WLG #376: Short but Sweet

A column article by: Michael Deeley

Editor's note: Two of our regular WHAT LOOKS GOOD writers, Chris Murman and Paul Brian McCoy, have had to step away from the column, but not the site.

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Because of this assignment shuffling, Comics Bulletin is running a series of pilot entries from writers who are being considering for the column. Next up is Michael Deeley.

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Here's a brief look at the entertainment coming out this week that I want to see. Comics and movies that I hope will be worth the time and money I put into them. And that's why Flashpoint #5 isn't on the list.

I think we all know why.

Justice League #1

DC's massive reboot begins this week with the release of Justice League #1. The premise is superheroes have only appeared five years ago. A deadly threat requires Batman to assemble these new heroes into a team.

I already have reservations about this. Solicitations for the next two issues imply the full team won't be assembled right away. Also, it's being written by Geoff Johns, who hasn't had a great year. But you can't deny the historical importance of this comic. DC's 52-boot will either be the beginning of a new era for DC, or the beginning of the end.

WWE Super Smackdown 8:00PM EST/7:00PM CST SyFy Channel

Yeah, I watch pro-wrestling, but only because my wife watches it.

Although, being a comic book blogger that watches pro-wrestling does make me that much more like Steven Grant.

Anyway, a special live Smackdown event brings wrestlers from the Smackdown and Raw rosters in a continuing storyline about who truly deserves the WWE Championship belt. Also, heavyweight champion Randy Orton defends his title Christian in a steel cage match.

And we'll probably see R-Truth rant about a conspiracy within the WWE to fix fights that favor certain superstars. Yes, there really is a pro-wrestler whose gimmick is claiming the fights are fixed. And he's the villain. This is either a brilliant meta-satire or proof the writers have run out ideas.

Either way, I've got to see where this is going.

Apollo 18

Apollo 18 claims to be lost footage from a secret mission to the moon. Two astronauts discover evidence of a Russian moon landing, and a deadly alien infestation. It's Blair Witch Project. . . ON THE MOON!

This should either be awesome or terrible. I won't accept anything in-between. This will either be an honest attempt to create a suspenseful film from the point of view of men trapped in the most hostile environment ever encountered; or a ridiculous disaster whose sad attempts at "realism" literally elicit laughter from the audience. Either one would entertain me.

Shark Night in 3D

A shark terrorizes young people in a lake. In 3D.

I want to see this simply because it's from the same director as Snakes on a Plane. That was one of the most entertaining films I'd seen in years. I still consider it one of the best disaster films ever made; as good as The Poseidon Adventure and The Towering Inferno.

So I'm confident that he's created another fun film.

Then I found out it was co-written by Will Hayes, the creator of a cartoon series called Assy McGee. Assy was about a cop who was only a talking butt on legs.

THIS WILL BE THE GREATEST MOVIE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And that's it for entertainment this week. There are no new TV series or episodes premiering this week. And no notable video games coming out either. Nope. No major game releases. Certainly nothing in a successful and enduring franchise. Nuthin.

Michael Deeley is currently trying to balance a life that involves a wife, a 2-yo son, the US Air Force, video games and Mystery Science Theater 3000 in addition to comic books. He's found it helps to have a Japanese wife who is incredibly tolerant of geek hobbies. That still leaves precious little time to obsesses over things long enough to form strong opinions. he's currently re-discovering his spiritual beliefs through Zippy the Pinhead.

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