Top 10 Best and Worst Dressed Women

A column article, Top Ten by: Karyn Pinter, Felicity Gustafson, Holly Scudero, Dawn Herrera, Roel Limsnero

Hollywood is all glitz and glamour. It’s about who you wear, what you wear, and how you wear it. With comic books characters taking over the industry as headlining stars, isn’t it only fair they face the same scrutiny as the actors that portray them? If the stars of comic books walked the red carpet in their usual attire, would they come under fire for choosing the yellow spandex or would they be praised for their bold choice of orange leather? Here is the first half of our picks of some of the great and not so great of comic couture – The Ladies. 

Holly: No one rocks the so-dark-purple-it’s-almost-black catsuit quite like Selina Kyle. Body-hugging vinyl? Check. Thigh-high boots? Check. Long evening gloves? Check. Catwoman is the personification of how a woman can refrain from showing any skin and still be unbelievably sexy. Add a life of petty crime to that and the resulting lady is a match for any comic book superhero. Now if only she'd smile a little more often.

Dawn: Catwoman- Rawr! Leather bound body suit I normally wouldn't say would be stylish, but she pulls it off!

Felicity: Catwoman personifies sex. The sleek, simplistic outfit is perfect for her profession and the fact that the black, skin tight leather lacks any designs or accessories is a breath of fresh air. She doesn't rely on gaudy, flashy colors because she doesn't need to. The silver trim saves the outfit by breaking up the monotony a bit, which I like. You need a little color. Add in her signature claws and I'm sold.

Karyn: If you’re going to call yourself Catwoman, the one thing you need to be able to do is rock the catsuit, and Selina does it well. It’s like she’s poured into that thing. It’s no wonder Batman can’t catch her; he’s tripping over his own wagging tongue. I love that she is probably one of a handful of people who can wear ears and make it look good. Catwoman has done her fair share of costume changes in her time but one thing stands - if your only accessory is a bullwhip you’re one of two things: a vengeful dominatrix or one of the best dressed ladies of comics. 

Mina Harker
Karyn: The lone lady in the boy’s club, Mina Harker. She proves that you can kick ass and look good doing it, no not just look good, look great. She’s Victorian school marm chic, all style and class and she can fight with a sword. She looks smart, she acts smart, and she can save the world from aliens while weighted down by layers of lace. Sometimes it’s important to maintain the female identity when hanging around with shape shifting beasts, invisible perverts, dusty, old adventurers, and quasi lunatic sea captains. 

Holly: It’s hard to argue with a woman who fights crime in dresses with full skirts. You think it’s difficult to run around in the six-inch heels that most female superheroes wear? Boots above the knee? Bodices so tight that you can barely breathe? Well, Ms. Harker has the bodices covered, and probably the heels too, and she does it all with more style and grace than most comic book ladies do. Any woman can dress like a skank, but it takes someone special to fight crime in petticoats and stylish hats.

Felicity: There's just something timeless about twirling around in a Victorian skirt. Personally, I like the look, but I'm not a fan of the skirt. It may be nice for lounging and looking good, but it'd be nearly impossible to dodge anything. The colors used are rather vibrant and the contrast works well together, but the fact that there's only one piece of blue clothing bothers me. I love the scarf and the hair bow; they complete the entire outfit perfectly and give off that feeling of class.

Dawn: No outward skank, just classic beauty here. She rocks distinguished like nobody's business.

Harley Quinn

Felicity: Granted, Harley Quinn's original outfit was a classic and I know there were more than a few disgruntled fans over its change, but who doesn't like nurse's outfits, corsets and thigh high boots? I did like how they kept the opposing dual colors and how the overall outfit still allowed her to come off as pixie-ish, rather than slutty (while still having the usual amount of fan service). I'm not sure what the point of changing the colors to purple and red was, but I liked the old black and red better. The nurse aspect whispers of a more deranged, psychotic leaning which is something I personally enjoyed.

