​SXSW Day Three: Don’t Call It A Comeback

A column article, Shot For Shot by: Shaun Shalding, Andrew Tan
​Energy is waning. We’ve realized that there are way too many things that we’ll never be able to do (either because the lines are too big, or it’s on the other side of town, or we didn’t work hard enough to get an invitation), and I think we’ve finally accepted that. With acceptance though, comes a sense of Buddhist-style peace where we seem to be content doing “nothing” in particular. As for highlights and lowlights:
Shaun:  By far the most important thing to me was Alejandro Jodorowsky’s panel where he was “promoting” his new film: The Dance Of Reality. But unlike most panels, promoting meant Jodorowsky was philosophizing about happiness, the Tarot, chaos magic, and stopping the panel to hug people and do tarot readings.  At the end of on panel-goer’s question, she dropped the platitude that “Art will save us” that she assumed Jodorowsky would agree wholeheartedly with since he’s an “art film” director.
Instead, he said paraphrasing, “No, art will not save us. We save ourselves. Once we find something inside ourselves that makes us happy, we live in paradise. You don’t need art for that.”
Lucid, transcendental thoughts abounded.  I’d take that any day over a panel that’s a thinly veiled plot to get investors for a startup app company.
Since I need to stop gushing right now, what was your highlight?
Andrew: My highlight was getting to sleep. I dunno if I'm in straight up ungrateful dick mode though.
Shaun:  I think you might be. What was wrong with the day that made “leaving” the best part. I think there was a ton of great stuff going on everywhere.
Andrew: At that point, I was completely drained. We had gone to a couple parties, and ended up drinking again lest we spend 24 hours in Austin without imbibing alcohol. But alcohol wasn’t making me have more fun, it was just part of the problem. I was just burnt out yesterday. Everything felt sore and I just wanted to curl up and go to bed. I understand people’s love of SXSW but I don’t understand how anyone could do this for the entire 10 days especially considering Music will be way more crazy than this. But I guess if I didn’t start drinking coffee at SXSW I probably never will.
Shaun: I get it. Maybe the takeaway for readers who are going to do the full 10-ish days is pace yourself, know your limits, and remember that there’s always tomorrow. If you don’t, you’ll end up a zombie who doesn’t really want to do anything.
Andrew: Yeah, I don't think there was anything particularly wrong about the day, just that SXSW kind of bleed out all of my energy where I couldn't really put together logical sentences or really enjoy my experience. It's no real fault of the organization, it's mostly me physically the grumpy old man I've always been.
Shaun: Andrew Tan: Real life Grumpy Cat

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