Infinite Ammo Podcast: Episode 2 - Why Won't You Open Your Heart to Me, Rinko?

A column article by: Justin Hutchison, Arden Kehoe, Michael Lavelle

Social Link is Infinite Ammo’s gaming podcast, offering insight and poorly timed jokes.

It took a lot of thought and google searching, but we finally got a name! Most of us are Persona fans, but we managed to not talk about Persona on the podcast somehow, despite changing the name to a Persona reference. I think that’s an impressive feat.

Sadly, Alex couldn’t join us because he’s moving, and he probably won’t be around for the next episode either. Shouts out to Mr. Jones, wherever he is.

Michael hosts for the first time and tells us all about his theory behind DmC’s character design, and we talk a lot about how depressing the glut of layoffs and studio closures have been lately. In light of Arden’s Cinders review, we have a lengthy discussion on visual novels and how Type-Moon VNs are for bad people. Melty Blood is alright though.

Intro Music: "Intro" by Slime Girls

Outro Music: "Who Just Walked In The Room" by Fatal Labyrinth (Justin Hutchison)

 (Justin Hutchison)

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•   Ren’Py is a free, open source visual novel engine. Since it’s free, it’s used by many developers, from amateurs to professionals. It’s a good platform for visual novels, and most games that are built on it can be found on Ren’Py’s Games List. Another effect of it being free is that many, many, many of those games are awful, to varying degrees of hilarity. It’s a dark rabbit hole. I recommend Marijuana “The Truth” and Last Day at School if you want some laughs.

•   Let’s Play is basically a combination of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and video games: someone plays a game (with video footage or screenshots) and humorously commentates on it. It started with Something Awful forum threads and eventually moved into videos, pioneered by users like Slowbeef.

•   Slowbeef and Diabeetus (a friend) went on to form Retsupurae, a YouTube channel dedicated to mocking bad Let’s Players. It’s very entertaining, though harsh at times, but considering Slowbeef’s contributions to the video Let’s Play format, it’s pretty understandable why. Watch The Adventures of BillyMC series to see both the best of Retsupurae and the best of Let’s Play in action.

•   The “motherlode” cheat in The Sims gives your character fifty grand in sim currency; it’s generally used as infinite money for Sims players that prefer to stay papered up 24/7.


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