Dawn: I've always been fond of jesters and Harley is no exception. Granted she's on the mentally unstable end of the spectrum, but she manages to strike a sublime balance between sweet & innocent and psychotic & sexy with this ensemble!

Holly Red and black is a bold fashion statement, and Harley Quinn pulls it off like no one else could. Like Catwoman, this lady shows that one doesn’t have to bare all in order to be hot. With the skin-tight red and black suit, modest boots, and strange alluring face paint, Harley proves that even jesters can be sexy.

Karyn: All the world loves a clown, right? I don’t know about you guys, but I’d be terrified to say anything bad about Harley’s outfit, I mean the girl carries a giant mallet and her boyfriend could challenge Sean Penn to a Who’s the Craziest contest and come out on top. I do think her original outfit is a little kooky, but that’s just the way she is, it fits her. Then there’s the nurse outfit where Harley went from cute, ditsy side-kick to sexy psycho. 

The Fox

Holly: Other than the “I’m about to pop out of this” top, the Fox has one of the most practical fighting outfits I’ve ever seen in a comic book, and even the bodice is more practical than some things. She even wears eye protection, and her shades are way cooler than the typical black ones most women sport. With long, shapely pants, just the right amount of heel, and, of course, those fox ears, this lady is the very image of what every bad girl aspires to be.

Felicity: Can I just say that I'm a sucker for the crisscrossed belts? Overall, the style for Fox looks a bit like Catwoman, for the exception of the leather texture. The texture seems a bit more aggressive than the sleek, smoothness of Catwoman's outfit. It looks more like it was designed for a fighter, rather than a thief. Sunglasses are always a good thing, the trademark of a badass, but I don't like the clash of the color with the rest of the outfit.

Karyn: I have to agree with Felicity on this one, she totally has the Catwoman look, but it was done as an homage of sorts. Then I also have to agree with Holly that the outfit is far more practical than most, I think it’s the pants. Were I a villainess of Fox’s caliber I would pick something similar, something I could fight easily in. It gets the point across that she’s a total badass, but it’s also low key, it’s not flashy and over the top. I think The Fox takes the cake when it comes to kick-ass femininity, and yes, the crossed white gun belts absolutely make the outfit. 

Lois Lane
Felicity: The basic scheme of the jacket, shirt and skirt are great, but those... those... colors. I think my eyeballs just exploded out of fright. Actually, no, I take it back. I like the shirt. I hate that abysmal shade of yellow/gold they used for her jacket and skirt. They even made the purse match! They could've picked almost any other color and I would've been fine with it. Colors aside, the entire outfit works well together, but seems a little boring. The design on the shirt at least breaks up the solid colors and gives you something to look at, but there's nothing spectacular that jumps off the page.

Karyn: Alright I’ll agree that the colors of that outfit are down right horrible, but one has to give Lois credit for keeping up with fashion trends since 1938. I don’t know about you, but I’d be exhausted having to run back and forth to the mall picking up the new style every year. Plus, she does it all on a reporter’s salary. I would love to see her closet. Maybe instead of these dreadfully colored numbers she should bust out some of that vintage 50’s wear, start a fashion wave. When it comes to Lois Lane she takes charge and looks good doing it. She doesn’t have an alias, or superpowers, but she does have one thing – other than people who want to kill her – she’s got fashion. 

Emma Frost
Holly: Ok, I understand that, as so many comic book characters are drawn by men, many of the women end up in, shall we say, scantily-clad outfits. Emma Frost’s costumes tend to fall in this description. These outfits are beyond revealing, and many look flat-out uncomfortable. The White Queen has a penchant for thigh-high boots and bodices that barely cover her assets, and which sometimes leave so much uncovered that one can’t help but wonder how they stay in place. However, Emma Frost does have a few smokin’ hot outfits to her name. Every now and then she pulls one out that just floors you. There’s definitely something simply elegant about her pale skin and platinum hair, and the White Queen knows how to play that to her advantage with pure white and form-fitting designs. 

