Comics You Can Dance To #14: Bronies Are the New Juggalos ft. Dave Elliott

A column article, Comics You Can Dance To by: Danny Djeljosevic, Nathaniel MacDonald

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This week our guest is Dave Elliott, a comics industry veteran who's worked as a writer/editor/consultant with a diverse assortment of publishers: Epic Comics, Heavy Metal, Radical, Atomeka, Penthouse Comics, Benaroya Publishing, Marvel and DC, and was even the head of Tundra UK -- which is something I definitely asked him about, because I'm totally fascinated by that venture. He's got a few promising material of his own in the works: The Weirding Willows, Monster Massacre and Odyssey, along with editing the issue of Heavy Metal due out in July.

It's a great, long talk full of amazing anecdotes, including a story about what REALLY happened with the return of Marvelman/Miracleman  -- that is, the parts he could say on the air.


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Next Week

One more special episode! This time Jason Sacks talks to Darren G. Davis, the head of the controversial Bluewater Productions. After that, we're back with a regular episode talking to Friends with Boys creator Faith Erin Hicks.


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Comics You Can Drink To

In this episode we invented a drinking came for the podcast! MAD PROPS to Niel Jacoby for coming up with the best possible name for it.

If you need to be drunk to listen to us (hey, I'm not judging), drink every time:


  • Nate forgets the name of something
  • Nate gets the name of something wrong
  • Danny promises to lend Nate a copy of something Nate hasn't read
  • There's an interminable lull, followed by awkward laughter
  • Danny cannot describe why he likes a comic
  • Danny spells out his name in a singsong fashion

Finish your drink:

  • Whenever Nate and Danny do the time paradox joke and bring attention to the fact that they record the podcast out of order


Show Notes


Here are the comics/pop culture things we talked about!


Don't forget to check out Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant at


Here's the playlist for this episode!

Music for Comics You Can Dance To is curated by Notable Beast. The theme song is "Chnam oun Dop-Pram Muy (I'm 16)" by Ros Sereysothea.

As for the rest…

(Click on the links to check out the artists and/or full versions of the songs.)



Find Out More About Dave Elliott!

  • Follow Dave Elliott on Twitter at @DeevElliott
  • Check out his DeviantArt for the latest updates on his dozens of comics ventures
  • Be sure to pick up his issue of Heavy Metal, which goes on sale in July
  • Look out for The Weirding Willows and Odyssey, which look like this:


It should be obvious which is which.


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