Top Ten Reasons Your Favorite Avenger Isn't In The Avengers Movie

A column article, Top Ten by: Danny Djeljosevic

10. Your Favorite Avenger is Wonder Man



9. They Already Made a Movie About Him



8. They're Licensed to Another Studio





7. Ha Ha Ha Yeah Right Starfox is Your Favorite Avenger


(Also, ew.)


6. They Already Have a Thor

(Please my applaud my restraint in not using an image of Kevin Sorbo.)


5. He's Going to Get His Own Movie




4. They're Not Covering Iron Man's Alcoholism, So Why Would You Think They'd Broach the Subject of Spousal Abuse?


(Also he's supposed to be getting his own movie too.)


3. Really, Really Small People Aren't Very "Cinematic"



2. Neither Are Crying Robots, For That Matter


(Though they kind of set up for it with the Human Torch cameo in Captain America oh god please kill me)


1. Only I Would Go See It


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