Karyn: Oh Emma, what can I say that Holly hasn’t already? Emma is practically a list of her own. To me Emma Frost, aka The White Queen, is like the Sharon Stone of comic book land. She is gorgeous, has an amazing body, and has a tendency to dress in mind bogglingly crappy outfits. You have to question out loud “what the hell are you wearing?” Half the time I’m pretty sure all she’s wearing is a pair of boots and masking tape. 

Felicity: … Now those are some boots! I'm happy to say that the White Queen is one of the few characters capable of blending both sex and sophistication. Granted, her um, lack of pants, is a bit overdone, but I adore the combination of the gloves, boots, and corset and... well, what do you call that thing? A robe?... Eh, not quite. Cloak? … Maybe? A thingy?! Yes!... No... I suppose I'll settle on a cape? Whatever it is, it's suspiciously a combination of everything, probably just to confuse anyone who happens to look at her. I feel as if the artist just wanted to add an accessory and yet... it fits perfectly. 

Roel I actually have her as best dressed, but I have to admit I didn't see the cloak with the fur lining. Really? Fur lining? She's wearing barely anything, what is the fur supposed to do? 

Dawn: Ditto on the best dressed for the White Queen. Love her or hate her, you have to admit, she has one sexy costume. I mean, she may dress skanky, but she makes that corset, thigh boots, and fur cape look good while she kicks your tail! I think the fur accents are not over done, adding a touch of sophisticated flair to and otherwise skimpy ensemble. 


Roel: Primary colors and shorts, 'nuff said.

Dawn: The X-Men's version of Punky Brewster. She was actually on my original list of best dressed-but only because I'd proudly wear her costume! Seriously, cut her some slack! She's the youngest member of the X-Men, she shoots fireworks, plus her name's Jubilee, hence the happy colors. On the other hand, Jubilee as Wondra (Think Tron reject) definitely would make my cut as worst-dressed!

Karyn: This is why parents dress their children. You’d think Storm, or Jean, or hell even Beast would have taken the kid aside and told her to dress proper. She has attitude but not enough to back up a yellow trench coat and blue gloves, no one does. Gah, it’s like she feel into a Goodwill store and got tangled up in the dollar bin. 

Felicity: For some reason, I get the feel of a little girl who played dress up and decided the end result looked good. Her gloves make her look like she’s getting ready to scrub floors… and what self respecting superhero wears pink goggles? Pink goggles?! Also, the combination of the trench coat and shorts bothers me. If she’s cold, why not put on a pair of pants? With that bright yellow trench coat, you know she’s not trying to be sneaky or badass. 

Holly: Anyone who has ever seen the classic 90’s X-Men cartoon understands perfectly why Jubilee is on this list. From her awesome punk rock hair to her boxy shades, to her awkward-length shorts and matching blue boots, Jubilee is clearly a woman in need of a mirror. And that’s not even taking the awesome yellow rain slicker into account. Or her tendency toward really, really bad puns.

Granny Goodness
Holly: Honestly, I had never heard of Granny Goodness before this little discussion, but upon looking upon her... visage... I understand why most people tend not to dwell on her existence. Is this old broad really wearing golden chainmail? Because that’s sure as sin what it looks like. The metallic leotard she’s wearing looks like something Lady GaGa would wear on a daytime talk show, but at least she’s got the right kind of body for it, whereas Granny Goodness most definitely has the body of a middle-aged woman post-childbearing. And the cape? Really? At least, unlike so many comic book ladies, this one has the decency to wear sensible shoes.
Felicity: The chainmail plus the cape suggest an archaic feel, like maybe the artist was trying for something medieval and regal, but ended up failing miserably. The cape is a classic, I love the cape, but… the rest of the outfit leaves much to be desired. That… belt buckle, if it could be called such, really bothers me. The fact that there’s a face coming out of her lower stomach that’s glaring at you? Yeah, it’s a little freaky. Change the color scheme around and put the outfit on someone a little more… aesthetically pleasing and I don’t think the outfit would be so bad. 

