The Why Of "Comics Necropolis"

A column article, Mission: Professional by: Steven Savage


Well, that was exhausting.

So for the last month, Daniel Elkin and I have been posting about the idea of a "Comics Necropolis," a site/business/feed/whatever where obscure comics are raised from the dead and brought back into our consciousness.  I take it you read it, if you're reading this.

If not, er . . . go back and read it.

So why did we spend a month going on about this idea?  I mean we're not sure if people can do it, or what'll happen, or . . . anything.

Here's why *I* did it.

I did it because we need to think out of the box comics-wise.  We're watching the industry change, we're watching printing change, we're watching everything change.  Any business idea related to comics that is new or different or weird is going to give people ideas we desperately need, because with all the mutation among the aspects of the industry, we need to think different.

I did it to inspire people to share their ideas.  Right now you, me, everyone out there are having legions of million-dollar, industry-changing ideas.  We're sitting on them, forgetting them, or discounting them.  We need to share our ideas as blatantly and as openly as possible.

I did it because I don't like ideas just sitting there - I like to explore them.  If I'm going to speculate, innovate, and share, it's time to go whole hog.  I could toss out a list of a half-dozen business ideas - or I can spent months exploring all of them.  You can guess what's going to help you (or others) more.

Finally, I did it because it's fun.  Enough said.

So that' why I did it.

Now, I hope that encourages you to do the same.  Right now in your head are a half dozen ideas for comics businesses, services, stories, and more.  Right now you won't use all those ideas (or won't do them alone).  So share them in your blogs, columns, and everything else.

We need new ideas, we need inspiring ideas, we need expanded ideas.

Oh, and of course - it's fun.

- Steven Savage

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