Comics You Can Dance To #6: Brandon Seifert and the Christmas of Crime

A column article, Comics You Can Dance To by: Danny Djeljosevic, Nathaniel MacDonald

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This week, we're talking to Brandon Seifert, writer of Image Comics and Skybound's awesome Witch Doctor! Both Nate and I are big fans of Witch Doctor, which is about a supernatural doctor who handles monsters and other ghostly ailments from a medical angle, so we nerded out a little bit during our talk. It was fun talking to Seifert about his method and the origins of the concept. He even teased next year's Volume 2 a little bit!

The first trade paperback volume of Witch Doctor, Under the Knife comes out December 14, 2011. Which means it's out now! Go get it, it's a lot of fun. Lukas Ketner draws Witch Doctor, and draws it well.

Later this month (December 28, to be precise) you can pick up an all-new one-shot, Witch Doctor: The Resuscitation. It's gonna be awesome.

Also, Nate and I riff about Christmas comics.

As always, Rafael Gaitan and Matthew Z. Rios stop in for our weekly comic book roundtable. Jokes are made! Comics are discussed! Tangents are gone on! Nate wears my Thor helmet and brandishes my foam Mjolnir! I am an overgrown child!

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...I don't know yet! Maybe a short hostful episode. It's nearing Christmas time and I'm going on vacation. But do stay tuned, friends -- we'll have a special Christmas gift for you! In podcast form, obv.


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