Look at This: GLaDOS Cosplay

A column article, Comics Bulletin Soapbox by: Senén Llanos

You might remember photographer Senén Llanos from his great NYCC 2011 cosplay photos, but now he's back with an astonishing photo set featuring model Brittthebadger as GLaDOS from the Half-Life and Portal video games.

Senén had this to say about the process:

Back in October 2011 I was in the New York Comic Con, camera in hand and taking some portraits of pretty awesome costumed people. It was during this event that I saw a very impressive GLaDOS costume created and worn by a young girl named Brittany.

Sometime after the Comic Con, we planned a proper photo-shoot for the character, an opportunity to use the underground tunnels available to use that went perfectly with the character. Seeing Brittany out of character was a surprise, as she seemed like a shy geeky cheerful girl who became the avatar of the calmly menacing and graceful GLaDOS.

Click on the images for full-sized versions:

Make sure to check out more of Senén Llanos' phtography at senencito.com

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