Comics You Can Dance To #17: Knowledgeable Fart Child w/ Phil McAndrew

A column article, Comics You Can Dance To by: Danny Djeljosevic, Nathaniel MacDonald

Hosted by Nathaniel MacDonald and Danny Djeljosevic (that's me) and supported by various jokers and guests, Comics You Can Dance To is devoted to discussing cool comics, pop culture nonsense and hopefully introducing you to some awesome music along the way.

Whoa, this week we have a live episode! That is to say, we recorded the podcast with a guest that wasn't trapped inside a laptop. Artist, comicker and all-around nice guy Phil McAndrew is a San Diego local, so we had an adult lunch at SD's very own Small Bar followed by recording at a nearby coffee shop where we talked about his work, artists we like, his Cartoon Network project and his upcoming book of comics from Grimalkin Press. Also, we coined the phrase "Canadian treasure."

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Next Week

Princeless creator Jeremy Whitley drops in to talk all-ages comics and other fun stuff.


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Show Notes:

  • Please say good stuff about our impressions of cars
  • Rat Fink was created by Ed "Big Daddy" Roth, not Basil Wolverton as we assumed. But you can understand our confusion.
  • Check out who contributed to Nickelodeon Magazine.
  • You really should have gone to the Crazy Rattlesnake Treehouse Gang comics reading. Or get a time machine and go to that on July 12, 2012.
  • Bill Murray is not Canadian.
  • Dan Aykroyd is.
  • We Draw Comics is an awesome site.
  • Also, who wants to help us start a comics awards show that gives out championship belts instead of statues?
  • So, at the end I kind of spitball ideas about Spider-Man being inspired by luchadores in the Andrew Garfield reboot. It's important to note that that movie was NOT out yet when we had this conversation, so it's eerily prophetic, like a Tupac album.
  • En calor!" is NOT Spanish for "in color," but rather "in heat" -- I KNOW WHAT I SAID


Here's a long list of all the awesome comics people we mention:


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  • Palmas - "While We While"
  • Archers - "Super Blues" 

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