Mark temporary tattoo is just the thing for the Harry Potter goth geek in your life, or if you're looking for something classier (and more subtle), check out their Ogden's Firewhisky poster. They have some great Doctor Who posters as well (my favorite being "This Could Be a Little More Sonic"), and I thought their set of Inception badges was particularly neat.

Optimystical Studios has the most fantastic jewelry! From their quirky ZombAlert bracelets to their classy Steampunk pieces, there's sure to be something here for everyone. Of course, my favorite is their line of comic book pendants - made from actual recycled comic book pages and featuring such fantastic females as Lady Blackhawk, Batwoman, Oracle and the Unsinkable Stephanie Brown!  



ErinDara is another store that makes amazing use of recycled comic books! I know some of you must cringe at the idea of cutting up your precious books, but I love transformative art like this. Seriously, how could you resist Poison Ivy wine glasses? Or their absolutely adorable Tiny Titans Batgirls Box? Or their amazing Aquaman Watering Can?



EpicButtons (@EpicButtons on Twitter) sells, in their own words, "Unique Vintage and Handmade Geeky Gifts" like Dalek earrings, a beautiful Deathstar pendant, vintage comic coasters.  

You'll find Transformers stuff there, too, as well as these:



If you loved Geek Girl Con or know someone who did, check out their selection of buttons, bumper stickers, t-shirts and totes. Share in the celebration of the female geek!

Looking for something cuddlier? How about...




Amiamour has all kinds of wonderful, whimsical crochet animals to warm the geeky heart, from Hobbes to Gromit to Totoro to this little guy from Spirited Away. And if you're craftily inclined, she sells the patterns, too!


Customcomix is another comic book recycler, coming up with crazy creations like comic-covered high heels, fabulous frames, and beautiful bracelets (not to mention a ton of exciting earrings!).


NightengaleNeedles ("geekery and fannishness via fabric") has hats, scarfs, and plush creations perfectly suited to keeping you (or your favorite ball-jointed doll) cozy and warm. Pick a Pinky Pie or Rainbow Dash hat, a Nyan Cat hat or scarf, or an adorable duck or sheep costume to protect your precious BJD!




Remember those Empire Strikes Back sheets you had when you were a kid? CupcakeUsagi does! Her specialty is shoulder bags, pouches, and purses made with vintage recycled sheets and fabrics, and she's got designs to appeal to all manner of geeks, including oldschool fans of Ghostbusters, Lord of the Rings, and Rainbow Bright.



Last, but definitely not least, I present NerdJerk's nifty Nintendo-inspired crochet creations.; Got Goomba?

There you have it, folks, twelve great stores full of geeky gifts guaranteed to draw an "oooh" or an "ahhhh" from some lucky recipient this holiday season, while at the same time helping your fellow crafty geek afford that Star Wars Blu-Ray boxed set. The hardest part will be deciding which store to patronize...

Hey! I think I finally found a use for the d12!

The Final Squeak:

Not enough for you? Want more gift ideas?  

Okay, okay!'s great two-part article will introduce you to even MORE great geek gifts, while Kate-or-Die's got a column that's chock-full of Christmas Comic Gift Suggestions. What are you waiting for? Get going and order up some perfect presents to make it a happy holiday for everyone on your list (including you!)  

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