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A column article, Mission: Professional by: Steven Savage


So let me try and catch up with the comics-tech related news of late.

So in about one week we got more ways for self-published comics authors to reach an audience.  Admittedly you're still facing byzantine issues, rights questions, probably launching on several platforms, and so forth.   But still it's basically easier to make comics yourself and get paid.

So as your professional trend analysis person here, I started analyzing this trend about professionalism (how's that for an Ed Woodian phrasing?).  It's what I do.

Besides, after seeing this news, I felt a good speculate about what these recent development means for future comics pros and those wantng to publish their own stuff.

Welcome To Self-Publishing - Again: Right now we've got multiple ways to get comics out, putting us pretty much where book-publishing was a year or two ago.  This doesn't surprise me, but the various formats and limits will be annoying as you voyage into them.  Its like it gets re-invented every year.

Your Webcomic Plans Just Changed: So you do a webcomic - and now it's easier all the time for you to turn that into a regular comic, e-comic, or both.  That ease is going to have another impact - it's going to be expected after awhile - so are you going to jump on it and if so when?

Your Strategy Changed: If you want to get into comics, you now have more ways to truly produce work.  Do you go webcomic?  E-comic?  Self-pub?  What platforms do you want to be on?  One?  All?  An evolution?

Your Strategy Will Change: Think how fast e-comic and comic opportunities changed recently - what's going to happen next?  Keep an eye out - or as I note constantly, follow the news.

Look for Non- Standard Platforms: I'm a firm believer that as devices and services integrate, there's going to be some pretty oddball combinations.  I'd give more-than-even odds someone tries to get e-comics and other publications onto gaming consoles or tv-computer interfaces.

Hard Choices Ahead: For the comics professional who wants to do things on their own this is still changing.  You're going to have to make some hard choices about what to do and what not to do - and they'll doubtlessly change again.

Still, this is an exciting time.  I am old enough to remember the early self-publishing boom, I've seen new publishing options come and go.  There's a lot going on right now . . .

- Steven Savage

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