Karyn: She looks like a pissed off Paula Dean, “Hey, y’all, time to die!” What makes the outfit so horrible and ridiculous is that she’s a portly old lady. Age and physique appropriateness is sometimes key to a well functioning wardrobe. Goodness does not triumph. 

Roel A funky green color with dark colors comes together in an ensemble that you wouldn't catch any Grandma with any sense of style in. While we are at it, let's add a bright red cloak... FAIL!

Dawn: To be honest, she looks like she used to have a sense of style...about a millennia ago! This is a classic example of, as my sister-in-law puts it, "mutton trying to be lamb". When old(er) generations think they're hip enough to wear to same gear as the young'uns and have the audacity to think they look cute. Granny, for goodness-sakes! It's time to dress your age and retire already-you look like a horribly aged Thor in the worst drag impression ever!

Felicity: I’m not sure if she’s trying to fly away with those fans on her shoulders or what, but I’ve never seen shoulder pads that look quite like that. It seems like the artist was trying to make her bigger or give her more presence with the huge mask, oversized boots and puffed up shoulder pads. The mask looks like she’s got giant fangs sticking up out of her head. She might be better off headbutting her enemies into submission. There was clearly an attempt to make her look different and they succeeded… in a really bad way.

Holly: Aside from being one of the worst dressed comic book ladies ever invented, Blitz is also the winner of the award for most awkwardly pointy costume. What’s with that mask? If she’s trying to impale her opponents while headbutting them, then clearly her objective is within reach. Mostly, though, it just looks like she’s going to have a hard time with low-hanging ceilings. Blitz clearly has her appendages well-armored, but one has to wonder at her lack of concern for her biggest, squishiest, most easily targeted body part: her torso. I don’t think that utility belt is going to save you, honey.

Dawn: I was never a fan of the armor pieces with glaring lapses in protective gear on large sections of the body. Add to that a gaudy combination of gold, dark green, and white equals a stylistic disaster.

Karyn: Blitz, green and gold? You look like a terrifying Christmas tree. I don’t know whether I should fight you or put presents around your clunky, awkwardly shaped boots. Blitz in a way scares me. I would not want to be on the receiving end of one of her punches, look at those hardcore brass knuckles. 

Lady Death
Felicity: There really isn’t much to comment on… and I mean, literally, there really isn’t much to comment on. Basically Lady Death stalks around in a leather thong and bra set. I think the most of her body that’s clothed is her arms. I will stop to pick on the gloves though. Why is there only a middle finger? Is that supposed to be so she can look cool while she’s flicking someone off? They clearly overdid the fan service on this one when they bothered with the little garters.

Holly Winning the award for most uncreatively-named comic book character ever is Lady Death, who looks more like a dominatrix in danger of hypothermia than anyone truly worth fearing. She walks around in a string bikini that can barely contain her assets, or sometimes a pair of chaps, if her legs are cold. You’d think that with all that skin showing she’d have some color, but Lady Death either lives in Alaska or is an albino. This one is clearly little more than a wet dream, un-cleverly concealed behind the guise of a supposed evil mastermind of sorts.

Roel: Although I think the costume is sexy, am I really supposed to think death is sexy?

Dawn: Call me crazy, but when I think of death, I picture rotting putrescence-not dominatrix with super powers! I have a feeling she's gonna start to look like Granny Goodness in the years to come.

Karyn: You know I’m pretty sure Cher pulled this outfit off the rack then thought better of it. It’s like Lady Death and Emma Frost are in the middle of some sort of skanky diva battle, whoever can be the most naked without actually being naked wins. Lord, I just – this is stunning. Brian Pulido and Steven Hughes must have been in a special place when she was conceived. There are just some costumes that make you shake your head in wonder and awe at how it maintains on the right side of decent. Yeah, what is with the middle finger glove? It’s just awkward. New experiment, I’m going to cut the fingers off a pair of gloves save the middle finger, and then I’m going to wear them to see what people say.

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