Misfits 1.03 Review

A column article, Shot For Shot by: Felicity Gustafson, Paul Brian McCoy
Felicity Gustafson & Paul Brian McCoy

Alisha is having fun as she always does, and even using and abusing that power/curse of hers. But there’s one man she really wants (Curtis), and her touch won’t help with that. Meanwhile Simon’s online relationship with Shygirl18 blossoms.

As this is all going down, our Misfits discover that builders are digging a hole at the exact spot they buried the bodies due to some bullshit environmental reason no-one can quite comprehend – what are the chances of that?

Tune in to Episode Four, next Monday on HULU! And check out the Misfits website for other treats.

Paul Brian McCoy: So, had you already seen this episode when we got together last week to talk about the first two episodes?

Felicity Gustafson: I had watched it, but I wasn't paying 100% attention. I re-watched it last night.

Paul: I hadn't seen it since just after it originally aired and had forgotten just about everything except for the development in Alisha's and Curtis' relationship. Did re-watching change your opinion of Alisha? Or soften it, at least? You seemed to really hate her last time!

Felicity: Eh, not really. I still don't feel sorry for her. She basically led both guys on.

Paul: Fair enough.

Felicity: It did open up a whole new can of rape worms though.

Paul: Ugh. Rape Worms. The worst worms to tangle with.

Felicity: Haha, true. I felt a little bad for Curtis though, since she was playing that girl mind games with him.

Paul: Yeah, Curtis tries to do the right thing but just keeps getting burned. Seems like they'd invest in cotton gloves or something.

Felicity: I was wondering about that. They're teenagers. I'm sure they'd find a way around it.

Paul: Aside from the Alisha storyline, what stood out to you? I keep posing these questions since this is your first time seeing the show. Sorry if that's annoying. I'm just curious about that "first time" reaction. I went nuts the first time I watched Misfits and just fell in love with the whole thing.

Felicity: No, it's not annoying at all. That's why I'm here. Honestly, the thing that I got most out of that episode was that having the power to make someone lose their hair has to be the dumbest power ever.

I do love the show, it's highly addictive and I enjoy the character development.

Paul: LOL! That was my take too, the first time, about the hair loss.

Felicity: The whole piece between her and Kelly was pretty good. The bonding over hair loss.

Paul: Even after that awesome head-butt, too!

Felicity: Yeah, I suppose that's one good thing about Kelly's telepathy, she can tell what someone really thinks in the middle of an argument rather than basing on what they're saying.

Paul: I really enjoyed the way this episode was all about building connections and relationships. And the way every character is getting some attention this time out, instead of just focusing on Nathan.

Felicity: True. I suppose every episode will have a little more focus on one character than the others.

Paul: Yeah, but it seemed like last week, the others kind of fell into the background. This week, everybody had something happen to move their story forward or to develop some sort of connection to the others.

Felicity: Simon didn't really get too much time, other than being made fun of.

Paul: Well, he garnered praise for his good ideas about dealing with the dead bodies. And for stealing a dead guy's credit card.

Felicity: I was getting a creeper vibe from Sally, the probation officer.

Paul: Oh yeah! Shygirl 18 stands revealed!

Felicity: I understand what she's doing to find out about her boyfriend, but... it's still really creepy.

Paul: Just wait!

Felicity: More to be revealed soon, I suspect?

Paul: Oh yes. Episode Five really focuses on Sally and Simon. This time out Simon really served as the focal point to bring everybody together, rather than just having his own story move forward. And I loved his Invisible Day in the locker room.

Felicity: I was wondering if whatever he touches when he's invisible goes invisible too? Or was there some random sucker floating around while he was eating it. 'Cause that would've been hilarious.

Paul: I think that's how it works: Invisible and soundless. I had to replay a bit of that when he was going after the bug! I was laughing so hard I missed what came next.

Felicity: I'm not sure I could stand sitting in a chair like that all day. Imagine the mischief you could get up to when you're invisible. Though I suppose the bathroom/locker room sex scene would've been considered mischief.

Paul: I suppose! I love Simon. I may make my signature, "Nice one, weird kid."

Felicity: Simon = ultimate voyeur.

Paul: Simon = ultimate weird kid.

Felicity: I do feel bad when Nathan always calls him a twat though.

Paul: I couldn't believe that no one got Nathan's Bono impression!

