Comics Are One Method

A column article, Mission: Professional by: Steven Savage

Comics. That's what we discuss here. Me, I encourage people to live their professional dreams - so if you want to work in comics, I want to encourage you.

However, right now in order to encourage you, I want to discourage you.

Comics is a form for communicating story and information in a particular way. It's a language, as I've noted, and though it differs in many countries and cultures, it seems to work well for people anywhere.

Comics in fact has a long, honorable history, from funnies to political cartoons. They are an entirely legitimate and unique form of communication.

They're just not always the right form of communication, and I want to encourage you, the future comics professional, to ask yourself if comics are always right for your given story, tale, or what have you. Comics are good at some things - so you must ask as you embark on whatever venture you're on, when they're appropriate to use.

Perhaps you have an epic tale you want to tell in comic form - but it may be more suited for a novel.

Perhaps you have a spinoff story - might it be better done as an illustrated story or even a game?

Maybe your core story would be a series of short stories, with comic spinoffs.

Maybe... you get the idea.

Comics are just one form of communicating story. You have to choose if - and when - it's the right one for you.

There's no shame, even as a comic enthusiast, in telling a tale or part of a tale in a non-comic format. Instead it's honest, its appropriate, and frankly it's probably the best way to do your work justice.

Besides, in an age of muiltimedia, it may also be marketable and attention getting...

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