Comics You Can Dance To #21: APE Special with Derek Kirk Kim, Several Hernandezzes and One Aragones

A column article, Comics You Can Dance To by: Danny Djeljosevic, Andrew Tan

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This week our podcast editor Andrew Tan subs in for Nate in a special episode recorded in San Francisco during the Alternative Press Expo! It's a modest but steadily growing convention with a focus on alternative and small press comics, and as full of amazing talent as we were full of Fat Tire during recording.

We recorded an interview with cartoonist Derek Kirk Kim, creator of the comics Same Difference and Other Stories, Tune and producer of the web series Mythomania. Season 2 recently got funded on Kickstarter, so we talk comics and the process of making live action stuff versus making comics. It's a short chat, but we had a lot of fun talking to him.



We also sat in on a panel, "Gigantes Walk Among Us!" focusing on Latino comics creators featuring cartoonist Sergio Aragones, Mario Hernandez, Jaime Hernandez and Gilbert Hernandez and moderator Ricardo Padilla It was an incredibly fun panel and we give you the highlights including how their parents dealt with them making comics, how they celebrate the Day of the Dead in Mexico versus the US, why Gilbert's women are so exaggerated and the details of Aragones studying mime under Alejandro Jodorowsky. Also, Aragones talks about why Mexican cartoonists love butts so much.

After that, we discuss our hauls, which leads into some real in-depth talk about comics craft.

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Next Time

Our special Halloween episode, Comics You Can Die To, featuring an interview with Gunshow creator KC Green! For real this time!


Show Notes

  • At one point Andrew says "Roll that beautiful bean footage," referring to a forgotten ad for Bush's Baked Beans from the 1990s:



  • And here's my Mil Mascaras mask:


  • Here's the Weezer poster I mention:




Here's a Rundown of our Hauls!


Here's my haul:



And here's Andrew's:



As for links:


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