Felicity: ... I will admit to not getting it either. But I'm not a Bono fan.

I laughed so hard when he kept skating past the office.

Paul: Nathan is the heart of this show. It's going to be strange not having him around for Season 3. But that's a discussion for another time.

When he threw the brick into Sally's windshield I lost it.

Felicity: Yes! Best part of the episode! "It's just mindless vandalism!"

Paul: "If I was mental, I would have missed. Look at that! Bull's-eye!"

Felicity: I was surprised about that. I figured that just walking up to her and asking a question would've worked as a distraction, but nope... BRICK!

Paul: They are Young Offenders. Even if none of them know how to steal a car.

Felicity: Yeah, how is that possible? Five young offenders and not one car thief among them?

Paul: I liked the way Curtis' power was used here, but as we move through 2 seasons it becomes a bit of a crutch. At least here, though, it was almost as though it was a "what if?" scenario rather than really effecting the story.

Felicity: That's true. There's always at least one episode that'll be full with what if scenarios with the time travel power. I'd bet money on it.

Paul: Have you seen next week's episode yet?

Felicity: I think I started it, but haven't finished it.

Paul: It's all time travel, all the time.

Paul: I love it.

Paul: It may be my favorite episode.

Felicity: I still want to know what Nathan's power is. The fact that I have to wait is killing me.

Paul: It's not that much longer. And when it's revealed, you'll scream!

Or, at least, I did.

Not like a schoolgirl or anything.

A manly scream.

Felicity: Oh, I might bust out a schoolgirl scream. I'll try and do a voice recording, lol.

Paul: It was more of a manly roar/laugh. Like something Brian Blessed would let loose on the world.


Anyway, was there anything in this episode that surprised you?

Felicity: Well, the Kelly being bald thing surprised me. I wasn't expecting that at all. Nathan's sensitive reaction was a little surprising too. I'm not sure how I feel about the probable budding romance there.

Paul: It is kind of strange, isn't it?

Felicity: I know Nathan's really a sweetheart, but he rarely shows it, so I wasn't expecting him to be nice to Kelly instead of making fun of her.

Paul: It was a nice touch. A nice contrast to the Nathan we're normally constantly exposed to.

Felicity: It was a nice addition to his character's development though. Like when he kissed Granny Fuck Me after she died. Or well, almost kissed her.

Paul: Ha! Yes.

Kelly sitting down and making peace with Jodi was nicely done, too.

Felicity: Yes, I liked the little heart-to-heart talk. Do we see more of Jodi or is she done?

Paul: That's it for her. I think most of the side characters who demonstrate powers are usually done in one. This season anyway. Like Nick said last week, next season is more like a graphic novel rather than the single issue approach to telling the story.

Felicity: Which do you prefer? The long story or short individuals?

Paul: I'm not sure. The singles work really well during the first season. I think the overall story is stronger than the single elements in Season Two.

So while we get the done-in-one stories, they all tie into the overall story arc a lot stronger than we get in Season One, where the main story is "Will They or Won't They Get Caught?"

Felicity: Well, that's true. The individuals are easily forgotten after they're done, but the long storyline has to be remembered, so... I think I'd like the longer format better, but we'll see.

Paul: This season is all focused on them just dealing with their powers and it's a satisfying focus. Next season there's more of dramatic tension with what should they do with their powers. Both are strong, and I like huge elements of each. I don't think I can pick a favorite.

Score time!

Felicity: Ehh, I'd give it a .

Paul: I think I'd have to give this one . I enjoyed it, but I think it's the weakest episode of the season.

Felicity: It was a little lacking, but it had its funny moments.

Paul: In another series, I might go 4, but the quality is so high for the rest of the episodes, it doesn't fare as well in comparison. Aw, what am I talking about? it is!

Felicity: Well, I'm interested to see next week's episode since you speak so highly of it.

Paul: I just have a thing for Time Travel stories. Especially the ones where people have to live the same moments over and over again. I think Episode Four is one of the most satisfying uses of the concept I've ever seen.

But I'm a weird kid.

A 43-year old weird kid.

Felicity: So you loved Groundhog Day?

Paul: I did!

Felicity: I will admit it was a good movie, lol.

Paul: And any Star Trek episode where they got caught in a time loop. I'm a sucker for that shit.

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