First Look: SEGA's Captain America

A column article by: Amelia Ramstead

In anticipation of the upcoming Captain America: Super Soldier release (July 19, 2011), I’ve been excited to have a chance to look at some of the plans being put in place for the game.

Concept Art

Next Level Games has decided to set the game in Zemo’s castle, a moody, dark location that seems perfectly suited for the overall tone of the game. Perhaps the castle itself will be a character in the game? The designers drew their inspiration from Ksiaz Castle in Poland, which allows for a secret underground complex – perfect for game play!

The shots of actual game play are striking for their realism. Every detail is perfect, down to the weathering on the broken boards. An image of a zeppelin hangar adds a touch of intriguing steampunk to the game.

The Villains

The folks at Next Level Games are including some of the long-standing villains from the comic series, and also made the decision to include some original characters as well. It will be interesting to see how they blend into the storyline. Hopefully, it works and it won’t feel jarring to have new faces in the game.

The primary villain will be genetic engineer Arnim Zola. References are made to “Iron Cross,” as well, although it’s unclear what exactly Iron Cross will be. Man, machine? Which version will they go with? And what exactly does Howard Stark know about it? The Warden is another foe that you, as Captain America, will have to get past.

Captain America

The team felt challenged and just a little overwhelmed at the prospect of working with this iconic character. However, they also felt inspired by the ideals for which he stands, and chose to focus on his appeal. His fighting technique will be heavy on close-quarters, multi-target fighting, with a dash of signature moves. And the shield, of course. The shield will be a part of everything, as much as possible.

My initial impression? Even if the game stinks, the artwork is amazing. Everything is gritty and real. It looks like a lot of thought and effort is being put into this by people who love the books and want to do them justice. I think it’s going to be a winner.

Amelia Ramstead has been playing games since her family first received an Atari 2600, lo these many years ago. She continues to play, primarily on PC these days. An avid World of Warcraft player, Amelia writes about WoW topics for her blog and as a guest poster on WoW Insider. Especially interested in how gamer culture reflects in family dynamics, Amelia herself has two kids, one of whom has two WoW characters and can barely keep his nose out of his DS. Amelia is excited to join the staff of Comics Bulletin and is looking forward to the chance to converse with others on one of her favorite topics! Find Amelia on Steam as ameeramstead.

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